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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 May 2016 Written Episode

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Shivangi Joshi grown up Naira post leap

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Mishti persuading Karishma to go ahead excursion. Karishma concurs and embraces Mishti. Akshara looks on and grins. Rajshri tells Dadi that cookout thought is useful for Naksh. Kaki says we can’t go ahead cookout. Rajshri says on the off chance that we as a whole go, it would be enjoyable. Dadi says I need to go on satsang. Rajshri says we will likewise not go then. Dadi approaches them to go for Kuhu. Shaurya brings Kuhu. Kuhu asks who am I looking. Rajshri says a pixie. They all grin.

Akshara and everybody are leaving for family outing. Sukanya comes there. Naira says my mumma transformed this arrangement, its great, nobody can inconvenience us now. Akshara asks Sukanya how could she have been able to she come now. Naira says she is accompanying us. Akshara says you didn’t tell this. Naira says sorry, I overlooked. Akshara asks Sukanya did you illuminate your folks. Sukanya says no need, we have grown up, in the event that you have issue to take me. Akshara says I didn’t say this. Naira requests that Sukanya wouldn’t fret. They take off.

They all have a talk on the way. Naksh jokes that there is enough drama in his life, he was marrying Tara and she left him, now he can’t live in this world, he will die. They all laugh seeing his acting. Vicky follows the bus. Driver drives rashly. Akshara slips. Naksh holds her and scolds driver on his bad driving. The driver apologizes. Akshara says leave it, he is saying sorry.

Dadi is at home and asks Nannu did he not feel bad that he could not go on picnic. He says no, I have exams. Dadi says you got sensible. He asks how did Shaurya become Kuhu’s Papa, where is his mumma. Jasmeet asks him to study. Nannu says tell me. Dadi says some kids get ill, Lord keeps them, when kids get healthy, Lord sends them back to family. The bus stops at dhaba. Akshara sees Karishma with Mishti, and asks shall I get tea for you here. Everyone have tea at dhaba. Vicky sees Sukanya.

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Karishma gets a call and gets down the bus, leaving Mishti alone. Akshara tells Karishma that there is network at that corner, I will stay with Mishti till Naman comes. Karishma goes. Akshara gets inside bus. Yash says we shall leave now. Akshara gets Naitik’s messages and says he could not come and missing all of us. Driver oils the bus. A spark catches fire in the engine. Akshara wears headphones and hears music. Everyone get shocked seeing fire. Shaurya, Naksh and others put water to blow off the fire. Karishma comes back and gets shocked seeing fire. She tells Naman that Mishti is inside with Akshara. Naksh and Naira shout mumma. Everyone get worried.

They all try to open the door. Naksh shouts mumma, open the door. Akshara sees Mishti sleeping. Mishti hears Naksh and goes to Akshara. Naksh says bus caught fire, open the door. Akshara sees the smoke and asks them to open door. She asks Mishti not to cry. She tells Naksh that door is shut, she can’t open it. She consoles Mishti.

Naksh tries to open the door. Akshara and Mishti cough by smoke. She moves back and does not see a metal stick behind her. Naksh opens the emergency exit and gets Mishti outside. Akshara too comes out of the bus. Everyone hug Mishti and Akshara. Akshara says sorry, I did not hear anyone.

Bhabhimaa says its not a good day for picnic, we should go back. Everyone say the same. Akshara says can we forget this incident after going home, we can go on picnic, we will forget this incident, you all decide. Bau ji says Akshara is saying right, it won’t be good to burn out happiness in this fire. Vishwamber says we came half way, we should go. Driver says I checked everything, wire had short circuit and caught fire, I m sorry. Naksh scolds him. Yash says how will we go in this bus now. Driver says I called for another bus. Bhabhimaa says we will go if everyone wants. Akshara asks her to smile and say. Bhabhimaa smiles. Akshara asks them not to tell Naitik about this incident, he will be worried. They all pray……….

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