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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2016 Written Episode

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Tara to run away in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Naksh and Gayu conversing with Mishti’s instructor. Gayu says you ought to have given a chance for tryout to Mishti. Naksh says I will gripe to main. Instructor says that won’t be required, I understood my error. I will keep tries out again and offer opportunity to Mishti. Naira hears somebody playing woodwind seriously. She sees Kartik and says he is all over the place I go, he did good thing that he spared me from Udaipur individuals, I won’t say thanks to him, I got the chance to venture in water in light of him.

Kartik tells the man that he has this ability of play woodwind. The man says somebody has stolen cash from my crate. Naira tells the man that Kartik has stolen the cash. Kartik says don’t hear her out, she is frantic. She begins acting. He asks her for what good reason is she doing show. She says its your mantra, an eye for an eye, affront for an affront. The man requests that his hireling toss out Kartik’s sacks. Naira goes.

Naksh and Gayu enlighten Mishti concerning tryouts. Mishti says it won’t be of any utilization, they will dismiss me once more. Naman and Karishma stress for Mishti’s stature. Bhabhimaa requests that them not make Mishti understand her shortcoming. Karishma says whatever anybody say, we will do what we need for our little girl’s great…..
Naksh and Gayu go to Mishti and try to cheer her up asking for her help. Mishti helps them. Gayu says Naksh and I are taller, but we did not get this idea, talent and intelligence matters, not height. He says looks and complexion are secondary things, you can be ahead in other things. Akshara asks the man why is he angry on Kartik. Kartik tells about Naira, who complained about him to Kaka, Kaka is making me leave. Akshara defends Kartik and makes Kaka returns the room keys. Kartik thanks Akshara. She says humans helps humans. He says you have tea made by me. Varsha says not now, we have to leave. He says fine, next time sure.

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Karishma and Naman tell Mishti that she will get taller by medicines. Mishti says its okay, Naksh and Gayu taught me how intelligence and talent matters than height. She hugs Naksh and Gayu. Akshara talks to Naksh and tells him about her hope to get Naira. He asks her not to worry. She says someone has to be at home always, Naira can come. He says I m here. She says aarti is starting and ends call. She does the aarti. Naira comes there with Pungi.

Akshara prays that she meets Naira. Naira prays that she do not want to recall her past and her heart stays calm, she has to save ashram, show some way. Gayu makes Naitik have food. Bhabhimaa says just Gayu makes him agree to have food. Gayu says I have to do this responsibility as Akshara is not here. She asks him to be happy and have food. He says fine sorry. She says I miss Akshara a lot, I know you also miss Akshara a lot, you always stay out and she never complains.

Gayu gets a call and says I will send design in 30mins, I m having lunch with family. Naitik thanks Gayu. Akshara shows the posters Naitik gave her, he goes for work and always searched for Naira. Varsha says its same you find her or Naitik. Akshara says we want permission to fix posters. Varsha says we will take permission tomorrow morning. Akshara cries and says I wish I could change that day or remove that day from my life.

Shaurya asks Rajshri not to be annoyed with Varsha and talk to her. Kohli says I will end everyone’s annoyance, tell me the problem. Shaurya says nothing. Kohli says I did not have money to give rent today. Shaurya says its fine, give it later. Kohli thanks him.

Naira gives pamphlets asking for donation for her ashram. Akshara walks there. One pamphlet falls. Akshara gets it and says this name was not in Tejani’s list, I think this ashram needs help. Varsha says we will ask Tejani tomorrow, come. Akshara says we will go to this ashram and see. Varsha says I will talk tomorrow. Akshara sees Negi and asks about the ashram. Varsha says we want to give donation. Negi says we really want help. She says we asked list from Tejani, he did not say your ashram name. He says I know everything, leave it, you ask anyone about our ashram, you can come and check our accounts. Varsha gives her card and asks for his number. He says kids are trying best to save ashram, help us. Akshara sees the girl wearing Naira’s dress and shouts Naira. Varsha asks where is Naira. Akshara says not Naira, her dress, Naira has worn this dress when she left home………

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