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Thapki Pyaar Ki 12 April 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki Spoilers Shraddha upset Bihaan wins wrestling fight
Thapki Pyaar Ki 12 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Thapki getting stunned seeing such a large number of rats in the room. The rats blend and eat the grains/wheat. She tries to shoo off the rats and stresses. She requests that Shraddha come quick and see. Shraddha says I required these rats, are you having some good times, I said you will see my breaking points. She tosses the jaggery laddoo to make more issue. Thapki says you are doing incorrectly. Shraddha says whats wrong for you is a good fit for me, I will perceive how you win now. She wants to enjoy all that life has to offer and goes. Thapki says what might I do, the rats will eat all the wheat now. She implores Ganesh ji for demonstrating some way. Thapki sees the laddoo and says this ladooo will spare me and the wheat grains from the rats.

Thapki takes the laddoo and puts bits to occupy them far from the grains. The rats take after the laddoo way and leave from the window. Thapki expresses gratitude toward Lord and sits to work once more. She picks the potli. Shraddha thinks why is no solid coming and opens the entryway. She goes to see. Thapki takes a gander at her. Shraddha gets stunned and asks how could this happen. Thapki says the laddoo which you needed to use to do awful to me, that laddoo spared me and this Jai Mata Di grains. Shraddha requests that her go to damnation. Thapki says you don’t see whatever else than coming up short others, you attempt to fall flat your awful heart, attempt to change, then you will win in your own particular eyes.
Shraddha asks her lecture over and does she have to give anything else. Thapki says yes, these grains. She empties Shraddha’s wheat from her potli and gives her special wheat. Shraddha gets shocked. Thapki says these grains have Mata Rani name, and half of the wheat is yours, you could not find the grains, you give this to Vasundara, even you have right on it, my Papa says everything of Lord is like Prasad. Shraddha asks did you think I m beggar, you always give things to me in charity. Vasundara comes and says you both found the grains. She checks their potlis and says great, now go and sow these wheat grains in the soil near Devi maa temple. Thapki says yes. Shraddha thinks Thapki gave her victory to me, stupid.

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Aditi thanks the man for acting well and saving her house. She asks Krishnakant not to worry, I know Diwakar, he is greedy, he is afraid too, we will use his fear, he will be caught in our trap.

A woman comes to beg and asks for something. The woman asks Thapki to give some food. She says its my bad time so I m begging, else I did not beg to anyone. Shraddha asks Thapki to stop her, I will get something. She gets her old fashioned sarees and thinks to become great. She insults the woman and gives her those imported things. Vasundara looks on. The woman says what will I do of this, give some food. Thapki says food is getting cooked, I will get it. The woman asks her to give whats in her hand, it will be Mata Rani’s blessings.

Shraddha says this is not Prasad, its imp thing which we earned by hardwork, take what I m giving, if I get angry, I will take this too. The woman turns to go. Thapki stops her and says aunty, you asked us for mata Rani’s blessings on Navratri, how can you go empty hand, give me your pallu. She puts the special wheat in her pallu. Vsaundara looks on. Thapki says if Mata Rani wishes, your bad time will get over soon, then you can also bless someone else like this. The woman blesses Thapki and goes. Vasundara looks on.

Shraddha tells Thapki that I will win now, you gave away the wheat to that woman, now your chances to win are nil. She sows the wheat and smiles. She says I have mixed all wheat in the soil, some of it will grow right. See you did all the hardwork and now you have no wheat. Thapki sees a single wheat grain in her potli. Shraddha gets shocked. Thapki sows the single wheat and prays. Shraddha says thanks Mata Rani for helping me, I m not away from my victory now, its definite

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