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Udaan 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Udaan 5 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Chakor requesting that Vivaan tune in. Vivaan says I will tune in, first let me destroy my fantasy royal residence. He ruins the room enrichments and says I needn’t bother with any fantasies, I don’t need anything. Ranjana says on the off chance that I say truth to Vivaan, there is no reason to worry, I need to spare Chakor from Suraj, she is Vivaan’s joy and he ought to get Chakor. Vivaan requests that Chakor tell now. Chakor cries and says I told everything, nobody trusts me. He requests that her go to her better half Suraj, its her wedding night, get out. She requests that he tune in. Vivaan shows her out and close the entryway. Chakor cries.

Ranjana comes there and embraces Vivaan. He cries and advises her how Chakor conned him. Ranjana says no, I will say what happened, this is not valid. Suraj comes and requests that whats there say now, Chakor is my better half

presently. Vivaan goes. Suraj asks Ranjana what truth does she know. Ranjana says you and Tejaswini played diversion with me and tricked me, I will say this truth to Vivaan. Suraj says beyond any doubt, I have a truth as well, you executed Vivaan’s dad Manohar to get this force in your grasp. She gets stunned. He coerces her and requests that her be peaceful. She cries reviewing her oversight, and thinks to conceal her error by staying silent.

She apologizes to Vivaan and says I can’t lose you once more. Vivaan goes to smolder Chakor’s drawing. Chakor goes to Imli and requests that her hear her out once. Imli cries holding her tummy and converses with her child. She says you are exceptionally unfortunate, I lost. Imli asks Chakor for what good reason did you do this with me. Chakor goes and sees Vivaan in the mandap. Vivaan reviews Chakor. She requests that Vivaan stop and not do this. Vivaan tears the drawing reviewing Suraj’s words and blazes the drawing. Chakor hurries to him and cries. She requests that he tune in, she generally adored him. She yells I cherish you Vivaan. He goes. Tejaswini chides her and says you are senior bahu of this house, you don’t have regard, however think about the workers, on the off chance that they see you admitting love for Vivaan, what will they think, go and do this dramatization in room, I won’t abandon you in the event that you cross cutoff points once more. She takes Chakor to Suraj’s room.

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Vivaan comes to Imli and gives her water. He requests that her rest, she perhaps drained. She says no, I won’t get rest now. She cries. He gives her a handkerchief to wipe her tears. She says don’t have the foggiest idea, what all I told Chakor. Vivaan reviews Chakor’s words and says yes, I likewise offended Chakor a great deal, it was enormous stun that I didn’t comprehend anything, I didn’t hear her out, what do you think, Chakor can’t do this. Imli says yes, Chakor can’t do this, Chakor dependably talked terrible about Suraj, she detests him, by what method would she be able to wed Suraj, no……
He says don’t know what happened and how, but the truth is Chakor is Suraj’s wife now, and we both got tied too. He says I got mad and burnt that painting, I got angry seeing Chakor and Suraj together. Imli says its because of me, Chakor did this to get my rights, I have misunderstood her. Vivaan says Chakor was doing this so that your baby gets Suraj’s name, we did big mistake to doubt on Chakor. She asks what will we do now. He says don’t know, my mind is not working. He goes. Imli sits crying. Chakor stops seeing Vivaan’s room. Tejaswini drags her to Suraj. She gives the badam kesar milk glass to Chakor and asks her to make her husband drink this. She stops Chakor and says this is your room now. Suraj smiles seeing Chakor.

Tejaswini leaves and shuts the door. Suraj asks Chakor to come, she is his wife now, if you make me drink this milk by your hands, I will find it sweet. She shouts you are not my husband. He says I married you infront of everyone, now your wish turned true, if you gave me any sign, I would have married you before. She says its lie, I did not wish you to come in my life. He says there is no one now, don’t lie, you did this swapping so that we can marry. She cries and says I think you did all this. He says why will I, I had Tina and her dad’s money, you did all this, naughty girl, because you wanted me to marry Imli, but this could not happen. She says my plan would have succeeded, Imli and her baby would have got their rights. He says but it did not succeed, your, Imli and Vivaan’s lives got ruined.

He says you look good to me, Chakor has lost, a national champion, Aazaadgunj’s angel, people’s hope, you made bandhuas get freed, but you became my bandhua, tell me how will you get free of this marriage bond, tell me Mrs. Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi. He laughs…….

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