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Udaan 24 June 2016 Written Episode

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Udaan 24 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins Chakor coming to haveli for her mehendi and sangeet. Imli tells Chakor that Kasturi and Bhuvan did not imagine that your marriage will be done as such stupendous. Chakor says my life will be spent in this haveli, I m upbeat to get Vivaan, yet I m terrified as well, its great you will be with you, this sangeet and mehendi is yours as well, you will likewise wear marriage wear and sit in mandap. Imli says yes, I m getting more than I suspected.

She takes Chakor. Vivaan grins seeing Chakor. Vivaan compliments Chakor. Chakor asks are you not afraid to say this infront of Imli. He says I got lost seeing you and did not see Imli. They grin. Imli says I will shroud Vivaan’s shoes that he won’t discover. Suraj’s companion sees Imli and says she looks beautiful. Tina comes there. Suraj’s companion requests that Suraj not see Imli, and look there, your lady of the hour is coming.

Suraj goes to Tina and compliments her. Imli looks on. the women acclaim Chakor and Tina’s excellence. Chakor signs Vivaan. Vivaan calls Suraj and requests that Suraj see Imli, even she is resembling a lady of the hour, let me know whether there is any person reasonable for her. Suraj says why will I discover, she will get herself. Kasturi says we will begin mehendi capacity.

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Kasturi applies mehendi to Chakor, and Tejaswini applies mehendi to Tina. Ranjana requests that Kasturi begin sangeet custom by moving. Kasturi gets modest. Chakor requests that Kasturi and Bhuvan move. They move on Shahnai… … plays… … .. Chakor requests that Imli get some water. Ranjana hits the dance floor with Kasturi. Suraj converses with Imli, and expresses gratitude toward her for sparing his life. He gives her trimmings as prize. She says I don’t need any prize, its my obligation to spare you. He requests that her comply with his order and keep it.

Tejaswini sees them. Imli takes the toe ring/adornments, and thinks what does Suraj find in this poor person, she is after my child, he is gifting her rather Tina. Kasturi requests that Chakor and Vivaan move now. Ranjana says yes, you both ought to move. They all applaud. Chakor and Vivaan move on the tune Bolna mahi bolna… … .. Everybody applaud.

Suraj calls Deva. Deva says I laid the trap, now I have chase. Suraj requests that him not do botch. He says its awesome day, Bhaiya ji is biting the dust and Tina is coming in my life. Tejaswini insults Imli on her status. Imli gets pitiful. Tejaswini requests that her not have any trust, wed any bandhua, you can simply serve Suraj. Suraj says in the event that all of you are speculation Vivaan and Chakor’s Jodi is ideal, you are mixed up, you didn’t see Suraj and Tina’s Jodi. Suraj requests that Tina come, we will demonstrate to them what we can do together. Chakor requests that Imli not stress, its simply your entitlement to hit the dance floor with Suraj, you will get that privilege. Imli asks truly. Chakor says yes, I can do this. Suraj requests that everybody choose who is best Jodi, lets keep an opposition. Chakor acknowledges his test….
Deva goes to Bhaiya ji while everyone is having food in jail mess. Suraj and Tina, Chakor and Vivaan dance on jhoomk barabar jhoom…….the prisoners fight and make noise. Constable gives a knife to Deva. Deva goes to Bhaiya ji and says your son has sent a gift for you. He stabs Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets shocked seeing his blood and falls down……..

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