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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19 April 2016 Written Episode

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Sabina Jat quits Colors Thapki Pyaar Ki
Thapki Pyaar Ki 19 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Shraddha thinking Dhruv will approach her. Dhruv reviews Bihaan and Thapki’s discussion and supposes they didn’t have any connection till now. He is by all accounts cheerful about this. Its morning, Dadi tells Shraddha that Thapki has done all cake things arrangements, and requests that her make it. Thapki requests that Shraddha make cake in microwave, she would have helped Shraddha, yet she has sprain, she will be fine by some rest. Dadi requests that Shraddha make cake. Thapki reminds about making cake in microwave again and they take off. Shraddha says why is Thapki unyielding that I make cake in microwave, in what capacity will I plan cake. She searches for the formula and makes the player. She puts the cake plate and says exquisite, its prepared to be heated. She goes to rest.

After some time, she comes there and sees Thapki changing microwave’s settings. Thapki says I was checking the time staying for cake heating, nothing else, take cake after 2 mins. She takes off. Shraddha checks what Thapki did, and sees a clock. She says bomb, goodness God, Thapki has arranged this, that this impact happens as I did with Vasundara, I didn’t know Thapki will take revenge from me. She sees the clock and shouts. She says I know, this impact will happen when I open microwave entryway, I won’t give this a chance to happen, I m not trick like you, you have done a major error. Thapki hears her and grins. Shraddha says now see what I do with you, I m terrible thing. Thapki says this is the thing that I needed, that you do amiss with me, I did this to make you irate. Shraddha reviews Thapki’s words and says you will see my actual face before Vasundara, your diversion will be over.
Shraddha goes to old storeroom and hangs a rope. She messages Thapki to meet her in old storeroom now. Thapki gets message and goes there.

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Someone comes in storeroom, whom Shraddha assumes as Thapki. Shraddha asks Thapki is she shocked seeing her here, did you think your plan will work out, I must congratulate you to use my plan on me, but I m alive, what did that old woman say, Shraddha your voice hurts my ears, that old woman have got deaf, I m very smart, my truth can never come infront of anyone, because you will not be alive to tell that truth. She pulls the rope and hangs the person upside down. She gets shocked seeing Vasundara instead Thapki. She leaves the rope. Vasundara falls down and Thapki holds her. Thapki opens the ropes. Shraddha says mummy ji…. Vasundara asks Shraddha to be away from her. Shraddha says sorry, it was dark, I did not wish to do anything to you. Vasundara gets angry and slaps Shraddha.

Vasundara says I have heard and seen your truth, its bad. Shraddha says Thapki has sent you here by purpose. Vasundara says no, I have come here to see the filth behind this beautiful face, I m getting anger on myself, how did I get blind that I could not see your bad intentions, I have always supported you against Thapki, I trusted you, I have given my biggest wealth, my Dhruv to you, I ruined his life, shame on me, I m dead for you.

She says you made my life hell, you stained my mentality, Thapki did not do anything and you just know clever things, I was proud of you, you are nothing, I was flying and fell on my face, I have seen the blackness behind this face. Shraddha says I did big mistake, forgive me. Vasundara says if I forgive you, Lord and my soul will not forgive myself, leave from our Pandey Nivaas right away, we don’t have any place for you in our house. She scolds Shraddha and goes. Shraddha apologizes to Thapki and says I got Dhruv after much difficulty, please tell Vasundara not to kick me out of the house.

Vasundara asks Suman to call everyone in hall, I called Shraddha’s dad, I have to talk about Shraddha. Suman goes. Thapki says I know you are annoyed with Shraddha, I did not do all this that you make Shraddha leave the house, I brought her truth so that you get alert of Shraddha, don’t punish Shraddha. Vasundara says the girl who did so bad with you, you are taking her side. Thapki says no, my Papa says black color can’t be mixed with black, it needs time and shown sunlight, then its washed with water, the darkness gets light, I think you give some time to Shraddha, she will realize her mistake. Vasundara recalls Thapki’s words and her wrong judgment before. She apologizes to Thapki……….

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