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TV actors share their SHOCKING fan moments

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TV actors share their SHOCKING fan moments

It appears that ability, diligent work and fortunes compensate for just 50% of a big name’s life, the other half being their dedicated fans. In any case, some fans are so fixated on the stars that they wind up harming themselves or accomplishing something which is entirely astounding and stunning.

bes-parmak.com got some information about their involvement with such fans. This is what they said…read on

Preetika Rao

A fan of mine who I follow on social media once sent me pictures of his bloody hand with ‘hamari adhuri kahaani’ written on it. I was totally grossed out and upset. I wrote back to him saying that I was not going to send him direct messages again if he was going to act like this. He asked for forgiveness and has behaved decently since. I understand that he loves me a lot but fans should know that they should not bother celebrities mentally with such drastic steps.

Shakti Arora

People know where I live and I am not used to fans stalking me so many of them come to my building and try to reach my flat to see me. One fan was buying a BMW car for me because she came to know I was crazy about luxury cars. One fan’s father was quite well to do and was ready to fly me through a charter plane so that her daughter could meet me. I didn’t accept any of the gifts.

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Asmita Sood

I have always been overwhelmed by the love and affection that has been showered on me by my fans. I have had an amazing experience right from the beginning of Badtameez Dil when fans loved my tattoo and actually sent me pictures on my insta of similar tattoos done on them. It was crazy but just look at the amount of love!

Namish Taneja

Last year, at Delhi airport when I was waiting for boarding, a girl came up to me and said that she was a fan of Swaragini. After taking a selfie with me, she took out a lipstick from her purse and gave it to me. When I asked her, ‘what would I do with this lipstick?’, she laughed and said, ‘keep it as a memento from a fan’. After this, we laughed our heads off!

Ragini Khanna

I have not had any weird, but extremely flattering experience. A guy got a tattoo of my face done on his hands. I couldn’t believe that a fan’s love could reach such an extent.

Ravi Bhatia

After shooting for one of the episodes of a famous comedy show ‘Pesbukers’ in Indonesia, I met a girl. I was quite surprised when I saw her because she had written my name on all-over her body. She said, “I wish I could give you something precious as a gift. But as I have nothing else to give, so I had written your name on my body to express my love…….

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