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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein siblings Abhishek Aditi dating
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Adi embracing Raman and Ishita. He reminds Romi to say something to Mr. Bhalla. Romi grins and acknowledges he overlooked the card. Adi asks what happened. Romi says I cleared out that paper in room. Adi says Dadu is your Papa, you needn’t bother with any paper to say him anything. Romi says yes. He advises I need to say something for Papa, I m Romi Bhalla, however world knows me by my Papa’s name, whatever issues throughout my life, it doesn’t contact me on account of Papa. Everybody grin. Romi says I can get taller in stature, I will dependably be your more youthful child, I know I did numerous missteps, you have dependably excused me, at whatever point I fell, you generally upheld me, you generally remained my companion, you are my genuine saint, I cherish you Papa, I know I have harmed you a considerable measure, I apologize infront of everybody today, I m too bad,

excuse me. Mr. Bhalla embraces him. Raman and everybody look on. Adi says we should have sustenance now, we buckled down, taste and say how is it. They all eat.

Raman says lunch was great, however festivity was less. Appa and Mr. Bhalla say it was beneficial for us. Ishita says Raman needs more. Shravan says I have shock for Appa, I booked a table for Appa and Amma, a sentimental supper date. Bala likes the thought. Ruhi says I additionally got the same blessing, here is the voucher, however I was speculation whom will Raman take, I mean Raman has two alternatives. Shagun and Ishita look on. Shagun advances hand, and Ishita gets the voucher, saying I will run with Raman, you need this right, this is best blessing. Ruhi says I have disarray, will you both stay as a couple following seven years, you are performing poorly due to a lack of practice. Ishita says is there any valid reason why we won’t. Ruhi says I have a thought, I have additional voucher, I will sit on any table close to. Ishita says we got twofold astound. Ruhi thinks there will be another astonishment for you there, it will be stun.

Raman says why did Shravan get this blessing, Ruhi got thought seeing him, now we need to act to indicate Ruhi, we need to snicker and move. Ishita requests that he wear blue shirt, coordinating garments look sentimental. He says I m not intrigued to go, I m powerless. She says even I m defenseless, I will do everything workable for my girl. They say its only for Ruhi. Yeh hai mohabbatein… … ..plays… … ..
Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that Raman can fight with Ishita on date. Shagun hears them. Simmi says if Ishita wears anything s*xy, Raman will be speechless. Mrs. Bhalla laughs. They see Shagun. Simmi says I did not mean that Shagun, I m sorry. Shagun goes. Adi looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says I feel bad for Shagun, but I also want Raman and Ishita to unite for Ruhi, everything gets like before. Shagun cries and says Raman did not think about me, he did not ask me once. She says I did so much for this house, Raman was marrying me and now this happened, why. Adi comes and says I want to spend time with you. She says go with your friends, please, I don’t want to go.

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He says lets play a game and insists. He says whatever word I say, whatever word you get in mind you say. They play the game. He says Raman…. She says Ishita. He looks at her. He says like sun and moon, day and night, heart and heartbeat, Raman and Ishita are also like that, if you know this, why don’t you accept. She asks him to just leave. He says I know you will be anger, when you realize, you will feel I was saying right. He goes. Shagun says my son is also influenced by Ishita.

Raman and Ishita reach the hotel and see many couples. He says did people stop cooking food at home, everyone is here. She says its weekend, come. Manager asks them to wait. Raman says we have reservation, check. Manager says you have to wait for one hour. Raman says I can’t. she says we have to show Ruhi that we are compatible. He says now kids will decide. She says court gave this right to her, we have to do this for her. Raman says fine. A table gets vacated and call for Agarwals is made. Raman says strange they are not here.

Ishita says we are Mr and Mrs. Agarwals. Raman asks what will we do when they come. She says we will finish dinner soon and leave, come. He says I can’t. She takes him. They see Ruhi with judge. She says its good we came here, act normally, we will hold hands. They greet Ruhi and judge. They sit on adjacent table and act sweet to show Ruhi. Ishita says I will get some soup and goes. Ruhi also goes there. Ishita thanks Ruhi for arranging a date for Raman and her. Ruhi asks seriously, how can you be such dramatic, your truth will come out, so I called judge mam, Papa can’t bear you for more time and your drama will end, lets see. Ishita gets sad.

Judge asks Ishita not to lose courage, don’t turn to my side, just listen to me. They go away and talk. Judge says I know Ruhi has turned negative by staying with Niddhi, she gave you this chance, she called me here, everything will be fine with patience and belief, I know there can’t be better mum than you for Ruhi, you and Raman don’t do any mistake, else I can’t take your side. Ishita thanks her. She says if we do any mistake, we will lose this chance.

Amma stops Shagun and asks her not to go to see Raman and Ishita, I m like your Amma, I request you, I can understand whats going on in your heart, Ishita held Raman’s heart and said she will go with him, I have seen your face and expressions, you felt bad and angry, but Ishita did not have anything in her heart, she came back at that time when you and Raman were getting married, she did not come to break your house, she is just here for Ruhi, we know Ruhi’s comeback is imp, don’t think Ishu will snatch Raman from you, believe Ishu.

Ishita tells Raman that judge met her. Two goons come there and ask them are they Mr and Mrs. Agarwal. Ishita and Raman say yes. The goons sit there. Raman says its our table. The goon asks them not to move, else he will shoot, and shows the gun. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

The goon asks for money, else he will shoot them. Raman asks whats this way to ask for charity, we are not Agarwals. The goon says you just said, don’t lie now, we know you gamble. Ishita asks when did you start gambling. Raman says stop it, are you mad to think this. The goon says don’t act clever, the amount is big, 50 crores. Ishita says you are mistaken, he is afraid to take small loan, he can’t do this. The goon asks Raman to come with them, else your wife is gone. Raman asks him to take Ishita along, I will give 50 crores, I m bearing her. Ishita signs Raman about Ruhi. Raman says I love her a lot, she is my life, we both will go together. Ruhi and judge looks on. The goon says its not picnic, come with us silently. Raman and Ishita go with them. Ruhi thinks where did Raman and Ishita go, who are those men……..

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