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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki Latest News Bihaan Thapki sing and dance the party
Thapki Pyaar Ki 27 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Thapki requesting that Dhruv check script once, she made it prepared. He says I don’t have to see it then, much obliged. She inquires as to whether there is no work. He says work is there, however you go, Bihaan would sit tight for you. She says no, let me know. He says visuals must be set up in alter, yet you didn’t have nourishment since morning, Bihaan is likewise holding up, go. She says no, I will end work in at some point and go. She requests her telephone which she may have left here. He says I don’t see it here, hold up I will call. He sees the telephone in the canister and says its ringing, I think its on quiet, on the off chance that I discover it here, I will give you. Bihaan achieves office and says bicycle likewise ceased today, at any rate I came to here, I will sit in AC and have sustenance with Thapki. Watchman does not permit Bihaan to enter the workplace. Dhruv looks on. watch says nobody can abandon ID. Bihaan says my ID is my sibling Dhruv Pandey, I m his more youthful sibling, I will call him. He says I overlooked my telephone. Protect stops him. Bihaan reviews Thapki’s words and says fine, I won’t go, you go and inquire. Monitor goes to Dhruv and says somebody came to meet Thapki. Dhruv says let him know that Thapki can’t meet him and I m occupied. Watch tells Bihaan that madam is occupied, she can’t meet him. Bihaan asks did you ask Thapki or not. Protect chastens him and requests that he take off. The staff looks on. Bihaan says go and tell Dhruv that his sibling came. Watch requests that he see his face, garments and tiffin, you look a cook, get lost. He pushes Bihaan. Bihaan does not give the tiffin a chance to fall. Dhruv looks on from his lodge.

Bihaan gets furious and says I think not to get irate and you… . Move away. Watch says I will lose my occupation, I won’t give you a chance to enter without ID, you are so impolite. Bihaan gets into a battle with him. a man requests that Dhruv come, battle is going ahead outside. Dhruv says side, Thapki is in alter, request that her stay there, I will come there myself. He says Bihaan Pandey and goes there.

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Bihaan chides the gatekeeper. Dhruv comes and requests that Bihaan abandon him, why are you battling. Bihaan says I told protect that I m your sibling, he is not permitting me. Dhruv says you ought to have called me. Bihaan says I informed Thapki that I m coming. Dhruv tells the gatekeeper that he is my sibling, why did you not accept on the off chance that he said. Protect says what does he look like your sibling, take a gander at him. Dhruv chides him and requests that he get lost. He requests that the staff return to work. He apologizes to Bihaan and requests that he have sustenance with Thapki. Bihaan says no, I will go, I would prefer not to have sustenance now, you advise Thapki to end her work soon and get back home, I will sit tight for her. He cleans the tiffin and goes. Dhruv grins….
Thapki tells Dhruv that its her mistake, I should have read his message. He says but Bihaan should have waited. She says I ended the work, shall I leave now. He says yes, thanks. He asks her about the story. She asks is there any problem. He says its yesterday’s episode. She gets shocked. He says anyways, I will manage something, go home.

She says I will write another story. He says no, I think you should go home. She says I will call Bihaan and tell him, he will understand. He says fine, I will call him and inform, he said he left his mobile at home, he will reach home in some time, till then your work will end. She goes. Everyone at home talk about Bihaan dancing in the party. Bihaan comes there and gets shocked seeing his Naagin dance. He recalls everyone’s words and gets angry.

He switches off the tv. Vasundara asks how did you come so soon, where is Thapki. Bihaan says Thapki is there, and goes. Vasundara and Dadi leave. Shraddha says Thapki is there, and Bihaan angrily came back home alone, something happened, I will find out, I will call Dhruv. She calls Dhruv. He does not answer. She calls at reception and asks for Dhruv. The lady says Dhruv refused to answer any call, Thapki has come and they both are working on some project. Shraddha asks did Bihaan come here. The lady says yes, there was big incident here and tells everything. Shraddha thanks her and ends call. She says so that’s why Bihaan is so angry, its good, he will get his anger out on Thapki, you see Thapki, how I make you and your love Bihaan fight like dogs.

Dhruv takes the cake for Thapki. She says I m getting late and came here to work, as no one will disturb me here. He says I will help you, till then have something. She says no, I can’t eat this cake, Bihaan will be waiting, I will have food with him, we will end work and go home. They end the work. She asks him to come. He asks her to go, he will come. She sees the door stuck. Dhruv smiles. She tells Dhruv the door is not opening, did it get locked.

He says I think someone locked it from outside. She asks what will we do now. He says don’t worry, someone will open. She says its already late, Bihaan will be waiting, I have to go home. They knock the door. He says its soundproof room, no one can hear this, and it can just open by keys, wait, I will call, but I forgot phone in my cabin, now we have to wait. She asks how did it get locked, I did not lock it. he recalls how he locked the door when he entered. He looks at her……..

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