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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 June 2016 Written Episode

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai latest Naksh Tara marriage cancelled
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with everybody inviting Martha. She welcomes Bau ji by embracing him. Devyaani gets irate. Vishwamber stops Martha and welcomes her from away. Devyaani reproves Bau ji. Martha expresses gratitude toward Akshara for supporting Rose and compliments her. Akshara says my little girl Naira persuaded everybody. Kartik says I will get Rose, afterall she is my sister as well. Yash converses with Martha. Rose comes wearing Indian customary dress, and embraces her mother. Her mum gets irate seeing this and gets some information about it. Rose requests that her let it be. Rukmani asks what happened.

Yash asks Rose is there any issue. Rose says nothing, we will begin engagement. Martha says I rejected for Indian subject accessible if the need arises, and still, after all that… Akshara says we were informed that you need Indian topic. Martha says no, Rukmani said this engagement will be in English style. Akshara and Kartik apologize. Akshara says we will do different capacities your way. Rose says no should be sad. Martha says no, this is swindling, I arranged your and my dress, this was my fantasy, as I couldn’t get hitched, everything ought to be in our style, else nothing.

Martha requests that her go and change. Nandini apologizes to Martha. Akshara and Nandini request that her collaborate, visitors have come, it won’t look great. Martha gets some information about my preferences and abhorrences, my feelings are not esteemed. Rose says kindly don’t ruin my day, we will begin engagement. Martha cries. Nandini requests that somebody clarify her, why is she making a dramatization. Akshara requests that her change. Martha says I will wear what I have, or will I need to sit inside room. Akshara requests that her wear anything she loves, and sends her with Ananya.

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Kartik gets some call and goes. Naira and Gayu come there. Akshara gets miserable seeing Naira not wearing the lahenga she gave her. Akshara grins seeing Gayu wearing her lahenga. Everybody compliment Naira and Gayu. Akshara compliments Gayu and kisses on her temple. Rajshri compliments Naira. Naksh sees Akshara miracle and holds her. Gayu searches for Kartik. He goes to her. She grins. Music plays… …

He says an excellent bloom for a lovely young lady, I m intuition to separation with Mishti and make you my GF, there is match all around, impeccable couple, made for each other. She inquires as to whether Mishti’s heart breaks. He says its not my slip-up, you ought to have thought this, you did enchantment on me. Her creative energy closes. Kartik says statue over, who did this, Kuhu or Mishti. She says both. He snickers and goes….
Rukmani says I have learnt english too. Martha comes wearing a short dress, and everyone get shocked. The ladies comment on her, and laugh. Naksh stops Yash and compliments Martha. Varsha says you and Rose look sisters. Rukmani says you look beautiful. Martha also compliments her. Rukmani says everyone call me Yash’s Dadi.

Martha hears bad comments on her. Akshara requests the ladies not to spoil the atmosphere by saying bad, if they can’t say anything good. She hugs Martha and asks her to forget all their foolish words. Martha says thanks for your kind words, I loved a guy, he promised to marry me, and did not come back even when Rose was born, Rose did not see her dad. Akshara says no one will judge you in our house, Rose will get love as we all get. Martha says I can’t trust anyone so easily, I did not wish the same to happen with Rose, that’s why I m here. Akshara says don’t worry, everything will be perfectly fine. Naira and Pungi hear them.

Rajshri asks Rukmani about Anmol. Rukmani says his exams are happening. Devyaani says he could have come. Mohit says Rukmani spoiled him. Kartik looks for Naira. Mishti comes and says my clip fell. He says no problem, I m here. Kuhu and Pungi blow the bubbles. Naira plays with the bubbles. Kartik compliments Naira indirectly while talking to Mishti. Mishti says you are very cute and hugs him. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik. Naira asks him to stop sugary talks, I don’t want my sister to have diabetes. He says no, she can’t have diabetes, as she stays with neem factory. He feeds her laddoo and says have some sweets, such bitterness is not good.

Martha apologizes to Rose and hugs her. Naksh says mothers forgive children as their happiness matters most. Rukmani tells about some big surprise. Everyone smile………

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