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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Ishita Raman ROMANTIC dance Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Raman dealing with Ishita. Shagun thinks now Raman’s life has no spot for me. She cries and clears out. Ruhi looks on. Raman oversees chip away at call. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita and asks her are your eyes smoldering a great deal. Ishita says no, you go and rest. Mrs. Bhalla says I will put rose water in your eyes. She requests that Raman do this. Ishita says I will do it, you go mummy ji. Mrs. Bhalla requests that her fare thee well. She requests that Raman dunk cotton in rose water and put on Ishita’s eyes. She goes. Ishita tries to do it without anyone’s help. Raman goes to her. She says I will do it. He says hold up, rests, everything will get fine. He comforts her and deals with her. Dil kahin rukta nahi… … .plays… … .He sits close by and dozes.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla comes

to their room and grins seeing them together. She expresses gratitude toward Lord. Aaliya eats for Mani. Mani eats it and says I didn’t eat such vada till now. She says I made this first time, I was making dosas at the same time. He says I know you didn’t cook in Australia, I have a thought, we will keep a cook, its not great to waste nourishment, I will get dry foods grown from the ground, stay here. Aaliya thinks to learn cooking, however from whom and how, it would be less demanding if Amma was here. She supposes she can ask Adi, as he has each issue’s answer.

Shravan’s instructor goes to Iyer’s home. Shravan advises Amma that she instructs French to us. The woman requests Bala. Appa says you sit, I will call Bala. He requests that Shravan go and get prepared. Bala comes and welcomes her. She says thanks to him for his visitor address, and converses with him while shaking hands. Bala expresses profound gratitude, you could have informed me. She says I need to keep another address, I can likewise meet you. Bala takes his hand away. She holds his hand again and says I will get understudies here. Vandu comes and thinks why is Shravan’s educator holding his hand. Bala says I m getting late. Vandu makes the woman leave Bala’s hand. Bala expresses gratitude toward Vandu and goes. She converses with the woman and gets some information about Shravan’s French classes. The woman acclaims Bala. She says you arre so fortunate to have him, he looks more youthful than you. Vandu says no, do you suspect as much, are you genuine. The woman says I think I ought to clear out. Vandu says I suspect as much as well. The woman clears out. Vandu gets furious.

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Mihir welcomes Bhallas. Mrs. Bhalla requests that he come and eat. Mihir says no, I have to meet Raman. He gets some information about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she is fine, I need to thank you for sparing my kids from issue. Romi says any other individual would have done same. Mrs. Bhalla says any other person would have done error or flee, Mihir spared Raman and Ishita, and got goons captured. Simmi says the young lady who weds Mihir will be fortunate. Mrs. Bhalla says I heard Anil’s sister’s proposition sought him. Mihir goes to go to call…..
Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun when is Mihir meeting that girl. Romi goes to Mihir and says everyone feel that girl is lucky to marry you, Raman believes you are heartbroken, its because of your mistakes, you don’t know keeping relations, its not everyone’s cup of tea, I pity the girl who will marry you. Mihir says you are right, even I pity her, I m boring man, who will stay happy with me, I don’t have anything else other than work. He asks Neelu about Raman. Neelu says I knocked door, he did not open the door, maybe Raman is sleeping. Mihir says fine, I will talk to him on phone. He thanks Romi for this advice and goes. Adi heard them and says how could Romi say that to Mihir, its so bad, and Mihir did not say anything in reply, I should talk to Romi.

Ishita wakes up and smiles seeing Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein………… plays………. She caresses him and looks at him with love. She says he did not sleep well all night, and makes him lie down. He wakes up and asks what are you doing, my neck got stiff. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla why is she smiling, where is Raman till now. Mrs. Bhalla says let him sleep, when I went to wake them up, they were sleeping in each other’s arms like kids. Shagun gets sad. Mrs. Bhalla says I felt so good and did not wish to wake them up, I wish their love stays same. Shagun thinks to do something. Ruhi thinks will Papa and Ishita get together again.

Everyone hear Raman shouting and go to see. Ishita asks Raman to relax. He asks her to be quiet, its because of you, my neck got stiff and not moving. Mrs. Bhalla and everyone come and ask what happened. Ishita says Raman’s neck got stiff. Simmi says no need to explain what happened at night. Raman says I will beat you Simmi, don’t say anything, I was putting rose water in Ishita’s eyes and slept. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Shagun goes to call doctor.

Doctor comes and asks whats happening, yesterday your wife had problem and today you, whats going on here. Raman says I slept in wrong position. Doctor asks him to look at his age, what was he doing at night. Raman says I was not doing anything, I was putting rose water in her eyes. Doctor says you can’t sleep in sitting position, you have king size bed, I m sure your wife will allow you to sleep on bed, have this painkillers, nothing to worry. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi laugh. Raman asks them to leave. Romi says you got old, tell me if you want any help. Raman looks for slippers to beat him. Romi jokes on his broken neck and goes. Raman gets angry and Ishita laughs……..

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