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Thapki Pyaar Ki 1 July 2016 Written Episode

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Thapki Pyaar Ki upcoming Bihaan saves Thapki from Gorilla attack and more twists
Thapki Pyaar Ki 1 July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode begins with Bihaan making a pearl jewelry for Thapki. Thapki comes there and expresses gratitude toward Bihaan. He inquires as to why. She demonstrates the precious stone accessory and expresses gratitude toward him for gifting it. Dhruv comes there and compliments for the neckband. Bihaan tries to say that he didn’t blessing it, and Dhruv stops him. He requests that Thapki show neckband to everybody. She goes. Dhruv tells Bihaan that I have seen you at the shop, how set out that gem specialist affront my sibling, I purchased this neckband for Thapki. Bihaan says however I will tell Thapki reality. Dhruv says it doesn’t make a difference you skilled or me, abandon it. He goes. Bihaan says no, I will say truth to Thapki.

Thapki indicates accessory to everybody and says Bihaan talented me this precious stone neckband by his income. Bihaan comes to advise her. Vasundara requests that they go out and appreciate.

Bihaan and Thapki are en route. Bihaan tries to tell Thapki. She gets goldsmith’s call. He asks how could you have been able to you like the accessory. She says its decent. He says its your significant other’s decision, your better half Dhruv Pandey adores you a considerable measure. She gets stunned and takes a gander at Bihaan. Dhruv pays cash to gem dealer and says Bihaan is not appropriate for you. Thapki stands up to Bihaan for deceiving her, and gifting this accessory which Dhruv got. He says I was attempting to say this. She says I will never believe you now and returns neckband. He says fine, I will give back this to Dhruv, don’t ruin your state of mind. She says its not little thing for me, I have much self regard not at all like you. He requests that her come. She says I won’t accompany you. He says I can’t allow you to sit unbothered. She reminds how he allowed her to sit unbothered halfway some time recently. He says fine, go ahead your own even this time. He clears out. She cries.

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She strolls out and about. Dhruv sees her and stops the auto. He asks what are you doing here, where is Bihaan. Bihaan stops the bicycle and says its my misstep to battle with Thapki. He does a reversal. Dhruv requests that Thapki come. He says I will drop you home and makes her sit in the auto. They clear out. Bihaan comes there and searches for Thapki. He calls Thapki. Thapki does not answer his call. Dhruv drops Thapki home…..
Later, Dadi gives Thapki a pearl necklace and says Bihaan made this for you. Thapki sees it and cries. Bihaan comes and asks Thapki where were you, I know it was my mistake, I argued with you, I went back there to get you and did not find you. She hugs him and apologizes. She says you made this for me, I got angry on you. He says I could not buy diamond necklace for you, so I made this, I thought I will make you wear this by my hands. She asks him to make her wear it. He makes her wear the pearl necklace. He holds her hand and says I have another gift. She asks what. He asks her to close eyes. He kisses on her cheek. She gets shy and asks whats this. He asks her to give return gift. She starts leaving. He stops her and they have an eyelock. Dhruv looks on angrily and calls out Bihaan. Bihaan asks Dhruv why are you angry, did any mistake happen.

Dhruv says yes, why did you leave Thapki alone on road. Thapki says its not Bihaan’s mistake, its my fault. She asks Bihaan to give that necklace. She says I got to know you got this necklace. Shraddha comes and gets shocked hearing this. Thapki thanks Dhruv for thinking for Bihaan and asks him to take it back. Dhruv says you keep it, Bihaan and I are brothers, we just wanted you to get best birthday gift. She says I got it, see this necklace, Bihaan made it by his hands, nothing is precious for me than this. Dhruv says well done Bihaan. Suman and Sanjay come and take Bihaan along. Dhruv leaves too.

Shraddha is angry on Thapki, as Dhruv gifted her a necklace. Dhruv burns the necklace and says like I burnt this necklace, I will burn your relation too. Shraddha says I can’t bear this and catches a fly. She says you will go away Thapki, its your mehendi tomorrow, it will not get your happiness, but your death, your life will end and my life will have new start. Dhruv says tomorrow there will be new start for you and me, Thapki I will take that return gift from you.

Its morning, Thapki gets ready. Vasundara blesses her. Shraddha comes and gives a chunri to Thapki. She acts sweet. Vasundara asks her to go and work if her acting is over. Shraddha says I m not acting. Thapki stops Shraddha and accepts the chunri. Shraddha thanks her and makes her wear the chunri. She thinks its not Mata Rani chunri, but a death cloth for you.

Shraddha goes to some jungle area and sees a tree. She says this will become your death area, I will get you trapped inside in this. She asks the men to trap Thapki inside this tree so that she dies. She pays the man. The man asks how will we identify her. She says I will show her pic, I think I forgot her pic. She asks them to get the girl wearing red chunri. They leave. Shraddha smiles seeing the huge tree and says trees give food to humans and today human will become food for a tree, sorry but your the end will be very bad………

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