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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 May 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki Spoilers Shraddha upset Bihaan wins wrestling fight
Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Bihaan saying my life got demolished after my name joined with Thapki. He cries and says she didn’t make me turn great, and gripes to Bau ji. Everybody stress and look on. Bihaan says now nobody believes my faithfulness, she made my family against me, even my Bau ji… . Everybody says marriage is of seven births, yet I say this is aftereffect of my seven births’ wrongdoing, that I got hitched to her. He requests that Bau ji beat him… .. he gets furious and gets a natural product blade. He offers it to Bau ji.

Dhruv asks Bihaan what’s happening with he. Bihaan requests that Bau ji execute him. Vasundara requests that Bihaan stop it, did he go distraught, I don’t have mettle to see this. Bihaan says even I don’t have mettle to shoulder Thapki now. Thapki cries. Bihaan goes upstairs holding the blade. Dadi cries and says don’t have the foggiest idea about whose terrible sight got my youngsters… .Vasundara requests that Preeti consume Dadi to space. Dadi says no, in what capacity would I be able to get rest, till peace returns. Dadi cries and requests that Bau ji attempt to clarify Bihaan. Bau ji cries and says I will clarify Bihaan, he spared my life, I cherish him like my genuine child, I can’t see him strolling on wrong way. He goes upstairs. Bihaan hits blade between his fingers. Bau ji comes and stops him. Bau ji requests that he listen gently. Bihaan rejects and requests that Bau ji leave his hand. He says abandon me, and go from here.

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Bau ji and Bihaan pull the blade. Bihaan says I m extremely irate, abandon me. Bau ji yells Vasundara and falls ground floor. Everybody get stunned and yell. They rushed to Bau ji. Bau ji gets cut. Bihaan comes running with the blooded blade. Dhruv asks who cut blade, and takes a gander at Bihaan. Dhruv exhaust indignantly and yells Bihaan. Everybody look on stunned. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do to Bau ji. Shraddha says Dhruv, come quick, Bau ji needs to say something. Dhruv says I won’t leave Bihaan alive. Dhruv goes to Bau ji. Bau ji says this… .. Dhruv requests that Sanjay begin auto. They all surge Bau ji to healing facility. Thapki cries and everybody clear out. Bihaan gets in stun and drops blade. He yells Bau ji and cries.
Everyone worry for Bau ji, and cry. Vasundara asks Bau ji to be strong. Thapki asks Bau ji to keep eyes open. Dadi cries for Bau ji. Dhruv asks Vasundara not to worry, nothing will happen. Bihaan also comes there and sees Bau ji….. Bau ji is rushed to OT. Vasundara gets angry seeing Bihaan. She goes to Bihaan and asks what are you doing here, did you come to see whether your Bau ji is alive. He says no. She says you did this with your Bau ji, you did this to pay for his love, he was explaining you for your good, what did you do with him. She pushes him and asks him to leave from here, else she will curse him.

stops Vasundara and hugs her to console. Everyone cry. Dhruv says I was bad son of Bau ji, Bihaan you were good son of Bau ji, what did you do with him, I wish to leave all my humanity and goodness and just kill you…… I can’t do this, as this is difference between you and me, I have Bau ji and Maa’s blood in my veins, I can’t become like you even if I want. Sanjay says Dhruv, if you can’t become like him, we can become like him, we will not leave him, come Ashwin. They get angry.

Dadi asks them not to fight, as her son is fighting with his death inside OT. Vasundara hugs Dadi and they cry. Bihaan and Thapki cry. Ankhon pe dhoop si….. plays………… Thapki recalls whatever happened and cries.

Police comes there. Dhruv says I called them, and asks inspector to arrest Bihaan, he attempted to kill my Bau ji. Bihaan is taken away by inspector. Bihaan takes inspector’s gun and asks them not to come ahead. Family gets shocked. Bihaan says I won’t go anywhere without seeing Bau ji. Thapki asks him to leave gun. He aims gun towards her. Dhruv and everyone get shocked. Bihaan sees the OT bulb light on. Thapki walks to him………….

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