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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 April 2016 Written Episode

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DUBAI time for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Ishita coming to meet Ruhaan. Nancy rationalizes so that Ishita does not meet Ruhaan. Ishita says I treated him, I comprehend what medications to give him. Ishita thumps the entryway and requests that Ruhaan meet her. Ruhi gets tensed and tries to cover her hair. She rests with cover covering her head. Ishita comes inside and sees Ruhaan covering himself with cover. Nancy says he gets a kick out of the chance to rest like this. Ruhi wishes Ishita clears out. Teri bechaini ka… ..plays… … .. Ishita holds Ruhaan’s hand. Ruhi takes her hand away. Ishita says I m Dr. Ishita, Aaliya’s mum, I know you are in much torment, I got your solutions, take it. Ruhi requests that her leave, and acts impolite. Ishita says I m keeping solutions here. Ruhi stresses that Ishita can see Ruhi and Niddhi’s pic. Ruhi requests that her leave immediately. Nancy requests that Ishita come. Ishita takes off. Ruhi says you are not my mom, why did you come here.

Mihika tells Romi that she is extremely upbeat today. She says we ought to celebrate for our prosperity. Romi says whatever I m today is a result of you, your backing, when the world left me, it was just you who remained by me, much appreciated. He gets a call from Ashok. Ashok salutes him for getting business fabulousness honor. Romi says its your association grant, well done. Ashok says Raman would be desirous listening to this. Romi says I couldn’t care less, I m happy I won, I will converse with you later.

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Mihika says Romi, I know you held hands with Ashok to grow business, yet you know Ashok is not a decent man. He says I know this, I will handle him, once business gets stable, I will sideline him, Ashok bolstered me in terrible time when nobody was supporting me, I know he is a jerk, however he didn’t embarrass me, he didn’t beat me, he didn’t demonstrate he is a superior man. He reviews Raman and his battle. He says Mihika I need to tell something, I was holding up subsequent to long, at last I have succeeded and I think we ought to take our connection ahead. He demonstrates a ring and proposes her, asking will you wed me. She grins and says yes, ofcourse. He makes her wear the ring.
Ashok calls Raman and passes some taunts. He says you are my fav always. Raman says I think committee did right, I have won many awards, I don’t need more, we should encourage new talent. He ends call. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to sit for sometime and talk to her. She gets a call from Romi. Romi says mummy ji, I know you are away from me, but I know I m in your heart, you still love me as ever, you always agreed to me, I had to tell you something, I finally proposed Mihika, she said yes, I want you to come in my marriage, will you come to bless us. She cries. Raman asks whose call was it. She says wrong number. Raman says no, it was Romi’s call. Romi hears this and ends call. Raman gets annoyed and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla tells Shagun that Raman’s anger is not getting less, I m worried for him. Shagun says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Mrs. Bhalla leaves.

Raman comes and asks about kids. Shagun says kids are fine and asks Raman to share his pain, he will feel better. He says that Raman is dead who used to get hurt by others pain, its night, go and sleep. He recalls Ruhi’s death and scolding Ishita. He sits drinking and Shagun worries seeing him. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to leave Raman alone for some time.

Niddhi talks to Nancy. Nancy says I could not give injection to Ruhaan, a doctor came. Niddhi asks who. Nancy says some dentist, I don’t remember name. Ruhi looks on. Niddhi says I told you no one should come in this house and meet Ruhaan without my permission, did the lady meet Ruhaan. Nancy says no. Niddhi goes. Ruhi worries and says its good I told Nancy to lie to Niddhi about Aaliya’s mother. Niddhi should not know that Ishita is Aaliya’s mum, I have to end all connection with my past.

Raman goes to kitchen and takes water to drink. He recalls the past and breaks the glass holding it tight. His hand bleeds. Adi comes and asks Raman to come with him. He makes Raman sit and cries. Raman says I lost my daughter and then my wife, I m a loser. Adi scolds him and asks him to let him do dressing to his wound. Raman sleeps and takes Ishita’s name. Ishita realizes that and says Raman……. Yeh hai mohabbatein….. Mani asks what happened Ishu. She says I felt… he says till when will you miss Raman, its 7 years, its long time, you did not try to meet him, till when will you run from this truth, it was fate what happened with Ruhi, if you want Raman to be away from you, you have to move on. She cries……….

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