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Udaan 17 May 2016 Written Episode

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Udaan 17 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Chakor grinning and reviewing Vivaan. Tina goes to her and asks is she cheerful that she has run better. She asks her for what reason is she squandering time when she won’t win. Chakor says the reality of the situation will become obvious eventually that. Tina advises her that Vivaan came to meet her and talked so sweet, I m content with him, he is exquisite. Chakor says I m additionally glad, and Vivaan is to be sure sweet. She goes. Tina says my words did not influence her. Chakor thinks how to tell Tina that Vivaan is another person’s, Tina’s heart will break.

Vivaan reviews Chakor and grins. The mango juice streams out of processor. Ranjana comes there and asks him what’s going on with you, this is not your work, let me know, I will make juice. He says no, its fine, I will drink this. She says I know whatever Tejaswini did with you, you don’t eat anything made by anybody, yet I m your genuine mother, mother dependably needs useful for youngsters. He says sorry, I lost trust on mother word. Girja tells Vivaan that Bhaiya ji is calling him. Vivaan and Ranjana clear out. Tejaswini goes to kitchen and includes the medications in the mango juice. She takes off.

Somebody goes to lavatory and puts cleanser foam on the floor to make Chakor fall. Vivaan drinks the juice and finds the suggest a flavor like medications. He gets stunned and says drugs… . He goes to toss and quits saying no, this is excessive, I can’t squander this. Chakor leaves restroom and tumbles down. She gets a leg sprain. She cries in torment. The young ladies come there and get stressed seeing Chakor. Tripti asks Chakor how could you have been able to you fall, I think Tina did this. Rathod comes and asks what happened Chakor. Tina and her companions come. Tripti says somebody has put cleanser water outside washroom, so Chakor fell. Rathod asks who did this. Tripti says possibly Tina.

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Tina says why will we make Chakor fall, we did not do anything. Chakor also doubts on Tina. Tina asks Chakor not to blame her. Rathod says silence Tina, everyone has doubt on you, say truth. Tina says I swear, we did not do anything, if anyone have proof, they can see. Rathod says fine, the day I get proof against you, you won’t be seen in this camp. Kusum says I was with Tina all day. Chakor says leave it, I will be fine, they will never stop playing tricks. Rathod asks Chakor to take rest.

Tejaswini says Vivaan will be like before after taking that drugs, he will become my puppet. Vivaan comes acting as if he is drugged and hugs Tejaswini saying he missed her a lot. She says I m very happy seeing you like this. Vivaan asks really and starts laughing. He says nothing happened to me, come with me. She says I will make juice for you. He says you make it later, come with me, I have to show you something. He asks her to see the juice glass in Suraj’s hands.

Tejaswini gets shocked and asks Suraj not to drink that juice. Vivaan says cheers….. Suraj says cheers… and drinks the juice. Tejaswini scolds Vivaan. Vivaan says you don’t know how much it hurts to leave addiction, you think I will leave you easily. She asks did you do this with my son, its bad thing. He says if its good for me, how can it be bad for Suraj. Suraj holds his head and gets dizzy after having the juice. Vivaan smiles.

Suraj starts laughing and talks to Imli. She asks what are you saying. He says world is beautiful, this is time to dance. Tejaswini gets worried. Suraj asks servant to play music for him. Chakor comes for practice. Rathod says you are not able to walk, how will you run. Chakor says I have to run, I made my timing better, now if I sit to rest, I will sit forever. They get shocked. Rathod says great Chakor, a sportsman should have such spirit and passion, come. Chakor walks with support. Dheere dheere…………yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays………….. she wears her shoes and starts running slowly. She gets more hurt and falls down. Rathod asks her to rest, she can’t run. Tina passes taunts. Rathod asks Chakor not to care for Tina’s words, you need rest. She says its registration tomorrow, how can I rest. He asks her to decide and tell him. Tina smiles and waves bye to Chakor…….

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