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TV actors and their INFIDELITY tales

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TV actors and their INFIDELITY tales

Betrayal is a standout amongst the most traumatic encounters of life. It can smash even the most grounded connections, abandoning sentiments of treachery, blame, and outrage. Yet, an issue doesn’t need to mean the end of your marriage.

See how a marriage can be reconstructed after an undertaking.

In a real to life discussion with bes-parmak.com, TV performing artists share their musings on unfaithfulness.

Read on…

Manish Raisighan

When I hear of infidelity, then two amazing sayings come to my head. First, in a world full of social media and options where solution to problems in a relationship are sought outside instead of resolving issues and working things out. ‘Commitment’ is not about sticking to someone when you have no choice, it is standing by and for someone in spite of choices. Secondly, a lot of couples say they made a mistake by getting into a relationship so for that, the first thing that comes to my mind is integrity.

Ragini Khanna

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Personal equations always change. We should get married for the right reasons. And if something is broken it needs to be fixed, otherwise one will keep seeking multiple partners. What goes wrong between a couple only they would know because there is always her story, his story and the truth.

Gaurav Chopraa

There are too many options available and people get used to the fact that all of these relationships that they make have an open-ended policy. The one thing that happens is that it gives you a sense of ‘I can always look at other people and situations because there are other people interested’. The difference with marriage should be that you don’t give each other the choice. Get married to someone who believes in the institution of marriages. There should be a two way agreement where you do not need to break the marriage for things which are forgiven.

Chhavi Mittal

Lives today are very fast. People have less patience and get bored quickly and they need variety. Couples have changed priorities and hence marriages break. It’s shocking that the emotional attachment between couples is now reducing. Everyone seems to have options.

Sushant Divgikar

I believe that infidelity is the cause of any relationship going down the drain. And if infidelity is part of your character then don’t get into a serious relationship. Then you have the freedom to do what you want with whoever you want. But once you take the marriage vows and then f**k around or whatever then that is is f**ked up.

Sayantani Ghosh

I feel every relationship has problems. I would personally want a companion who is dependable. I believe a person should try to solve their issues…but if it’s not being sort out then wrap it up rather than cheating on your partner.

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