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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16 May 2016 Written Episode

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Ishita Raman ROMANTIC dance Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Ruhaan seeing Pihu and saying its me, she appears as though me, Pihu… .. She supposes to catch her consideration and makes glasses fall. She contends with server, Pihu sees Ruhaan and yells Ruhaan, the whiz. Ruhaan thinks work is finished. Pihu tells Adi that she has seen Ruhaan here, welcome him in this marriage, I need to meet him. Adi asks by what method will he come here, we will go and meet him. She says welcome him, I will get aarti plate. She goes. Adi says busybody and goes. He welcomes Adi and makes proper acquaintance Ruhaan, I m Adi, Aditya Bhalla. Ruhaan gets happy and met Adi in the healing center. Ruhaan reviews adolescence. Adi welcomes Ruhaan in Romi’s marriage and says Pihu is his best fan. He demands. Ruhaan concurs and supposes I will have the capacity to see everybody today, after such a large number of years. Ruhaan goes inside the capacity venue and cries seeing all the relatives. Kya kehna… … plays… … Ruhaan reviews the old minutes.

Adi says Ruhaan, I need to make you meet my life’s most exceptional individual, Ishi Maa. Ruhaan gets stunned seeing Ishita back with family. Ishita gets shocked seeing Ruhaan. Adi says she is my Ishi Maa. Ishita says I know Ruhaan, I met him, pleasant to see him here in gathering. Ruhaan wipes tears and says something went in my eyes. Ishita says there are recollections and new feelings connected with each marriage, I practically cry in everybody’s marriage and concoct this rationalization, you and I are comparative. Ruhaan says no, we are not comparative, I think I ought to take off. Pihu stops Ruhaan and says kindly don’t go, I need to do your aarti. Pihu does the aarti. Everybody grin. Ruhaan supposes you have my face, my destiny, you grabbed everything from me.

Ishita thinks to hug Pihu and tell her how much I love you. Pihu asks Ishita are you also here. She says yes, Adi invited me. Pihu tells Ruhaan that she is his big fan and have all posters, I want a selfie. Ruhaan refuses. Ishita says just one selfie, whats big thing in it, don’t be rude. Ruhaan says I will decide, I can be more rude. Adi says selfie can be taken later. Pihu insists. Ruhaan says fine, just one. Pihu takes selfie and goes. Ishita says you are not like me Ruhaan, you can’t be like me. Adi takes Ruhaan to introduce to Mihika and Romi. Ishita says how rude… Aaliya asks what is Ruhaan doing here. Ishita says Pihu and Adi invited him, he is so rude, don’t know what kind of upbringing he got. Aaliya asks her to use her magic wand and unite Bhallas and Iyers. Ishita recalls her marriage with Raman and smiles.

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She thinks history is repeating itself, I know what to do. Aaliya asks what are you thinking. Ishita says we have to do something. She asks Mihika why did she not wear Kalirey. She makes Mihika wear Kailrey. Aaliya asks whats this rasam. Mrs. Bhalla says its Punjabi rasam, and goes to tie it right way. Adi thinks just Ishi Maa could have done this. Vandu and Amma talk that Mrs. Bhalla is dominating. Amma asks Mihika to remove Kailrey, its Tamilian wedding. Mrs. Bhalla says now it won’t be removed. Amma calls pandit. Pihu asks Adi to see what happened, when fight happens in marriage, it gets spoiled. Adi says nothing can get spoiled now.

Amma tells pandit about the rasams in Tamilian marriage. Mrs. Bhalla tells pandit about Punjabi rituals. They argue. Aaliya tells Ishita that arguments started, how will this end. Ishita says this family is such, they fight and then love starts, they will unite slowly.

Raman and Mihir are working in office. Raman asks Mihir not to act and hide his pain, I know everything, don’t care for women. He says its our problem to trust them, they leave us and don’t care. Mihir says nothing like that, think about yourself, you don’t go home as you are running away from yourself, you miss Ishita. Pihu calls Raman and tells him about Bhalla and Iyer aunties fight, I m scared, come fast. Raman says fine, these women won’t let me live peacefully. Ishita asks pandit to do marriage both Tamilian and Punjabi ways. He agrees and asks them to come to mandap. Ishita tells Aaliya that this is happening because of you and hugs her. They laugh. Ruhaan looks on and thinks Ishita came to break both families.

Pandit does rituals and havan kund woods do not catch fire. Simmi says its abshagun. Ishita asks pandit to wait and gets new woods for havan. Pandit says there is no matchstick. Raman comes and lights the havan kund. Ishita thanks him and then sees Raman. Mrs. Bhalla and family gets glad seeing Raman. Pihu sees Ishita’s saree near fire and asks both of them to move back. She holds their hands. Adi and everyone smile seeing Pihu with Raman and Ishita. Ruhaan looks on angrily. Adi thinks Ishi Maa and Papa have to come together. Ruhaan thinks I won’t let them unite ever, I got hurt because of them, I won’t let them get together, they should know how it feels to be away from loved ones……..

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