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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9 May 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 4 May 2016 Written Episode
Thapki Pyaar Ki 9 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Thapki contending with Dhruv. She says we will battle with our truths. He says so be it. Shraddha looks on and says sorry Bau ji, I wish this happened some time recently, its fine, all is well that finishes well. Legal counselor presents himself as Lallan Tiwari. He says I m prepared to battle Bihaan’s case. Dhruv and Shraddha grin. Thapki says I will get tea for you. She requests that Bihaan take him upstairs.

Bihaan advises Lallan to get guilty party rebuffed. Lallan requests that he do to say what he says. He says tell the judge that Bau ji treated you seriously. Bihaan asks what jabber. Lallan says yes, you need to say Balwinder is huge goon, he made you goon. Bihaan says quiets down and beats him. Thapki comes and asks what happened. Bihaan says he is offending Bau ji. She says hear him once, we have quite recently this one attorney. Lallan says I came to spare him, he is beating me, we need to affront Balwinder to spare Bihaan. Thapki gets furious and slaps Lallan. She says this is our Bau ji’s home, no word ought to be said against him, you can clear out. Lallan goes.

Bihaan gets dismal. She holds him. Later, Thapki sees Bihaan miserableand looks at the moon. Dhruv talks to lawyer. Vasundara looks at the moon and cries thinking of Balwinder. Tum yahin ho……plays………… Bihaan thinks about Thapki and looks at her. She tries to call more lawyers and tears the papers angrily. She cries and sees Bihaan. Vasundara tells Bau ji’s pic that Bihaan will be punished. She hugs his pic and cries.

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Suman finds Sanjay angry and asks him not to get angry, calm down. She asks him to think well, what to do that it can be of benefit. He asks what. She says its time to do the work you wanted to do since many years, you wanted to take Bihaan’s place, this is right time to get his place, Vasundara broke relations with Bihaan, Dhruv and Ashwin can’t manage Bau ji’s business. Preeti tells Ashwin to manage Bau ji’s business and take Bihaan’s place. Sanjay and Ashwin agree.

Its morning, Bihaan gets arrested and is taken away. He stops and asks where is Thapki. Shraddha says I think she left support, she knows culprit will get punished today, so she has run away. Vasundara says its good she got sense, she understood who is right and who is wrong.

Bihaan is taken to the court. Reporters stop Dhruv and ask will he support truth. Dhruv says I will always support truth. Reporter asks against your brother. Dhruv says criminal is criminal, he is relative later, he will be punished. Reporter tells Bihaan that Bau ji gave him everything, even then he tried to kill Bau ji, your wife is supporting you, who is the culprit. Someone in burqa comes there. Reporter asks is your wife involved in this crime, so she has run away, answer us. Dhruv and everyone look on.

Bihaan gets angry on reporters. Reporter asks where is your wife, its good she left you. The court case begins. Judge asks Bihaan about his lawyer. Dhruv’s lawyer says no one will take his case to lose. Thapki comes and says I will fight Bihaan’s case. Everyone get shocked seeing her. Thapki walks in as the lawyer. Bihaan gets shocked seeing her in lawyer’s getup. She says I m Bihaan Pandey’s lawyer. She says I m Thapki, I will fight his case, I want permission from court, I studied law and this is my degree.

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