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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Akshara marry again post Naitik death New Entry Male Lead
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Kartik making an admission. He says I like a young lady, yet she has numerous disarrays and issues throughout her life, she has misconception in her psyche, she despises his mom, I need to turn her contempt in adoration, I need to join them and see them glad. Father inquires as to why would you like. Naira searches for Kartik. Kartik says I don’t know why I m thinking such a great amount for her, I simply know I can’t see tears in her eyes, I have a feeling that I … .. Naira comes there and asks what are you doing here close admission box. He says I was discovering something. She says no utilization to discover faculties. He says I gave some sense to you. She says extremely clever, come now, Mishti is holding up. He grins and implores that Naira and Akshara’s connection gets fine, once this scorn escapes her heart, there will be

place for adoration, then perhaps she will… … Mishti calls him.

Gayu sits tight for Kartik. Kartik, Naira and Mishti get back home. Mishti says church was delightful and demonstrates pics. Akshara asks them how was the congregation. Kartik and Naira say together church is delightful, however little. Kartik signs Naira to say. Naira says spot will miss the mark according to our social event. Akshara asks what will we do now. Rose says let is be. Naira says don’t ruin Martha’s inclination. Kartik says we are here, we will oversee everything, you simply have a great time. Rose embraces Kartik and Naira. She requests that they move on Salman’s melody in her sangeet. Nandini says Naitik is not here, who will do couple move. Rose says Kartik. Kartik asks in what manner will I move along. Devyaani requests that Naira hit the dance floor with him. Rose says Naira moves well, she will do solo, Gayu will hit the dance floor with Kartik. Gayu gets happy. Kartik concurs and asks Gayu do you have any complaint. Gayu signs no and expresses gratitude toward Rose. Akshara wishes Naitik was here.

Akshara envisions Naitik and grins. She says I will feel forlorn tomorrow, come soon Naitik. Naksh asks Akshara will she hit the dance floor with him tomorrow. She grins and gestures. He says I know you are missing Papa. She says yes, there were numerous circumstance when I was desolate and you were with me, much appreciated. She embraces Naksh.

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Naira is soothed that she is not hitting the dance floor with Kartik. She gets a dress and gems in her room, and says I won’t wear this, I will wear what I need. She hears some solid and goes to see. She gets stunned seeing……
Rukmani asks Martha that Rose will wear this dress in sangeet and gives dress to Martha too. Martha says I don’t understand why Rukmani wants everyone to do what she wants and refuses to wear lahenga. They all ask Akshara to make a solution. Akshara changes the look and Martha likes the dress. Akshara says its good when both the cultures are mixed, marriage is bond of two families. Kartik comes and gives a dress for Rose. Akshara tells Kartik that those who work in marriages get married soon. Kartik asks her to find someone, I don’t want to miss any good girl, I m handsome, loving, caring, and related to you guys, no girl can relate my proposal. Akshara says I was joking. He says but I m serious. Gayu smiles seeing him. He smiles seeing Naira. He asks Akshara to find someone like her shadow. Naira goes and gets food in a plate. She takes food for someone in her room and asks person to hide fast. Naksh comes there and asks why are you sitting with door shut. She says just like that. He asks do you want anything for tomorrow, I wanted to ask you as Papa is not here, tell me if you need anything, come, we will decide with everyone. Naira goes.

Rajshri tells Vishwamber that she is thinking what to wear, as Salman is coming in sangeet. Varsha says I m also thinking the same. Rajshri sees Shaurya and Vishwamber jealous, and jokes on them. They laugh.

Akshara sees the gobi parathas in Naira’s room and looks around. Naira comes and asks why are you searching my room. Akshara says no, I m sorry. Naira asks her to leave. Akshara leaves. Naira talks to someone. Akshara asks Naksh is Naira fine. He says yes. She says I felt like Naira was hiding something, don’t know. She goes. Gayu dances with Kartik. He says not like this. She asks how. Kartik shows her steps. Naksh looks on worried. He asks them to stop rehearsals now, let Kartik go, he has office in morning. Kartik says yes, I m tired too, its late, I will leave. He goes. Gayu hugs and thanks Rose, saying Kartik and I will dance best in sangeet tomorrow. Rose says I know, like a perfect couple.

Naira asks Mishti to sleep in her room, she has to practice. She asks Mishti and Pungi to leave. Akshara looks on. Naira shuts the door. Mishri asks why did Naira make us leave from the room. Aksahra says I will see once, I will get tension free. She goes to Naira’s room, while Naira goes to get water. Akshara gets brinjal dish and says Naira does not eat this. She is about to check the person sleeping there……..

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