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Tashan-e-Ishq 6 May 2016 Written Episode

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Yuvraj be the blood donor for Kunj Zee TVs Tashan-E-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 6 May 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Visitors meet Anita and inquires as to whether it will be Yuvi’s mehnd or will resemble engagement? Anita says no, you know Twinkle and yuvi are going to wear shading facilitated garments and this thought is of Twinkle, Twinkle listens this. Anita imagines that i misled visitor however how wil i recognize what Twinkle is going to wear so that Yuvi can wear same shading garments. She sees Twinkle’s dress in Cherry’s grasp and sees its shading as yellow. anita comes to Yuvi and requests that he wear yellow shading kurta, he says i will look like joker in it, Anita says i know however Twinkle is wearing same shading, i know she has picked it intentionally yet after what happened in engagement, we need to spare our appreciation and by seeing you coordinating shading with Twinkle, visitors will quit tattling, Yuvi says i am wearing this for you as it were.

Yuvi comes in mehndi capacity wearing yellow shading sherwani, Anita says you look great looking, she says once individuals see Twinkle and Yuvi wearing same shading garments then they will quit tattling, Twinkle come quick. Kunj and Twinkle comes there wearing blue shading and coordinating garments, individuals begin tattling, one ladies says to Anita that you said Twinkle will wear same shading as Yuv yet she is coordinating with her ex while your child.. they chuckle. Yuvi says to Anita this was your awesome arrangement? Twinkle comes to Anita and says you got to be trick once more, you imagined that i will wear that crude saree of yellow shading? i gave it cherry to make you trick and you really got to be trick, i despise that shading, i will never wear that saree, its so tasteless, Kunj smiles, Anita exhaust in resentment. Twinkle goes to get mehndi connected, Yuvi is in strain. Leela comes to Twinkle and grins. Anita says to uvi that you need to show spot to Twinkle infront of all, Yuvi indicates inebriating synthetic and says i will blend it in her beverage then she will do dramatization infront of all, Anita says then lay down with her in same room, she is your better half, in the event that you need to demonstrate her genuine place then you need to change over this fake marriage into genuine marriage, demonstrate her that she is manikin in your grasp, take out her sense of self, Yuvi says ofcourse i will rest in same room. He blends inebriating compound in juice and requests that server offer it to Twinkle and not another person. Server comes to Twinkle to give her juice yet Leela takes juice from him, Anita and Yuvi are shocked seeing this, Leela takes a gander at them. She offers juice to Twinkle and makes her beverage it, Yuvi and Anita gets elated seeing Twinkle drink juice. Server comes to Yuvi, Yuvi takes juice glass and sees Twinkle feeling tipsy, he gives her juice and says soon Twinkle will begin show as substance more likely than not began taking a shot at her, he sees Anita missing. Melody zara sa jhum nut case mein begins playing, Anita comes in focus and begins moving being intoxicated, all giggle. Kunj cheers for her, Yuvi is stunned, Kunj says to Twinkle that the beverage which made Anita like this was really for you and Yuvi had send that drink fro you, flashback demonstrates how when Yuvi was blending substance in juice Kunj saw it, he stops server and gives him cash, he trades drink sending right squeeze to Twinkle and sending inebriated juice to Anita, flashback closes, Twinkle says you are my saint, shop kid. All are giggling on Anita’s clever move, Babee says incredible work anita, Anita tumbles down on mehndi dish, her face is spread with mehndi, all snicker, Yuvi says accompany me, Anita says i have connected face pack, dont spoli my excellence tips, she slaps yuvi, all chuckle, Kunj says nothing can be more great than this, Twinkle grins at Yuvi, Kunj is snickering, Twinkle feels that Kunj’s grin is so great, i simply trust that he continue grinning like this generally, Kunj takes a gander at her and inquires as to why she is getting passionate on drama scene? she doesn’t say anything, he takes her from that point. Yuvi takes Anita from that point.

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Kunj conveys Twinkle to corner and inquires as to why she is getting senti? she says i saw you grinning after such a variety of days, Kunj says when i am with you, i simply grin, you are my motivation to grin, Twinkle grins, Sajna ve plays, they play with every others cheek and share eyelock. Yuvi sees them romancing and conceives that they have a great time of my mother and getting a charge out of sentiment here, i will annihilate Twinkle now, i will commend my suhagraat with Twinkle today evening time, i will do what after marriage is done, Kunj wont have the capacity to hold up under actuality that Twinkle invested night with me and will be devastated as well.

Scene 2
Yuvi is sitting in room, Anita comes there and says whats the need of this divorce papers when Kunj and Twinkle are always together? i know you are my son and all but you know how much i am embarrassed infront of my friends? Yuvi says you are giving me headache but you are right, my problem is that Twinkle and Kunj are together, Yuvi says to Anita that they are failing our plans as they are together, if we break Kunj and Twinkle apart then we will be able to control them, only then i will trap Twinkle and she will know what it is to be Yuvi’s wife and it will happen only if i have marriage night with Twinkle, he smirks.
Babee says to family that nothing can happen to Kunj and Twinkle till they are together, they are able to tackle all problems. Family is sitting around dining table, Twinkle and Kunj are sitting next to each other, Yuvi comes there and sits on otherside of Twinkle, he says till i am with my wifey, no threat can touch her other than me, he touches Twinkle’s face, Twinkle jerks his hand away, Kunj gets up being angry, Kunj asks Yuvi to leave else he will need ambulance to leave, Yuvi says good dialogue but why should i leave? i will sit with my wife and talk, you are asking me to leave? this is domestic violence, let me talk to my wife, she is looking beautiful, he tries to touch Twinkle but Kunj comes inbetween, Kunj pushes away Yuvi and says how dare you touch her? Twinkle says Kunj leave it, he is provoking you, Yuvi says this is our family matter, if i dont touch her then who will touche her, you? he laughs……….

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