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Vishkanya 4 July 2016 Written Episode

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Appu to get killed Vishkanya latest news
Vishkanya 4 July 2016 Written Episode

Madan serves liquor to Apu. She swallows liquor in one go. Malay indignantly goes to his room and dozes. He awakens at midnight and sees Vardaan still hasnot came back from gathering. He calls her, yet her telephone is exchanged off. He inquires as to whether he saw his better half who has long hair and wearing dark dress. Staff says no, gathering completed long back.

Madan gets twofold vision in the wake of drinking liquor and tells Apu i can see 2 Munni. Apu thinks back blending drug in his beverages. She tries to fall on her, she keeps running into restroom. He enters washroom and sees her in shower tub. He opens her cloak and sees a doll rather and falls into bat tub. Apu standing aside expels her neem/tulsi beed jewelry and demonstrates her blue skin and says she is Vishkanya. He is stunned. She gives him electric stun

what’s more, leaves deduction Mamaji will be under electric stun for 12 hours, she ought to check Vardaan and Malay.

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Malay sees Vardaan sitting under downpour. He chastens in the event that she has lost her brain and requests that come in. She says she won’t, he treats her so gravely and does not regard her inclination, she is a human with feelings and not robot. Malay stands in a stun. She falls unconsciouson his shoulder. He surges her to room. Apu watches him taking Vardaan in and locking entryway from inside. She peeps by means of key gap and sees Malay expelling Vardaan’s garments and afterward his garments and laying down with her to give her body heat. She feels smashed and supposes this cannnot happen. She is going to thump entryway when lodging staff comes holding covers. She asks which is room #304. He says it is upstairs and she inquires as to why these covers. He says this current room’s visitor is sick in the wake of splashing in downpour, so requested covers. She strolls thinking Malay is simply helping Vardaan, however Vardaan is guilty party, she probably doused in downpour intentionally to stand out enough to be noticed.

Malay changes Vardaan’s garments and dorns covers on her. She stills shudders. He spoils her taking a gander at her face. She nods off. He supposes what is transpiring, why is he taking a gander at her like this.

Apu about-faces to Madan’s room, sees him oblivious and tied and says he should he petitioning God for his demise, yet for he egregious acts he did, she will execute him gradually. Till then, she will see what Malay is doing………

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