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Vishkanya 23 June 2016 Written Episode

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Apu rise after being dead Zee TV Vishkanya
Vishkanya 23 June 2016 Written Episode

Malay reprimands Vardaan for alarming Apu and attempting to check in the event that she is at home or not. He aasks her to save Apu. Vardaan tries to talk and holds his hand, yet he takes off. She supposes what Apu needs.

Nigam takes a gander at his won lottery cash insatiably and supposes he will win more cash now. Vardaan asks shivji to make her and Malay’s science like shivji and paravati maa, she will make immaculate ghee prasad for him. Apu additionally asks god that she knows she is on the way of obliteration, however she is on side of truth. Vardaan adorns sanctuary. Malay cruises by, sees her and leaves without talking. Abhi sees that and says Malay is still furious, recommends her to get ready kheer in prasad and serve Malay, however ensure she doesn’t include salt this time.

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Apu brings desserts and says she brought for prasad and insults she doesn’t need visitors to eat salty prasad. Vardaan says she knows her arrangement and knew she was not in her room yesterday, she doesn’t need her here, so she ought to go from here, she ought not associate with her better half. Apu says she deceived and wedded her affection and now needs her to leave from Malay, on the off chance that she needs to come here, no one can prevent her from organization. Vardaan provokes her that today is spouse’s capacity and she won’t give Apu a chance to draw close to Malay today. Apu exits raging….
Apu goes to her room and angrily reminisces Vardaan’s words that she will not let her near Malay. Nigam calls her and says he wants to invest more in lottery. She suggests to buy all lottries to win price alone. He asks why she is favoring him. She says she needs 10% share. He says he will call back and thinks she is greedy.

Malay checks his clothes in cupboard thinking what to wear. Vardaan from behind waits for him to look at her sorry message. He sees sorry note and fumes. He then sees it on mirror and walks out angrily. She gets sad that he did not even notice her.

Teej pooja function starts at Mittal house. Neighboring ladies start coming. Pandit does pooja and says all ladies to pray god for their husband’s long life. Vardaan serves prasad to everyone and hands over a sorry note to Malay. Malay reads it and smiles. Kumkum says funciton is looking very boring and there should be some entertainment. Nandita asks Vardaan to dance, but she says she does not know to dance. They see a lady dancing and when she turns, they are all shocked to see Apu……..

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