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Thapki Pyaar Ki 24 June 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki upcoming Bihaan saves Thapki from Gorilla attack and more twists
Thapki Pyaar Ki 24 June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Dhruv talking on Bihaan’s behalf.He says Thapki is the most wonderful young lady on the planet, I need her as she resemble a star in the sky, I adore you… … Bihaan, Thapki and Shraddha get stunned. Dadi requests that they begin Roka ceremonies. The ceremonies are finished. Shraddha thinks to make Bihaan irate. She goes to him and deciphers English for him. She lets him know that Dhruv said. Thapki comes and acclaims Shraddha in immaculate hindi. Shraddha asks what do you mean. Thapki asks did you not comprehend, Bihaan Shraddha clarified you English, clarify her hindi. Bihaan says Thapki needs to say your adornments is complimenting your magnificence. Thapki says its wrong to appear down anybody taking into account dialect, in the event that anybody doesn’t English, perhaps you don’t know hindi. Shraddha says ya, you are correct, I was simply helping Bihaan, why will I turn out to be all the more terrible now, on the off chance that you think I have harmed your and Bihaan’s heart, I m too bad. She apologizes to Bihaan and goes. Thapki sees Bihaan stressed. She says Bau ji lets us know that we needn’t bother with words to comprehend sentiments, we require eyes, I can comprehend everything, I comprehended what you needed to let me know. Suman takes Thapki. Bihaan grins.

Bihaan’s companions request that he have a beverage, yet you cannot. Bihaan says Dhruv welcomed huge individuals in my Roka, we ought not ruin anything. Shraddha requests that Bihaan have juice, is regardless he irritated, I m doing this to get your absolution. Suman inquires as to why do you do botch that you have to apologize. Bihaan and his companions take the juice. Shraddha thinks now they all will fall over their countenances, firstly Bihaan will fall in everybody’s eyes. Bihaan drinks the juice.

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Bihaan and Thapki move and grin. All the couples move. Bihaan and Thapki grin. A few men reprimand Bihaan’s companions for wearing western garments and not knowing English move. They insult his companions that changing garments don’t change a man’s world. Bihaan reviews how individuals snickered on him, and reviews their insult. He responds furiously and requests that they stop this. Thapki and everybody get stunned. Bihaan says I m ignorant and I m fine with it, now my melody will play. He requests that the man play hindi melodies. He says no Thapki, I dislike this, this gathering, garments, move… .. excuse me Dhruv, I can’t hold up under this now, I m not embarrassed about acting naturally, what to do on the off chance that I don’t know high class move, might I not move, I know my sort of move, would you like to learn….
Thapki stops him. Bihaan asks everyone to look at him and learn. Dhruv asks Bihaan to stop it. Bihaan and his friends dance on hindi song. Bihaan does Naagin dance. Bihaan falls down and faints. Dhruv and Thapki worry for him. MLA asks Bau ji whats all this, Bihaan is lucky, else to get a girl like Thapki is tough for such guys. Thapki and everyone hear this. Thapki asks Bihaan what happened. Dhruv says he is drunk, he will be fine, don’t know why did he get drunk. He asks Sanjay and Ashwin to drop Bihaan’s friends home, they can’t even get up. Sanjay and Ashwin take Bihaan’s friends, while Thapki and Dhruv take Bihaan to his room.

Dhruv goes to Bau ji. Bau ji says don’t make me angry now, Bihaan did wrong today, if you have to say something, drink so that your heart talk comes out. Dhruv says Bihaan is fine. Bau ji says Bihaan will be fine, as Thapki is with him, when we all got embarrassed, Thapki was worried, as she regards him her own, Bihaan is hers and she will love him anyway. Dhruv says don’t know why, but I agree with you, cheers.

He sees Thapki’s pic and says my thing would always be mine, you should have been always mine Thapki. He makes a diya tajmahal and says I did not get you, I got cheated. He cries and says the three imp relations of my life, Maa, Bihaan and Shraddha cheated me, Maa and Bihaan broke my marriage, and Shraddha did fake drama of pregnancy, and then you have hidden Maa’s secret, you also cheated me, but now its enough, the thing which belongs to me, I should get it, because I m true, that’s why, whatever happened with Bihaan today was my plan. He smiles.

Dhruv says I told Preeti and Suman to make Bihaan express feeling in English, I have spiked Bihaan’s drink. He recalls how he made juice fall over Shraddha and sent her, then he added wine in the drinks. He says this is very strong wine, now see what Bihaan and his friends do. Thapki’s marriage is in 15 days, I will make you sure that just I m suitable for you, there is no match of you and Bihaan, we both suit each other, I will make you believe this, you will come back to me soon, Thapki’s name will just join with Dhruv, no one else. He looks at the diya…….

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