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Thapki Pyaar Ki 10 April 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki Spoilers Shraddha upset Bihaan wins wrestling fight
Thapki Pyaar Ki 10 April 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Vasundara saying Thapki has won today as well. Shraddha says hold up, by what method can Thapki win. Vasundara says you lost persistence and got outrage. Shraddha says Thapki has chastened family, she got irate. Vasundara says you lost persistence and Thapki did not lose her cool, there is much distinction in your and her displeasure, I would have not been here, she did well to end detestable, her resentment was to end fiendish, its Dharm, she raised voice for right thing, she has won in this test, even Kaali Mata gets furious for ensuring Dharm, yet that is not awful. She requests that Thapki place the kalash. Thapki does the kalash puja and binds the yellow fabric to it. Shraddha gets furious.

Later, Shraddha is angry to lose again and says Thapki has always made me lose, she did not let Dhruv come close to me, and now even Vasundara is getting away, I will kill you. She stabs something. Dhruv comes there and she hides the knife. He asks with whom are you talking. She says no one. He says I heard you taking Thapki’s name. She says yes, I took Bihaan’s name too, I was thinking Bihaan proposed Thapki well, they love each other, I m sure they will think of family planning, child is not a problem. He asks whats your problem, why do you take Thapki’s name to trouble me. He gets angry and scolds her asking her not to take Thapki and Bihaan’s name.

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She says I m bearing all this, Thapki’s name is in your heart, you are talking in loud tone, no one treated me like this, I m already hurt and you are hurting me more. She cries. He says I m sorry, stop crying, have this juice. She says I got this for us, I thought you will share this for you, I forgot you have just anger and annoyance to share with me. He says fine, we will make your wish true, we will share this juice. She gets glad. They share the juice. She stares at him.

Its morning, Dhruv wakes up and sees himself shirtless. He finds Shraddha close and tries to wake her. He wears a vest and asks how are we in such state, what happened between us. She says the thing which happens between husband and wife. He says impossible. She says you got tired and slept, so you don’t remember anything. He says I can’t do this, I m extremely sorry. She says calm down, why are you sorry, we are husband and wife. He says no, I m not ready for our relation, this is wrong, I m sorry. He goes. She smiles.

Diwakar says we will start auction of this house, we will start with 50 lakhs minimum. The people do bidding. A man comes and says no one can buy this house, and none can sell it. He sends everyone outside.

Thapki thinks to put her phone on charging before Bihaan keeps his phone. Bihaan goes to her. They get close and music plays………….. he takes the charger from her and keeps his phone on charging. He asks her not to collide with him, what does she want. She asks what do you want, I had to charge my phone. He says I will do what I want, you always told me, now I will tell you, be away from me.

He moves her away and asks her not to come close. She says I m not coming close to you, you are standing in my way, I want my towel, I have go and bath, I m getting late for puja. She takes towel. He asks her to listen, don’t come in his way again, be one foot away else it will be bad. She says even now its very bad happening, I will be two foot away, you also be 2 foot away. He says I will go to bath first. She asks him to move. They argue…..

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