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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 May 2016 Written Episode

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Tara to run away in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Akshara and everybody returning to Udaipur home. She says I can’t trust this, I wish I understood a bit and could stop this. Naitik requests that her be solid, perhaps there is something great in this. She cries and says I m tired of clarifying my heart, I didn’t think this would happen. Naksh goes to his room and sees Tara’s hockey. He says how would I be able to overlook, you softened my neck up our initially meet, you simply know not, not join. He breaks her hockey stick. He takes a gander at her pic indignantly.

Akshara asks Naira for what valid reason did you not rest. Naira says no, I have strain about Naksh, we will converse with him. Akshara says not currently, you rest, we will talk in morning. Akshara goes. Naira says don’t have the foggiest idea, what happened to mother, she acts weird.

Its morning, Akshara does puja and sings aarti O kanha… … Everyone come there and implore. Naksh looks on. Akshara reviews what all happened in the marriage capacity. Baisa comes and cries. Baisa says its all my mix-up, pardon me if conceivable. Mishti says fine, yet don’t say this once more, quit crying, else your head will throb. Devyaani says we said a considerable measure. Bau ji says possibly Mishti’s sweet words will influence. Mishti says nobody is irritated with you Baisa, Naksh and Tara can get agreeable once more.

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Bhabhimaa reassures Baisa. She says Naksh is in his room since night, did anybody converse with him. Akshara says I have seen him. Kuhu cries and needs to meet Naitik. Ananya requests that her see some video. Anshu requests that Shaurya tell Kuhu reality. Shaurya says I don’t have mettle to tell Kuhu. Naksh takes the apple blade… . Akshara sees him and yells to stop him. Naitik comes there. She requests that are you distraught do this. Naitik and everybody stress seeing this. Naksh asks what happened, why did you get frightened, I was going to cut apple, I was eager and thought to have an apple. He says I can’t trust this, all of you thought… you are so sensational. Akshara embraces him. Naksh requests some nourishment. She says yes, I will make something. Devyaani says come, I will give an apple till then. Naitik thinks Naksh is solid. Akshara believes is he solid or simply indicating us. Baisa says I will go home at this point. Naksh embraces her and requests that her go grinning, with no pressure and blame, it was not her misstep, go and return soon. She favors him and cries.

Varsha thanks Ananya for managing Kuhu, we can’t send her to Naitik. Ranveer says your and Papa has an issue, you both love each other and have annoyance, your love is very strong. Ananya says yes, its love that you both still kept this marriage. Ranveer says there are many things which will make you realize.

Mishti says Naksh and Tara can get friendly. Naksh hugs her and says its tough now, you won’t understand. Naira sends Mishti. She hugs Naksh and says we are best friends and share everything with each other, you used to share everything with me in Cape town, why are you formal now, you are not happy. I won’t share any problem next time. He hugs her.

Naksh says I m sorry, I will try to become strong. She says thanks, I m proud of you. Mishti and Gayu get juice. Naksh puts Tara’s pic and shuts the box. They all leave. Naksh says Tara, you are free, I loved you a lot and love can’t be done by force. Naitik and Akshara are on phone and cancel reception. The neighbor ladies come and congratulate them for Naksh’s marriage. They say we have come to see your bahu and for mu dikhai, there are no decorations here. They all worry. Akshara says we forgot about mu dikhai, we have to tell them. Devyaani says if we say, Tara left and marriage could not happen, we and Tara will lose name. Karishma says what will we say, they will need answer and spread rumors. Akshara says we should just leave thinking and say anything, what can we do.

Akshara tells ladies that marriage could not happen. The ladies ask why, did bride run away, was there anything wrong in her. Akshara says no, Tara is a nice girl, it was not in fate. Devyaani says we are trying to have patience and forget this. The lady says but what happened. Naksh says I will say what happened. Everyone look on…….

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