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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Raman Ishita get Nidhi arrested Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Raman motivating prepared to go for office. He falls in the restroom. Ishita asks what happened. He yells who left the washroom floor watery. She says sorry, I neglected to wipe the floor. He falls in the bathtub. She asks might I come inside. He says no, I will oversee. She goes to him and sees him fallen in the tub. Ishita administers to him and says sorry I neglected to clean the floor. She takes him. Adi meets Aaliya and tells about Romi and Mihir. He says how could Romi talk that way, you met Mihir, do you think he is exhausting. She says no, he is an extraordinary person. He says I can’t see anybody calling Mihir exhausting, I have a thought to make Mihir macho, we will prep him, we will sort out a fun fest and persuade Mihir in that challenge, he will take an interest and you need to help me. She concurs and

solicits him to take care of her issue from cooking. He says Amma will show you, however you need to help me and persuade Mihir.

Ishita makes Raman take a seat on the bed. She requests that him not go office. He stops her and holds her hand requesting that her not tell anybody that he fell in restroom. She chuckles. He says don’t giggle, I don’t need anybody to make joke of me, I m asking. She says fine, I will take your solicitation genuine, you need to guarantee me that you won’t insult me. He concurs. Adi and Aaliya converse with Ruhi about the challenge and educate her regarding getting more individuals in the challenge, even Mihir ought to take an interest, he doesn’t inspire time to have a fabulous time.

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Ruhi says its extreme to persuade Mihir like making Papa talk amenably, I will help in courses of action. Shravan says my Appa will win. Adi says we will know. Ruhi asks who will judge our challenge. Aaliya says somebody whom we as a whole know, Adi your organization manager can help us as well. Adi says I will converse with him. Shravan gets some information about second judge. Ruhi says Shagun mumma. Adi and Aaliya educate Shagun concerning most dashing man challenge, we need an a la mode individual to judge this challenge, we think you will judge with no impact. Shagun concurs and requests that they choose everything, and call her on the off chance that they require anything…..
Shravan asks Adi to handle them. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come and ask Adi why did he not keep contest for them. Adi says you both are so beautiful, we were confused to which woman, I mean to which girl should we give award so…. Amma asks is there any age limit for this contest. Ruhi says no, anyone can participate, like Bala, Mihir, Mani and anyone else. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla and Romi will participate. Amma says Appa and Bala will take part too. Adi asks Amma to help her in teaching cooking to Aaliya.

Amma says I will teach her in one week. Shravan says now everything is ready, we have to tell society about the contest. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma have a talk. Adi tells about taking the contest to next level and join hands with Aaliya, Shravan and Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla makes Mr. Bhalla exercise, and Amma makes Appa have fruits. Mihika asks Romi to win the contest. The contest preparations are seen in full swing. Shagun says I told everything to mummy. Adi and Aaliya talk about their motive to keep the contest, that’s to encourage Mihir.

Mihir refuses to Adi. Adi asks him to please don’t refuse. Mihir says I can’t fit in all this, don’t emotionally blackmail me. Aaliya and Adi try to convince him. Mihir agrees and hugs Adi. Aaliya asks can I check your wardrobe. Mihir asks why. Aaliya says I can’t believe, you don’t have any jeans and tshirt. Mihir says I wear formals. She asks him to do shopping. Mihir says I don’t need to do any shopping, I m happy with these clothes. Adi and Aaliya ask him to change, we are not in stone age. Mihir asks Adi shall I become joker in this silly contest. Aaliya checks Mihir. Adi signs her. Mihir asks what. Aaliya asks Mihir to shave off his moustache. Mihir asks what, its sign of manhood, I will never do this. Adi says you did not have moustache before. Mihir says shut up, I won’t participate, if you want me to take part, I have one condition, I will come the way I m, if you both agree, then its fine. Adi agrees.

Ishita and Raman have a talk about the contest. Raman says I will also participate. She laughs off seeing his state. Raman says I will win and show you. She says you are not young, and have no muscles. He says I will participate and win too. She says you fell once and this happened, you can’t do this. He says I will prove it by winning. She says challenge, fine, I will see what you will do. She goes. Raman says she is laughing, I have to show whats Punjabi young man………

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