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Udaan 4 May 2016 Written Episode

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Udaan 4 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Vivaan telling about the triple benefits. Suraj gets irate and reproves Vivaan. Vivaan contends and says I comprehended I ought to bolster family. Bhaiya ji asks him did Chakor reject you, that you returned to us. Vivaan says I realize what is great and gainful for me. Bhaiya ji chuckles and embraces Vivaan. Suraj asks in what manner would you be able to trust Vivaan so soon. Bhaiya ji requests that Suraj watch out for Vivaan, bolster each other and afterward perceive how capable I get to be. He goes. Ranjana grins. Suraj and Tejaswini indignantly take off.

Rathod trains the young ladies. Chakor comes there and evacuates her shoes. She goes to rehearse. Rathod goes to her. She says you know I made new record around evening time. He says I m beyond any doubt you would make records, however you need to confront new test, we got letter from games power, that marathon members need to wear legitimate apparatus, it implies appropriate garments and shoes. She gets stunned.

Imli makes specialists burrow the dirt. She sits tight for Suraj and asks hireling. Suraj comes there. She grins and thinks Suraj has come to apologize to me for his conduct. Suraj gets roses and calls Imli to him. She races to him. He asks how are these blossoms. She says extremely delightful, I know why you got blossoms, young ladies like blooms. Chagan looks on.

Suraj says I want to give these flowers to Tina, I wish she hugs me. Imli gets sad. Chagan gets angry on Suraj. Suraj asks Imli to make a bouquet of these flowers. She says I have much work. He asks will you not do my work. He laughs and says now I understand, you thought I got these flowers for you, foolish, don’t dream this, it won’t happen, make a bouquet, hurry up. He leaves. Imli cries.

Chakor says I just ran barefoot since childhood, I can’t run with shoes, I did not wear shoes in any marathon. Rathod says these are new rules, you have to obey this. Tina smiles. Chakor says I will request them that I can’t wear shoes. Rathod says we don’t have time, if they refuse then what, I advice you to wear shoes and practice. Tina recalls how she called her dad and took his help. She thanks her dad. Kusum asks will Chakor lose. Tina says just see, she will lose after wearing shoes and running. Chakor worries.

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Imli sits making the rose bouquets. Chagan comes there and gets worried seeing her hand hurt by the thorn. She asks him not to worry for her, she can bear more pain. He says yes. Suraj pays you to bear pain. She asks him to go. He says I have heart and can’t see anyone’s pain, I m not like Suraj, who hurts others. She says I know everything. He says yes, you don’t know difference between true and false love. She says I know Tina will reject Suraj, I have to be with Suraj, when his heart breaks, maybe he will value me then. He says fine, I m going, but I will take this thorn with me as a gift from your side. She asks him to take a rose. He says no need, rose dries and thorn doesn’t.

Vivaan talks to workers and asks them to save money in transport. Suraj claps and taunts him that drug addict is business tycoon, is this your smartness or planning. He says I will do that Bhaiya ji tells me. Suraj says he asked me to keep an eye on you, I have to know how did cat turn into a tiger. Vivaan answers back. Tina comes there. Imli gives bouquet to Suraj and hides seeing Tina. Suraj greets Tina. Tina smiles and walks past him, to go to Vivaan. Suraj gets shocked and angry. Imli smiles. Vivaan asks Tina what are you doing here. Tina says I came to meet you, and take you. He says I have work. She says you can do work later, I regard you friend, show me Aazaadgunj, I heard there is beautiful jungle. He says I can’t come. She says I know Chakor broke your heart, I did not come to sympathize, I had free time and I have no friends except you, so I thought…. Just entertain me for three hours and drop me back to camp. Vivaan agrees and says I will do a friend’s duty. She thanks and hugs him. Suraj fumes. Tina and Vivaan leave. Imli smiles.

Chakor sees Vivaan and says I will tell him that they are making me run with shoes. She wears shoes and gets up to meet him. She gets shocked seeing Tina. Tina smiles and thanks Vivaan. She says you are a nice guy, I had fun with you. He says even I felt good being with you. Tina kisses on his cheek and they smile. Chakor looks on. Tina makes Chakor jealous…………

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