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Udaan 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Udaan 1 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Kasturi seeing the marriage dress and thinking something is wrong, Chakor did not wear this dress. Ranjana makes Imli with Vivaan and supposes she made Chakor sit with Vivaan. Kasturi gets some information about Chakor’s ghagra, who transformed it. Ranjana says I transformed it. Kasturi inquires as to why, did it miss the mark. Ranjana says yes, it was issue of all shapes and sizes, I made everything fine. She grins and sees Tejaswini. Pandit requests that they get second bahu. Tejaswini goes. Ranjana thinks if fizzled Suraj’s arrangement.

Tejaswini gets Chakor and makes her sit with Suraj. Ranjana goes to see the lady of the hour. Tejaswini prevents her from doing abshagun. Ranjana says I will tell everybody this is Imli. Tejaswini says I will tell Raichand that your child and bahu made Tina flee, he will shoot you. Ranjana

asks by what method would you be able to give Suraj a chance to wed Imli. Tejaswini asks might I make individuals giggle on Suraj then. Suraj grins seeing Tejaswini. FB indicates Suraj requesting that Tejaswini get Chakor to his mandap. Tejaswini asks are you distraught, how might this swapping happen in conclusive time. He says Ranjana was listening to us, we won’t do anything, she will make Imli sit in Vivaan’s mandap, Chakor will sit in my mandap.

Tejaswini asks will you wed Chakor, and leave the rich young lady Tina. Suraj says Tina is gone. Tejaswini says don’t wed Chakor, you will show signs of improvement. He says I needed Tina’s lavishness, Chakor can likewise get cash, work, name and notoriety for us, since she is not bandhua now, she is popular big name, she is national marathon champ, individuals laud her a considerable measure, she is a great deal more than Tina, she swindled us, she will get rebuffed for bamboozling us. He says we will get regard when I wed Chakor. Tejaswini says you will wed her, you don’t love her.

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He says I can love any young lady, I m wedding Chakor to rebuff her each minute, not to give her a glad wedded life. She says extraordinary. FB closes. Ranjana offers sindoor to pandit ji. Imli grins and supposes I couldn’t see Suraj in man of the hour’s setup in light of my ghunghat and his sehra, its matter of some time, then I won’t give Suraj a chance to make tracks in an opposite direction from my eyes, Chakor is extraordinary…..
Chakor gives her hand in Suraj’s hand and thinks Vivaan’s touch looks different, maybe because it’s a husband’s touch now, not of a friend. She wishes Imli and she get a good life. The couples exchange the varmala. Tejaswini does the ghatbandhan. The pandit asks the couples to take the rounds. Both the couples take the rounds. Everyone shower flowers. Pandit gives them mangalsutra and sindoor. All the rituals get done. Vivaan makes Imli wear mangalsutra, while Suraj makes Chakor wear mangalsutra. Suraj smiles. Bhuvan asks Kasturi why is she worried. Kasturi says nothing. Ranjana thinks how did Tejaswini get Suraj marry Imli. Pandit gives sindoor and asks grooms to fill the brides’ maang. Everyone clap as all marriage rituals get completed.

Pandit asks the couples to take Lord’s blessings from inhouse temple. The couples take blessings. Raichand says its tough thing to do daughter’s bidaai. Pandit says its good luck to get such chance. Bhuvan agrees. Everyone bless both the couples. Chakor gets shocked seeing Raichand blessing her, as Tina. She lifts her ghunghat. Raichand says you….. Everyone get shocked seeing Chakor with Suraj.

@Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj as her groom. They all see Vivaan with Imli. Vivaan, Imli, Ranjana, Chakor, Kasturi, Bhuvan and everyone get shocked. Chakor cries. Suraj shouts on Chakor and asks what did you do. Kasturi asks Chakor how did this happen.

Raichand asks Suraj what did you do with my daughter, where is she. Suraj asks why are you asking me, Tina has run away, she did not want to marry me, Chakor did this, I know no one else can joke with me, go and ask Tina, or ask Chakor, who is standing here acting innocent. Imli and Chakor cry. Vivaan gets in shock and goes to Chakor. He asks whats all this Chakor, you got married to Suraj, how can this happen. Suraj asks Chakor to answer Vivaan, why did you do this.

Vivaan asks Chakor why are you silent, answer me. Tejaswini says Chakor would have made Imli sit in Tina’s place. Kasturi asks Chakor to say is this true. Tejaswini says Chakor did this intentionally, she made Imli marry Vivaan and married Suraj, she knows Suraj rules here. Vivaan says you are lying. Suraj says my mum is not lying, Chakor is lying, she always wanted to marry me, how did this happen, I got married to Chakor, you got married to my servant Imli, how……..

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