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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17 May 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki Spoilers Shraddha upset Bihaan wins wrestling fight
Thapki Pyaar Ki 17 May 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Suman and Preeti orchestrating things for the puja so they can check the shoes of visitors and Shraddha. Shraddha rests and grins seeing them take the necessary steps. Vasundara requests that Preeti go and welcome visitors. Thapki and Bihaan get back home. Vasundara says guilty party and supporter have no spot in this puja. She requests that Dhruv clarify who can go to this puja and who can’t. Bihaan goes to Bau ji’s room. Dhruv asks Bihaan for what reason is he going to Bau ji’s room. They all surge and request that Bihaan open the entryway. Bihaan cries seeing Bau ji and holds his feet.

Vasundara requests that Thapki advise Bihaan to turn out. Thapki says yes, I will say. She requests that Bihaan open entryway and do anything he needs. Vasundara asks Bihaan will he execute Bau ji now. They all yell. Bihaan cries and takes a sharp edge. Dhruv says Bihaan, I will murder you in the event that you do anything to Bau ji.

Bihaan applies shaving cream to Bau ji’s face and shaves his facial hair legitimately. He additionally cuts Bau ji’s nails. He changes Bau ji’s garments. Ashwin says we will call police. Vasundara says yes, Bihaan is frantic, call police. Dhruv says we will call police later, we will first break the entryway. Bihaan opens the entryway. They all look on stressed. Bihaan indicates Bau ji fine. They all get calmed. Bihaan says all of you can prevent me from going in puja, not from making Bau ji prepared for puja….

He says Bau ji always attends puja this way, this puja is for Bau ji, he is ready same way. He goes. Vasundara cries. Thapki goes to Bihaan and says you did right whatever you did, but your way was wrong. He asks what shall I do, you have seen how they are stopping me, serving Bau ji is puja for me, everyone hates me. She says everyone hates that culprit who has stabbed Bau ji, not you. Everything will be fine when that person comes in open. He says we have just 30 hours now, how will we catch the culprit. She says my dad says when all the ways get shut for us, Lord opens a new way for us.

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She says trust me, we will also get a new way. They see a lady saying my chain got lost, who will steal it, it will be here and there. The other lady gets the chain and says it was fallen there, no one can steal in our area, neighbor has fixed CCTV camera. Thapki hears this and asks Bihaan is CCTV cameras really fixed in our area. He says yes, why. She asks why did you not tell this to me before, come with me. She says Bau ji was stabbed here, if CCTV camera is around, everything will be recorded in it. She sees a CCTV camera close by and shows him. She says we have to get camera recording, we can get some clue. He says 22 is written on that pole. She says we have to check pole 22 camera recording. They leave.

Suman and Preeti wait to find Shraddha’s sandal. Preeti says I have found out about every accessory of Shraddha. She checks Shraddha’s sandal and says its same number. Suman says this is my sandal, not Shraddha. Preeti says it means you have done this. Suman says I was with you, that’s Shraddha slipper, check that. They see Shraddha’s slipper size different. Suman says it means Shraddha is not a culprit. Preeti says how will we find culprit now.

Thapki and Bihaan go to the watchman and tells about Bau ji’s incident. She asks for CCTV recording. Watchman says we can’t show anyone, talk to chairman first. Bihaan says chairman is Bau ji’s friend, I will talk to him. watchman says I know you will stab chairman too, as you stabbed your dad. Bihaan gets angry on him and they argue. Thapki asks Bihaan to leave the man. She takes Bihaan with him.

She asks Bihaan why do you do so much anger. He says I get angry as everyone says bad things. She asks him to control his anger, the world is full of bad people. He says I can’t. She says whenever you get anger, just count from 1-10 and recall 10 good things of your life, then see your anger will go away.

He says I won’t remember this. She asks do you want to get rid of this weakness, when Bau ji is bearing its punishment, we have to think about CCTV recording, this is the only way now. They see the watchman there. They manage to get inside the society office and check the CDs. Bihaan says there are many CDs, how will we find. She says we have to find CD of pole 22 and with 2nd May date.

Puja goes on at home. Thapki and Bihaan look for the CD. Bihaan gets the CD and shows her. They play the CD and check it. They get shocked seeing Bau ji pushing Bihaan and some third person stabbing Bau ji. She says there was some third man also. He says that man stabbed Bau ji. They see the truth…………

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