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Vishkanya 12 May 2016 Written Episode

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Vishkanya Aishwarya Khare lead actress Zee TV’s
Vishkanya 12 May 2016 Written Episode

Vishal opens entryway and departures from Kalpana’s home. Apu tails him. He runs seeing her arguing to extra him. She thinks back Kalpana’s words that Vishal attempted to slaughter Didi bhai and is meandering uninhibitedly. She says she won’t excuse him. Kalpana additionally comes. He keeps running with awesome trouble. Apu gets him. Entryway ringer rings and Nandita with Kumkum thumps entryway. Kalpana gets tensed thinking what is she doing here. She gives Apu’s neem tulsi beed. Vishal tries to run towards entryway and yell, however can’t. Apu inquires as to whether he won’t welcome his sister. She says individuals adore their life, however couldn’t care less about other’s lives.

Malay calls Abhi and tells his auto separated and when he went to bring workman, Apu got missing. He requests that Abhi go and check at Apu’s home.

Kumkum remarks what Kalpana is doing that she is not opening entryway. Kalpana opens entryway and says she was occupied in kitchen. Nandita asks where is Vishal, he came here. Kalpana says he had come and went as of now. Malay had brought him and took back, he is extremely bright. Apu pins Malay inside room and asks by what method will he go and informm Nandita. She inquires as to whether he knows who viskanya is, she is brimming with toxic substance. He bit her and her toxic substance went into his body, now it will spread in his entire body and gradually he will reach is end. He has just 2 courses, either to advise truth to his jiji/sister or break from indirect access. He keeps running from secondary passage. She says great decision mamaji.

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Nandita asks Kalpana why did not Vishal return home yet. Kalpana says she insisted him to have lunch, but he did not stop. Abhi comes and asks where is Apu. Kalpana says she went to temple with Malay. He says she is missing. Kalpana acts as getting worried and says she will call Malay. Nandita calls Vishal and sayshe is not picking call. Kalpana calls Malay and if he checked temple, Apu must have gone to temple. He says he will check. Nandita asks what is happening, both Vishal and Apu are missing.

Malay walks towards temple calling Apu. Vishal runs in jungle and finds Malay’s car. He falls down near car and breaks his hand. Apu looks silently. Malay calls Apu loudly. Vishal tries to speak, but cannot. Apu gets worried, what if Malay sees Vishal. Malay leaves in car. Vishal smears blood on car’s tyre. Vishal throws stone. Malay stops car and reverses his car. Apu gets worried.

Nandita goes back home and tells Kumkum and Rasik that Vishal never ignored her call. Kumkum says booth badi is very dangerous. Rasik says Vishal is moody and must have left in train somewhere. Nandita says he cannotgo as she called him. Kalpana comes and asks if they got news of Apu. Kumkum says Abhi went to find out.

Apu reaches Malay before Vishal. Malay asks if she is fine. She says 2 goons tried to trouble her and she ran into jungle. She threw stone on his car to stop him, goons are still searching her. He angrily asks where did goons go. She shows opposite direction. He asks her to sit in car, he will show goons what mistake they did. He runs into opposite direction. Apu looks at Vishal.

Abhi comes back and says Malay called and informed that Apu is found. Nandita asks what about Vishal. Abhi says no. Nandita says she will inform police. Rasik says they shouldwait. Kalpana saysRsaik is telling right, they should wait. Nandita gets message. Kalpana asks whose message is it. Kumkum asks why she wants to know. Kalpana says they are going to be related. She reads Vishal’s message that he is leaving due to emergency and will meet again if life permits………….

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