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Thapki Pyaar Ki 16 April 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki upcoming Thapki win Vasundhara’s first test
Thapki Pyaar Ki 16 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Suman saying Vasundara that she didn’t go anyplace. Shraddha requests that Vasundara let her read Durga Chalisa. Thapki gets out Shraddha and says open the entryway, you will disgrace Maa and everybody doing this. Dadi asks Vasundara who will read Durga Chalisa. Vasundara says Shraddha. Shraddha couldn’t do aarti and keeps it. she takes little aarti and begins perusing Durga Chalisa. She gets stuck and sings off-base. Vasundara looks on and signs her. Thapki thumps the entryway. Shraddha sings dum maaro dum… Dadi asks what is she saying. They all get stunned.

The women say Vasundara trusts Shraddha. Bihaan opens the entryway. Vasundara sees Thapki and signs her to come. The woman says last time Thapki and Bihaan spared Shraddha, where are they. Vasundara signs Shraddha to go, and sends her away. Thapki goes to do the aarti. She sings Durga Chalisa.
Vasundara sees Shraddha and Thapki. Shraddha asks Bihaan why did he get Thapki. He says because you ruined my Maa’s respect, I joined hands with you to take keys from you, else how would I free Thapki from your clutches. She says oh, so this was your plan, why did you come late. He says if I came early, how would I see this, how would everyone know your real place, remember well, whatever bitterness is between you and Thapki, if this affects Maa, it won’t be good, that’s why….. He sprays black on the flower and asks her not to think he is like her. He asks her to listen Durga Chalisa paath.

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Thapki ends the Durga Chalisa. She stammers at the end. Vasundara pats on her back and smiles. Thapki gets glad. Dadi tells Bau ji that mata Rani came our house, and while leaving, she united this saas bahu. They all pray. Vasundara scolds Shraddha. She asks Shraddha to learn something from Thapki, she stammers, but she is so true and good, what is the use of your beautiful voice, who is useless. Thapki says Shraddha did mistake. Vasundara says this mistake has no forgiveness. Thapki says Shraddha will regret for her mistake, come with me. They go. Shraddha gets angry on Vasundara and says don’t think I m Thapki, I will not bear your scolding, I will make Vasundara deaf.

Shraddha reads news of the battery, the mobile blast made people deaf. She says I will make Vasundara deaf by this wrong batteries, I will find this in chor bazaar, Vasundara’s time is over now. She throws paper there and goes. Thapki comes there and says what was Shraddha checking in old papers. She sees that faulty battery of mobile burst. She says why did Shraddha read this news.

Bihaan talks to his friends and drinks wine. Thapki comes and sees them. His friends hide wine glasses seeing Thapki. Bihaan asks them to drink, its my room, see match well and enjoy. Thapki stops them and says none can drink wine here like this. She goes and gets snacks. She says we will drink wine together, that too with this namkeen. She takes a wine glass and drinks. She coughs. Bihaan gets shocked. Thapki asks them to drink. Bihaan asks his friends to leave, and switches off tv. They leave. He asks Thapki what was all this. She says your friends, your room, I had to take care of them.

He says you become Savitri and then drink wine. She says its cold tulsi kada, I filled it in all bottles on Dadi’s saying, did you not feel the difference. He breaks the bottle angrily and holds the pointed glass near her neck. He asks her not to get clever, he will not take her actions light thinking its joke, he will not bear anything now, he is not old Bihaan now. She moves back and stands against the wall. They have an eyelock. Darmiyaan…….plays………… he gets away and says I will not bear anything again, stay away from me. He goes. She gets teary eyed………

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