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Veerappan loud and boring

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Veerappan loud and boring

Cast: Sandeep Bharadwaj, Sachiin Joshi, Usha Jadhav, Lisa Ray

Rating: 1.5/5
There was a period, when our police power arranged a few operations to murder the ‘most-needed’ dacoit, Veerappan.

Ram Gopal Varma (RGV’s) late discharge depends on this specific scene of his life.

The film begins with Voltaire’s well known quote ‘A general public gets the criminal it merits’, trailed by Veerappan (Sandeep Bharadwaj) and his group assaulting a central officer at the police monitor post. This miracles the police team, who strike back by assaulting his “sanctum” and taking his significant other, Muthulaksmi (Usha Jadhav) into care.

To bait Veerappan out of the wilderness, the power plots a mission, by discharging Muthulakshmi. They approach Shriya (Lisa Ray), spouse of the killed police offer, and look for her succeed in the mission.

As arranged, she gives Muthulakshmi a chance to stay in her home, wins her trust and gets critical data. Before long, this mission too falls level and from this minute on, the retaliation show picks pace… Right from the earliest starting point of the second a large portion of, the plot gets muddled and overdramatic….
The operation continues and dominates the rest of the film. The brain behind the plot, Sachiin Joshi and task force try hard to get hold of the dacoit, and one fine day… their plan works out, leading to Veerappan’s demise. What happened on and before October 18, 2004 is well known, but RGV fails to add flair and magic in this drama, which doesn’t make the movie gripping enough to watch. Instead of throwing light on Veerappan’s past, RGV’s story safely shows only the final encounter.

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There is just one instance in the movie where the makers talk about the ransom and Veerappan’s monetary loss involved in Kannada superstar, Dr Rajkumar’s kidnapping.

Furthermore, we fail to understand why RGV has not added any South Indian element to the drama, which predominantly revolves around Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Nevertheless, the script is poor and rambling and the dialogues fail to make an impression.

Talking about the cast, the onscreen couple, Veerappan and Muthulakshmi (Sandeep Bharadwaj and Usha Jadhav) are the only characters who constantly try to hold our attention.

Lisa Ray thoroughly fails as the spy. Her expressions are not in place and the poor lip sync and dubbing make it difficult to watch her. Sachiin Joshi, despite his efforts through smoke rings, camera glances and many other tactics, doesn’t do justice to the role either.

The movie is full of loud and unbearable music by John Stewart Eduri. Some scenes in the movie, thankfully, have interesting visuals, but the makers ensure that the attention is interrupted by the only song in the film.

Overall, this 126-minute film is full of flaws, which makes it a boring affair. This movie was expected to give a glimpse of RGV’s old charm, but unfortunately fails to do so.

In short, we would suggest you all to save money. Give this movie a pass and spend the weekend doing other things………

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