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Udaan 22 June 2016 Written Episode

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Udaan 22 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Imli reviewing how Suraj spared her. She says why did he hazard his life, he doesn’t love me. Chakor says I think Suraj did not understand his sentiments. Vivaan asks what are you saying, Suraj can spare Imli’s life however can’t wed her. Chakor says you have seen what Suraj did, he doesn’t love Tina, he is wedding her for the avarice of cash. Raichand congratulations somebody and says individuals say little girl resemble Laxmi, I don’t care for little girls are candidly feeble and can do anything in the event that we shed some tears. Tina hears her father and cries. She gets Chakor’s message and says I m coming.

Tina and Imli meet. Tina says Chakor called me here, I didn’t come to meet you. Imli says Chakor called me as well, perhaps there is some misconception. Tina apologizes to her for that day, and says you likewise acted awful, you offended me. Imli likewise apologized. Vivaan comes and sees them. He inquires as to why did Chakor call me here. Chakor comes and says I called all of you, as I found an answer for our issues, Tina does not have any desire to wed Suraj, Imli is prepared to pass on to get Suraj. Tina says I would prefer not to see Suraj’s face, yet my father is not tuning in, he worked together manage Suraj. Chakor says if your father does not know anything then. Tina asks what do you mean. Vivaan requests that Chakor advise her arrangement. Chakor says Suraj is wedding same day when we are getting hitched, Tina won’t be Suraj’s lady of the hour, Imli will be his lady of the hour, we will swap the ladies. They all get stunned…..
Tejaswini is with Suraj and can’t believe that Bhaiya ji tried to kill him, thank Lord that bullet just touched you, he maybe annoyed with you, go and apologize to him, how did he get money to give goons. Suraj says you could not understand him till now, he is my enemy now, he lost once, it does not mean he won’t attack me, nothing will happen if I apologize, he is playing game with us, its our turn to play now.

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Vivaan says you thought this plan, stop dreaming, I will drop you home. Tina says Chakor’s plan is not bad. Vivaan says you said your dad will get you married to Suraj. Tina says yes, but I don’t want to get married, this is one way by which I can get free from Suraj. Chakor tells them the plan, and sees Tina and Imli’s height and personality being similar. She says Imli will wear same bridal dress as Tina and will have long ghunghat, no one will doubt on the bride. Imli asks where will Tina go. Chakor says I will make Tina run away from haveli. Vivaan says this is a big risk, this can ruin Imli’s future. Chakor says I m also scared, but this is the only way to fulfill Tina and Imli’s dreams, I know Suraj behaved bad with Imli, but I think he loves Imli, I think Imli’s love will win his heart. Imli says I trust my sister, I will do whatever my sister asks me to do. Udaan hai…………….plays……….. Vivaan says I also trust Chakor, I will do what she says. They all join hands and smile.

Its morning, Chakor’s haldi ceremony is going on. Kasturi asks Imli to apply haldi to Chakor. The lady compliments Imli and asks Kasturi to get Imli married to some guy. Kasturi asks Imli to apply haldi well to Chakor, so that she glows. Everyone dance. Chakor asks Imli what are you thinking. Imli says I m thinking about my haldi, which would never happen. She gets up to apply haldi to Chakor and gets vomit. Kasturi and all the ladies look on. Kasturi asks Imli the reason for her vomits. Chakor and Imli lie and try to cover up. Kasturi checks Imli’s hand and asks why did you have swelling in your hands, show me your eyes. Chakor worries.

Chakor diverts Kasturi and sends her. Imli apologizes to Chakor as she had to lie to Kasturi, but shall we tell Kasturi and Bhuvan. Chakor says no, are you mad, they will die by shame, we have to hide this, once you get married, they will get angry and forgive you, stay smiling like before. Imli applies haldi to Chakor. Chakor wishes it was Imli’s haldi along with her today. Vivaan and Suraj’s haldi is also done. Ranjana applies haldi to Vivaan.

Tejaswini applies haldi to Sutaj. Ranjana says Tejaswini is imitating me. Vivaan asks Tejaswini to apply haldi to him and smiles. Ranjana asks why are you calling her. Vivaan says outsiders should not know house fights. Suraj signs yes to Tejaswini. Tejaswini goes to Vivaan and says I know my son Vivaan can’t do any auspicious work without me. Tejaswini drops the haldi and does abshagun. Ranjana says I knew you will do this, I will apply haldi to Suraj. Vivaan hides some haldi. Ranjana too drops the haldi and does abshagun for Suraj. She says sorry Tejaswini. They argue. Suraj asks them to stop it, no need to do this infront of guests.

Imli and Vivaan take Imli away from home, and surprise her by applying her haldi. Imli laughs and plays with Chakor. They hug……..

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