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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 June 2016 Written Episode

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Akshara marry again post Naitik death New Entry Male Lead
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Naira seeing sandwich and considering Naitik. Naksh sees Yash and Rose. Gayu says there is no reason to worry. He says yes, there ought to be no issue this time. She requests that he discover some young lady, you oversee enormous eatery, are there no young ladies. He says no, I get to be develop and fleeing from affection. Akshara hears them. Gayu says don’t say this, adoration is great, nobody can keep running from it, it simply happens, you can’t get spared.

Mishti tells about Gayu’s BF’s name with K. Gayu says yes. Naksh asks who is it. Gayu says nobody. They all giggle. Naksh says any individual who consents to wed Naira will be a moron. Naira says yes, such person does not exist who merits me. Kartik thinks whats happening with me, I m seeing Naira all around, my psyche ought to come to place, I will go out and have outside air. He keeps anklet there and goes.

Naira and Gayu pick same accessory. Rajshri says their decision is same. Rukmani says they can pick same person. Naira and Gayu request that each other keep the jewelry. Naira goes out while playing with Mishti. Kartik drives and she comes infront of his bicycle. Naira chastens him. He asks is this truly you. She asks who are you. He expels the head protector. She asks you. He asks are you harmed, too bad, what are you doing here. She says this is my Nanu and Nani’s home. He asks is Mrs. Kohli your Nani. She says they are inhabitants here, they are rude, are they your relative. He gets stunned. She goes. He says it implies Kohli is… …

Rukmani says we will leave now, we need to welcome numerous individuals. Kohli demonstrates film tickets to his better half, and requests that her come. She says I won’t come, I have seen everybody making overwhelming gems. Kartik comes and requests that them not cover up anything, I became acquainted with everything, you misled me that this house is yours, you are doing incorrectly by conning them, however I can’t cheat them, I will let them know truth. Kohli says no, they will make us go out….
Kartik says you don’t deserve to do this. Kohli’s wife says don’t punish our son. Kohli says I m not getting a good job, we have much expenses, so we had to do this. Kartik says fine, I won’t say, but I won’t stay here, I m leaving, don’t think to get someone else, I can tell them truth anytime. He goes. Kohli says we will go for movie and think after returning.

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Akshara cares for Vishwamber and goes out talking on phone to Naitik. He starts coughing and wakes up. He goes out. Akshara sits with Dadi. Vishwamber goes downstairs and slips. Kartik holds her and asks what happened, is anyone there. Akshara says I feel its Kartik’s voice and runs to see. She worries seeing Vishwamber and asks what happened to him. She calls doctor. Akshara, Dadi and Kartik sit by Vishwamber’s side. Akshara says I should have not left you. Vishwamber says you should thank Kartik. Akshara asks Kartik how did you come here. Rajshri comes worried.

Akshara tells her that doctor checked him, its just acidity. Rajshri says I did mistake to leave you and go out. Akshara says Kartik managed Bau ji, was there any office work. Vishwamber asks do you know him. Akshara says he is Naitik’s office employee. Vishwamber says he is Kohli’s relative. Ananya asks how is his treatment going on. Kartik says I was going to stay somewhere else. Vishwamber and everyone thank him and ask him to stay here. Akshara says its really a small world Kartik.

Akshara comes back home and tells everyone that Kartik came as angel and saved Vishwamber, he is Kohli’s nephew. Naira says I told him so much against Kohli. Gayu sees Kartik’s pic and asks is there anything special in you, or I started liking you. Naira says Kartik always help everyone, I have to thank him. Kartik says it means I did not dream, Naira was really here, why am I feeling this for her, its not my mistake, she met me in Rishikesh and then she turned up to be boss’ daughter, then this house is of her Nana, there is strange connection which is just increasing. Mishti says I won’t wear that golden lahenga which mumma got, my BF likes blue color. Gayu smiles. Naira asks her to wear what she likes, everything suits the girls. Gayu says yes, Naira is right, blue does not suit me.

Akshara says old things do not get spoiled, Maa made this lahenga for me, it has her love, its special for me, I was thinking to give this to Naira. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa smile. Devyaani says you love this, and Naira will love this too. Bhabhimaa says its memories, you got me married again in my wedding anniversary, I got sad when my lahenga got torn. Akshara says I know, its special, I will try to explain Naira.

Vishwamber and Rajshri ask Kartik to stay with them, and rest for some time now. Kohli and his wife look on and smile. Varsha tells Kartik about special invitation from Akshara. She says Yash’s engagement is tomorrow. Kartik says I will go early to help them. Akshara gives the lahenga to Naira and says I will be glad if you wear this, and this one is for Pungi, tell me if you need anything. She goes. Naira smiles and says Pungi ill look a princess wearing this, thanks Maa………..

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