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Vishkanya 11 April 2016 Written Episode

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Vishkanya Zee Tv Serial Story Promo
Vishkanya 11 April 2016 Written Episode

The scene begins with Kumkum beating Apu with wooden pole behind window ornament supposing her as creature. Apu close her mouth and cries unbearing torment. Kalpana supposes she needs to accomplish something and drops vase on inverse side. Everybody run towards corridor. Kalpana goes to Apu and takes her from that point. All visitors run towards corridor and see broken vase. Some talk about that creature got away from here when they were occupied other side. Kalpana takes Apu from home and quits seeing security watchman and driver.

Security protect asks driver how is Vikrant. Driver says his condition is basic. Kalpana to occupy their consideration asks how is the man and shows concern, asks in which hospitla he is. Driver clarifies address. Apu passes noiselessly from behind. Kalpana leaves without listening doctor’s facility’s name. Driver says she is odd. Monitor says that is the reason they call her crazy.

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Kumkum says creature is defiitely behind window ornament and beats with wooden bar once more. Rasik yells in agony and turns out. She asks what was he doing behind drape. He says he was checking if creature was there or not.

Kalpana takes Apu home and requests that her go and have neem tulsi water shower. Apu strolls towards washroom. Tapur descends hectically visiting on portable. Kalpana gets tensed that she will see Apu. She goes by without seeing Apu.

Kumkum says she is certain Kalpana and her little girl more likely than not accomplished something, they demolished entire gathering with dramatization. Rasik says Kalpana can’t do anything. Kumkum reprimands him. Nandita requests that they quit battling and understands Kalpana’s words.

Tapur shouts at Kalpana that she generally overlooked her for Apu and sent her to inn since chilhood and dealt with Apu as it were. Kalpana says she sent her to inn as Apu was sick. Tapur says she ought to have sent Apu out. Naani comes and inquires as to why are they yelling. They both request that her ask each other. Apu holes up behind entryway in store room. Tapur asks who is inside and locks entryway. Apu strolls towards pantry and stretches out hand to open entryway. Kalpana enters and gets tensed seeing that and believes cabinet’s mystery will be out……….

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