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Yeh Vaada Raha 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Adaa Khan Zee TV Yeh Vaada Raha
Yeh Vaada Raha 27 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:

Area: Hospital

Jatin sits close to khushi, feeling candidly overpowered not able to see khushi in torment. when she at last awakens, she continues murmuring about her dad in her rest, and is significantly bothered as she recollects what happened before in the day. she opens her eyes and discovers jatin, and dismisses, asking on a rage, who is her dad. the mental anxiety and injury makes her begin choking for breath. jatin in not able to see her like this, and afterward in an extreme endeavor, he exclaims that he is the father. simply then, tai, who is advancing towards khushi’s ward, catches jatin’s announcements and is stunned. khushi is tensed and boggled. he makes her a temporary story, in which her mom and him, cherish each other for as long as 8 years, however never called attention to out, since her better half severed with her seriously. he apologizes for not having acknowledged her, and ignored her, but rather not any longer. she embraces him, as khushi is exceptionally cheerful to have discovered her dad. simply then, survi comes in and races to khushi’s side. she is paralyzed whn she becomes more acquainted with what jatin did. sensins, approximately pressure, her heart begins thumping energetically once more, and they claim to be typical, so as not to surprise her. both leave, on the medical caretaker’s directions. the specialists begin investigating her. Outside, survi becomes more acquainted with what happened to khushi inside, and since he saw no other way out, to balance out her shallow breathing, he needed to say that falsehood. he says that now she appears to be cheerful, and that he too cherishes khushi excessively. he says that he was extremely tensed, much the same as her, and henceforth he said this lie for her purpose of the bliss of khushi, and for that evene in the event that they need to imagine thet should. she says that khushi ought to know reality. he requests that her go and come clean then, and be set up for what happened later on. he solicits by what means would she be able to try and think from coming clean, and approaches all her this mystery for khushi’s purpose as it were. he says that he should be rebuffed for this mix-up, and assumes all the fault on himself, yet implores her to do this for her girl. he overlap his hands and demands her to concur. tai believes that she got stuck in her own trap, and that now she might see what tai does. On the telephone, Tai puts on a show to get enthusiastic, and swiftly describes to kartik, that khushi has woken up and requests that he come instantly. he quickly consents…
In the hospital, khushi sits with survi and jatin, while kartik rushes dishevelled and arrives. Khushi tells survi that now they shall all sty together, as a happy family, with her father. kartik and tai, outside the room is boggled. survi says that now their shall all stay together, with their father, as she is jatin and her daughter. kartik, who is just about to come in, is shocked as he hears this. however, tai is amused as she says this. Survi doesnt realise kartik’s presence. tai instigates him that this is survi’s reality, and sh pointed something else. he leaves from there in a huff. jatin continues asking her if she wont leav the house now, as everything is perfect now. Khushi smiles.

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Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik arrives in a dazed state, with tai, after him. she hurriedly goes to the temple, and takes burning camphor in her hand, she asks the lord, why did he do this to kartik, and blames herself for having pushed kartik towards such a betrayal. she demands for all the pain thats in his share. lata comes and asks what happened. pyare wonders whats she upto now. tai tells about khushi’s father. lata is u nable to believe this, while tai says that she wanted misunderstandings to resolve, but she was mistaken, and now she has caused kartik more pain, by caslling him there. he rushes to her and takes of the burning camphor, asking her not to blame herself. tai says that survi has been trying to betray them, but today she crossed all limits, by slapping him, he remembers and gets unnerved. he rushes to his room, visibly tensed and upset. she successflly manages to instigate him, and that it was her fault to have called kartik here. tai is amused, and asks lata to let kartik be.

Back in his room, Kartik is frustrated and enraged. he starts breaking and throws everything away in his room. he collects all of survi’s memories, and burns them away, screaming out in angst and frustration, as he remembers the past.

downstairs, tai tries to convince lata of survi’s lowly life. lata leaves from there. tai smirks and thinks that today she shall finish the same. The screen freezes on her, survi and kartik’s faces……..

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