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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 May 2016 Written Episode

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Ishita Raman ROMANTIC dance Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Raman and Ishita seeing each other. Everybody grin seeing Pihu holding their hands. Aaliya looks on and reviews Mani’s words. Raman lifts Pihu and says I went ahead your call. Pihu kisses him. Ruhaan looks on and supposes this is my offer of adoration, he is my Papa, I ought to have been there, today I m living with name and personality transformed, I abhor you Pihu, you grabbed him. Raman runs with Pihu.

Aaliya calls Mani. He asks what, did Ishita consent to go in marriage, is there family, and Raman. Aaliya says yes, he just came. He says fine and finishes call. Aaliya thinks did I do botch by bringing Amma here. Niddhi gets Ruhaan and chastens for tricking her. She says I know you went in Romi and Mihika’s marriage, did you go there to meet family. She gets irate and drags Ruhaan to inn room. She pushes Ruhaan and beats him. Ruhaan says I didn’t do anything, I m saying truth. Niddhi chides Ruhaan. Ruhaan’s hair drop out of the top. Ruhaan requests that Niddhi stop. Niddhi gets irate. Ruhaan says I m not playing any diversions, I would prefer not to do a reversal to my family, I don’t need Raman and Ishita to get together, I will do what you say, I will do anything to keep them away, Ishita is alive, she is here, I will let you know everything, trust me. Niddhi gets stunned and says Ishita is alive, how is it conceivable, I can’t trust this, wow Ruhi, that is an awesome news, I didn’t have any acquaintance with you detest your folks to such an extent. Ruhaan says yes, I abhor Raman, Ishita, and Pihu…
Ishita gives flowers to everyone. Pihu sees Ishita and says I like her a lot, she is doing a lot for Romi and Mihika, everyone like her. Everyone shower flowers on groom and bride. Raman comes and talks to Pihu. He says I m your Papa and more smart. Pihu says I was seeing handsome boys. He says no, you were seeing that aunty, my eyes are better and can see. She says you have specs as your eyes are bad, when I saved you from fire, I saw you seeing that aunty. He says I did not see anyone, come we will go and have icecream. He takes her and leaves. Ishita turns and sees them.

Romi and Mihika get married by all rituals. They take elder’s blessings. Mihika does the rice throwing rituals. Ishita hugs her. Mihika hugs her family and proceeds with Romi. Amma cries. Mihika says I have to talk to Ishita. Romi says fine, you talk and goes. Mihika cries. Ishita wishes her lots of happiness and blesses Romi and her. Mihika says you did not give me any wedding gift, that’s why I m sad. Ishita says sorry, I could not buy anything, tell me what do you want. Mihika says you came in my marriage, that’s biggest gift, but I m bit greedy, I want some wedding gift, these two families came here together after many years. Ishita laughs.

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Mihika says this was missing from our lives, this happened because of you, just you can make things fine, promise me you will stay here for some more days, just you can unite their hearts, we are selfish and always increased the distance, but your heart is very big, promise me this gift, you will get both families back together. Ishita says I will try to stay for some more time, happy now? Mihika says yes and hugs Ishita. Aaliya thinks was Amma’s coming here a mistake, she will be attached with her family, and will get away from me and Appa. Ishita and Aaliya come home. Ishita thanks Aaliya for taking her in wedding. Mani looks on. Aaliya goes.

Mani asks Ishita why did she go there. She says it was my sister’s wedding. Mani asks did you go to meet Raman, you knew Raman would be coming here. She says its not like that, why are you asking. He says I m concerned for you, I thought you wanted to sort our issues. Ishita says no, I know Raman’s annoyance is justified, I don’t want to clear out anything, I want him to be happy and live in whatever condition he wants, my family is fighting there, Bhallas and Iyers have fights because of me, I was feeling guilty, I knew they are unhappy, it was my duty to make things fine, I don’t want anything else from there, anyways its late now, there is shoot with Ruhaan tomorrow, sleep now. She goes. Mani wonders what will happen in shoot tomorrow.

Its morning, Mani and Ishita wait for Ruhaan. Ishita asks him not to be tensed, we told Ruhaan’s manager if Ruhaan does not do shoot, we will sue him. Mani thinks Ishita does not know I m worried that when she knows that rival company is of Raman, how will she react. Nupur comes and says Ruhaan is on the way. Mani goes to attend a call. Raman comes there. Ishita is talking to Nupur. Raman comes to Ishita and she gets shocked.

Raman gets angry and says you crossed limit of shamelessness, you thought you will roam around me and I will get you back in my life, you don’t have any place in my life now. She says I remember your every word well, I came here for work, I came for Ruhaan’s ad shoot. He says oh, so its your company, this can’t happen now, my company has exclusive contract with Ruhaan, sorry. She says we also have a contract, Mani has company in Australia, we will make Ruhaan shoot ad for him. Raman says he can’t shoot this ad film, as I made it clear to Nupur. Nupur says we signed their contract before signing yours, today Ruhaan will shoot ad with them. Raman gets angry. Ishita asks did Mani know about Raman’s company. Nupur says yes. Ishita gets shocked. Nupur tells Raman that she will explain, they said they will sue Ruhaan if he breaks contract. Raman goes. Ishita says I can’t believe this, Mani has hidden this from me…………

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