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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 May 2016 Written Episode

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Tara to run away in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Sukanya going to call somebody. She says I m attempting to stop naira and Gayu, they need to tell their mother, yet they don’t know Vicky is dead. Naira hears this and asks what, we did a homicide, nobody will trust us, Sukanya… .. Akshara supposes I will ask Naira, perhaps she will let me know. Naira says I need to tell truth Sukanya.

sukanya says with the goal that I get correctional facility, you folks get spared, keep in mind I did this to spare you. Naira says it happened on account of you, I did enormous oversight to get inviting with you. Sukanya says the best thing is we are still companions, we can overlook this. Naira says no, I will let them know. Sukanya stops her and says kindly, don’t let them know. Naira goes. Sukanya cries.

Akshara asks Gayu where is Naira. Naira comes and says mumma, I need to let you know something, its pixie. Akshara says let me know, don’t be frightened. Naira says I will get Sukanya, she will let you know. Naira goes to Sukanya. Sukanya says I won’t tell anything, in the event that you attempt to say, I will hop from here, guarantee me. Akshara asks Gayu do you realize what Naira needed to say. Gayu says no, I don’t know much, I will call them, you ask them.

The train stops with a jerk. The people say someone fell from the train. Akshara asks Varsha to take Mishti. She asks Shaurya to go and see Naira also, she went to get Sukanya. Shaurya says Sukanya fell down the train, and Naira is nowhere. They all get shocked. Akshara says Naira was with Sukanya. They all go to find Naira and do not get Naira anywhere. Akshara worries. Shaurya says police is asking us to identify Sukanya’s body. Akshara says Naitik’s phone is not connecting.

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They all go to see Sukanya’s body. Akshara sees Sukanya’s body and cries. She says she was our responsibility, what will I answer her family. Naksh asks inspector to find Naira. Inspector says we are finding her on tracks. Akshara says no, she can’t be on tracks, find her anywhere. He says sorry, we have to find out, don’t know this is accident or…. Naksh says it will be accident. Inspector says just Naira can say that. Akshara looks for Naira and asks people.

Everyone try finding Naira. Akshara cries. Varsha asks Akshara to be strong, they will get Naira. Akshara asks how, I want my daughter. She calls Naitik and says he is not answering. Akshara worries for Naira and asks did she also ….. like Sukanya. Varsha says don’t say this, I will slap you.

The people ask did the other girl die too. Everyone cry and think positive. Bhabhimaa asks Karishma to go home with kids. Devyaani asks Bau ji to go with them. Akshara comes and says we did not find Naira. Bhabhimaa says I told you we will go back, you did not listen to us. Rajshri says we felt restless and said we will go back. Devyaani says don’t blame Akshara for this, we all decided this. Akshara cries and says no, its my mistake, this would have not happened, Naira would be with me. Naksh looks for Naira.

Inspector asks people about Naira and shows the pic. The man says I saw them arguing and standing at the door. Akshara tells constable that she can’t contact Sukanya’s family to give this news. Varsha asks her to call. Akshara calls Sukanya’s mother. Sukanya’s mother asks where is she, she will be with you, make her talk to me. Akshara cries and says she is no more. Sukanya’s mother gets shocked and scolds her. Akshara says forgive me, but I m not lying, your daughter is dead. Sukanya’s mother shouts and cries…………

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