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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2016 Written Episode

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Ishita Raman ROMANTIC dance Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Ishita coming to room, and seeing Raman evolving. He requests that her thump the entryway and come. She says its my room as well, don’t battle now, my state of mind is great. He says why not, Mani ate for you, he looks after you. She says so what. He asks what are you saying. She doesn’t say anything. He says I m Delhi fellow, you Australians… she asks what are you saying. He doesn’t say anything, I would prefer not to think about your sentimental meeting. She asks what, you think every single awful thing, Mani came to let me know that Ruhi understood that photograph arrangement and trophy in her room after we went. He asks truly, it implies despite everything she adores us, she went on me and does not express. She says yes, I was deduction to take her to advisor, Niddhi mentally conditioned her and Ruhi couldn’t finish her studies, she was made a kid, I think she needs an instructor. He says fine, I need to converse with Anil, he said on the off chance that we make trust on kids’ name, then it can’t be weakened effectively, I will see that. She says fine, I need to get prepared. She signs him to go. He says when I was transforming, you came, now I will stay here, clowning, anybody can get stun seeing such sight, on a qualm, such stun is great, its been long. She says don’t humiliate me, go out. He goes and says things are getting on track, if everything goes on like this, it will be fine similar to some time recently. Shagun looks on.

Bala searches for some book and gets Shravan’s day by day journal. He says it will energize to peruse, however its awful conduct, I ought to hold it back, yet he is my child, guardians have right to peruse youngsters’ journal, it doesn’t make a difference. He snickers perusing the journal and says so he enjoys his Amma more. He peruses Shravan loathes him, Appa meddles a considerable measure in my companion circle, my companions tease me that I can’t get to be good looking and keen like my Appa, I want to be not Appa’s child, I detest Appa. Bala gets stressed. He says what did I do, I needed to help Shravan, he loathes me.

Shagun advises Raman that they need to go to Pihu’s school for PTM. He requests that her oversee, I need to take Ruhi and Ishita to guide, and meet Anil as well. He requests that Neelu tell Ishita that he is holding up in auto. He goes. Shagun gets annoyed. Mr. Bhalla looks on….
Bala tells Amma that Shravan hates him, how could he think so. Amma says its his age problem, kids think they are right and everything else is wrong, don’t take tension, if we don’t support them, they feel we don’t love them, let some time pass, Shravan will understand everything, think of some solution. He says you are saying right, I will find a solution, I will change my approach and treat him differently. Shravan says I m going to take Ruhi’s autograph. Bala asks him to have milkshake, I will make it, just 2 mins. Shravan refuses and leaves. Bala asks Amma to see. Amma says don’t think so, understand him, Ruhaan is his fav so Shravan left in hurry, think positive.

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Ashok sees Niddhi booking a spa appointment. He says great, its nice, Ruhi is with Raman and you are thinking of spa. She says I m tired, I want to relax. He says you know Raman got to know I m plotting about his house. She asks who told him. He asks did you call Ruhi, and tell her that you miss her. She says I did not, sorry. He asks her to tell Ruhi that you love her, go to meet Ruhi and see if you see any weakness, we will complain to judge, if judge does surprise visit and sees some weakness, we will win. She says that’s why I say you are the best.

Ruhi and Shravan have a talk. Ruhi tells about her fans. He says I m also your fan, and calls her Ruhaan. She laughs. She asks about his specs. He says I got specs this year, doctor asked me to use, you sing very well, don’t leave singing, everyone does not have talent. She says no, even you would be having some talent. He says no, I have none and gets sad. She reminds him he used to do cycling so well. He says it was easy. She says I don’t know. He says fine, I will reach you. She says come then. He asks now? Fine, I will get my cycle.

Pihu asks Shagun why did she not come to school. Shagun says sorry I could not come, Raman went with Ishita, do you like them being together. Pihu says yes, they are getting Ruhi home. She asks him to tell Raman to spend time with mumma. Pihu says okay and leaves. Shagun turns and sees Mihika. Mihika asks what are you teaching Pihu, don’t create any confusion. Shagun says I m already irritated, don’t teach me. Mihika explains her that Ishita came for Ruhi, don’t teach wrong to Pihu. Shagun says you are guest, just stay as guest. Mihika says you are guest, I m bahu of this house. Shagun goes. Mihika says I won’t let Shagun do anything wrong this time.

Shravan teaches cycling to Ruhi. Ruhi asks Shravan not to leave her, she will fall. Shagun comes there and looks on. Ruhi falls down. Shagun runs to her and asks are you fine. Shravan apologizes. Shagun slaps Shravan and scolds him a lot. Ruhi says its okay, don’t scold him. Shagun scolds him badly and calls him useless. Shravan cries. Bala goes there and says stop it Shagun, I have seen everything, why did you slap him. He asks Shravan to go home, I will handle. He says this will happen if kids play, all kids fall while learning cycling, this is last warning, if you touch my son again, I will not leave you.

Shravan comes home crying. Amma and Appa ask what happened. Shravan locks himself in his room. Bala comes. Amma tells him that Shravan came crying and locked the room. Bala tells everything and says Shagun slapped him, see his specs broke too. Mihika says how can Shagun do this, he is a little kid. Bala says no use, I scolded her. He asks Shravan to open the door. Amma says I m getting scared, I think you should break the door. Bala breaks the door. They all get shocked seeing Shravan fallen on the ground, with his cut wrist. They rush him to hospital.

Ishita and Raman talk to the counselor. The lady says parents and stable background are necessary for shaping a kid’s personality, but Ruhi has stayed all lone, she has seen negativity, you have to understand her likes and dislikes. Ishita says I agree. Counselor says you get admitted in school. Ishita says we were thinking the same. The lady asks them to be positive, support her, she needs you. Raman says we will make sure of this. Raman goes to attend a call. Ishita says Ruhi gets much anger. Raman calls Shagun and says I will ask her to reach school. She is busy on another call and sees Raman’s call. She disconnects her call and says now he remembers me, he was irritated by me in morning, I will switch off my phone. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says Pihu’s school lady called, there is PTM, I refused to Shagun inb morning, both parents have to go, I don’t understand, can we go there, its just one hour, please. Ishita nods. He says thanks, I will get the car………

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