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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19 April 2016 Written Episode

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Raman Ishita get Nidhi arrested Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Ishita sitting tight for the customer. Ruhaan begins acting to prevent Raman from meeting Ishita. Nancy stresses for Ruhaan. Raman and Pihu come there. Pihu requests that Raman accomplish something. Ishita says I think the customer is not genuine, we have altered our opinion, we are multiplying our quotes, we know our worth, perhaps your customer does not know our quality, advise this to him, he can call us. Mani and Ishita take off. Mani asks Mr. Mehta to go and let them know whether the customer’s answer comes. Mani asks Ishita what was this. She says unadulterated business, they made printed material, they will pay twofold as they are intrigued, its our organization worth. He says I know you don’t need this arrangement to happen. She says you got me, I truly need our organization to be with us, in the event that we need to handover it to somebody, he ought to esteem it, I feel we can make it more fruitful. He concurs.
Ishita’s patient’s mom Ruby greets Ishita. Mani leaves. Raman says I will take Ruhaan to room, we should call a doctor. Raman lifts Ruhaan and takes him. He asks manager for a doctor as its medical emergency. Ishita hears him and says Raman’s voice, somebody needs help. She goes to manager and gets room number.

Shravan thinks his friend is really Alia Bhatt. He thinks to talk to her. He messages Aaliya. Kar gayi chull….plays……….. Shravan says you are best dancer, I m your big fan. Aaliya checks messages and says who is Shravan, when did he become my friend, maybe I accepted his request by mistake, I think I should block him. She reads messages and says he feels I m Alia Bhatt, poor kid, he is crazy fan, innocent. She checks his details and says if I tell him I m not Alia Bhatt, his heart will break, I can’t do that, why don’t I become Alia Bhatt and chat with him. She replies hi. He gets glad and says I will show Adi.

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Raman gets Ruhaan to room. Pihu asks Raman to help Ruhaan, call doctor. Raman says he will be fine. He sees the mole on Ruhaan’s face and recalls Ruhi. Nancy asks Raman to call doctor fast. Raman says what am I thinking, I will get doctor, Pihu stay here. He goes. Raman and Ishita pass by and power goes. They don’t see each other. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………

Ishita enters the room. Pihu thinks its Raman and hugs Ishita. Ishita says I m doctor. Pihu asks her to treat Ruhaan fast and goes to call Raman. Ishita checks Ruhaan and says he has high fever…. Even BP is very low. She says I think we have to take him home, please help.

Shravan tells Adi that he has become celebrity now, Alia Bhatt chats with him. Adi says someone would be joking. Shravan says I will go gym and make body, I will get slim and meet Alia, I will take medicine to lose weight. Adi asks him not to take such medicines. Shravan says I will take medicines and goes. Adi wonders what medicines can make Shravan slim. Pihu gets Raman back to room. She says that doctor aunty took Ruhaan. Raman looks around.

He asks for Ruhaan. The man says I have seen Ruhaan going with doctor. Raman asks Pihu is she happy now, and sends her to rest. He says don’t know why I feel connected to Ruhaan, though I don’t know him, strange connection. He gets a call and realizes he missed meeting. He says are they mad, why will we give double price, explain them that I had emergency and had to leave. Ishita says I have given injection to Ruhaan, let him rest. Ruhaan is sleepy state, holds her hand and says please don’t go leaving me, why did you leave me. Ishita cries recalling Ruhi and thinks I always miss Ruhi seeing Ruhaan, this mole is exactly like that of Ruhi’s. Nancy asks her to go, before Niddhi comes, Ruhaan is thinking you are his mum, as he is sleeping, thanks for helping. Ishita covers Ruhaan with the blanket and leaves…….

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