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Yeh Vaada Raha 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Yeh Vaada Raha Latest News Kartik Survi get remarried
Yeh Vaada Raha 30 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: Survi’s living arrangement

while kartik scolds with jatin to help her wear the mangalsutra, survi grabs it and wear it herself, while he is interested at her situation. kartik asks jatin for what good reason they keep it a mystery, as they can converse with the guardians now furthermore he can give a character authentication of survi, as noone else. jatin requests that him not interfere in his matters superfluously, as he declines to sign the agreement with him. she however begins contending that he should endure substantial loses if that happens. he requests that her not get tensed about him, as he might oversee. she asks in what capacity would she be able to not deal with him, a he was there for her when there wasnt anybody. kartik again insults that survi left him, and he achieved statures, while he succumbed, when she came in his life. he asks them to

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choose quick, and at that point, he might be with khushi. Jatin stops him, requesting that him not in any case dare. kartik says that he gets a kick out of the chance to do the prohibited, and in the event that he doesnt trust, she can vouch for it, and in the event that somebody doesnt like it, then its their issue. he says that he doesnt listen to anybody. he says that he is with khushi, by which time, they can choose. as he goes, they eye him tensedly. she is completely puzzled. Kartik is going to enter in the room, when she stops him, and he pivots cheerfully. she says that she is prepared to do this anticipate with him. he praises her and says that he should lift her up by seven, for site assessment, and tells jatin that he neednt come, as he needs to deal with khushi, and afterward recognizes on his awesome presentational aptitudes, and he can have customer gatherings tomorrow at home as well. he amplifies his hand, and she reluctantly acknowledges it, resignedly, while jatin watches on disappointed. kartik advises her that they meet following seven years and are as one, regardless of the possibility that its exclusive for business, and not individual reasons. he offers her goodbnye and takes off. jatin inquires as to why she went along, and is informed that they had no other choice. she says that she would have been freed of her issues, however he would have been wrecked. she says that she wishes to see what exceptional he has made arrangements for her tomorrow…..
Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
Lata is increasingly tensed for kartik, and expresses her concern, as to how kartik is still hung up on survi, and hence his life doesnt move forward. tai and pyare hear intently. lata says that since survi has moved on, he should too, and start afresh and settle down. tai gets alert, and is in a fix when lata tells her to talk to kartik regarding this. lata says that she cant see him like this and breaks down. tai assures her that she shall talk to him. hearing his car pull in the driveway, taui tells her that she shall talk straightaway, and hurriedly takes her down. then lata asks if she is with her, and tai says that they shall talk rightaway. kartik comes and is tensed to find them like this. tai hesitantly brings up the topic of her remarriage, as it being lata’s concern. he is boggled. lata asks him to forget everything and start afresh. tai waits for his reaction, when lata asks if she can find a suitable bride. he says that they are talking on this topic for the last time, as he hass no place for anyone else, and that he has loved survi. he says that she ruined his life, and now he doesnt want to ruin anyone else’s life, since it woul be, when she gets entangled in his spins. tai is amused. he says that he wishes to live with this pain onoly, and ignores the topic altogether. tai says that she had already told lata regarding this, but she didnt pay heed. she sends him away. after he is gone, lata asks why she didnt support him. tai says that it was in vain. lata leaves resignedly. pyare likes tai’s tactics, and compliments her, while she starts talking about her strategy, first step being memory loss, second being kartik’s loneliness which would lead him to tai’s slavery. she then tells pyare that what she plans tonight, the whole world shall see, that if kartik doesnt come to her tonight, then she would risk it all. she goes and seeks blessings at the temple, saying that she has humbly bowed down in front of his will, and then tells that tonight she has planned something, from which the lord himself wouldnt be able to save them both.

Scene 3:
Location: Jatin’s residence
Jatin calls up the kidnapper, and asks where has he been. he says that he found it awkward to stay there, and giving the address of an isolated building, he says that this is what he has to find. He says that he had to leave when khushi got sick, and they got busy with her. he hesitantly brings up the topic of money and jatin says that he shall come and give it to him. he says that he shall go when he returns with the money. jatin complies and cancels the call.

Scene 4:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Later in his room, he is busy drinking away, as kartik is engrosssed in the memories of survi and also hatred against the fact that she ruined him. lata comes and finds him in such a dishevelled state, and asks why and how is he planning to go out this late. tai too comes, and hopes that he doesnt say anything. tai immediately distracts them on the graduation start. he is lost in his angst memories of seeing survi with jatin. then he finally steps down, and tai pretends to be fakely concerned for him. she says that she shall go with him, if its public work. he denies. just then, he gets a call and is shocked through. tai watches him tensedly. the screen freezes on his shocked face…………

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