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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Karan Mehra No surprise comeback Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Gayu conversing with tailor. She gets some information about her lahenga. She stresses and advises her issue. Naira blessings her lahenga to Gayu and tackles her issue. Gayu grins seeing the blue lahenga, and supposes I like this blue shading. Naira and Mishti grin. Kohli requests that Kartik stay here. Kartik says you are thinking about your benefit, you can’t act shrewd, I can tell your truth, when great individuals get swindled, they are much harmed and does not have confidence in goodness then, on the off chance that you do anything, I will tell your truth.

Gayu asks Naira for what valid reason is she beautifying. Akshara lets them know that they can deal with the work, than paying twofold. She requests that they do this and goes to see Rose. Naira gets stuck and says how could i have been able to I stuck here, Ganga Maiyya spare me. Kartik comes and says Ganga Maiyya is not here, Ganga Ram is here, you look charming, is this you’re dressing style, so you require my help, what will happen without me. He goes to encourage and tries to free her. He takes a gander at her. Music plays… … .. They contend. She expresses gratitude toward him. He acts and asks what did I listen, you expressed gratitude toward him. He says your Nani has sent this. She expresses gratitude toward him for helping Nanu and Nani. He asks are you fine. She says yes, you are my Papa’s worker, I would prefer not to make you coolie, come.

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Rose tells senior citizens that she doesn’t have ring for Yash. Bhabhimaa requests that her pick ring, they will get rings at home. Gayu grins seeing Kartik. He says I desired a little work. Akshara says work even today? He requests that her come to corridor. His arm ornament falls. Rose picks it and gives him. She helps him. They grin. Kartik says now its chose, I m from young ladies’ side, as Rose tied me Rakhi, she is my sister now. Rose says I didn’t think this and grins. They all grin. Naira goes to Kartik and says you talk so sugary. He says you ought to be cheerful, you are angry gourd cupcake with neem icing….
Naksh asks Yash not to work, I will do. Yash asks did you not work in your marriage, sorry. Naksh says its okay, chill. Rukmani asks Yash about Rose’s mom. Yash says flight is late. Rukmani says I told her about engagement, I spoke her in little English and she also tried to talk in hindi. Yash shows a ring. Naksh says don’t feel bad, Rose won’t like it, you should have asked me before buying. He laughs and says sorry, it was a joke, its very beautiful. Yash thanks him and says I wish you also get some girl soon.

Rose chooses the ring. Akshara sends voice message for Naitik that she is missing him a lot. Rose says I m confused. Kartik helps her and asks her to imagine that there is just her and Yash in the world, they have a ring which is symbol of their love, tell me which ring did you see. She gives a ring and says perfect. Naira and Gayu smile seeing him. Akshara says heart’s choice is never wrong. Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Naira likes a ring and says I m sure if any guy gives this ring to a girl, she would say yes without thinking. Kartik hears this and sees the ring.

Naitik messages Akshara that he will get a ring for her, get reayd well, even if I m not there, I m waiting for pic. Akshara gets ready and smiles thinking of Naitik. She clicks her pic and sends Naitik. She messages him to end her wait and come back soon. She says I will click Naira’s pic in my lahenga, he will be glad seeing it.

Kartik compliments Akshara and asks her to sign on the papers. He sees Naira standing far. Akshara says it would be good if you praised any girl, do you have any GF. He says no, but there should be. She says you may get someone in today’s party. He says if I get some like you, I will propose without thinking. She laughs and says you will get better one than me. Gayu smiles seeing him, while he sees Naira. Akshara signs on papers and gives him. Bhabhimaa says we will go now. Akshara asks Kartik to come along. Rukmani does arrangements. Akshara does Yash’s tika and asks are you ready. He says yes. She says you have to manage new responsibility. He asks will it be tough. She says no, but Rose’s culture is different, so help her, if you both take steps then distance will end soon. Yash nods and smiles……..

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