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Tashan-e-Ishq 5 July 2016 Written Episode

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Twinkle pregnancy kindle thoughts remarriage Tashan-E-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 5 July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Yuvi inquires as to whether she is eating or not? he focuses blade at her and says dont stress, i am changed so i won’t execute you however i will murder myself, he focuses blade at his neck, Twinkle says have you gone frantic? offer it to me, Yuvi acts like delving blade in his neck and says eat or no? see i am harmed, i would have kicked the bucket, let me know you are eating or would it be a good idea for me to slaughter myself? Twinkle says i am eating, she begins eating, he discards blade, Twinkle gets up and gets stressed for him, she sees his neck to check in the event that he is fine, she says you are frantic, Yuvi says regardless of the fact that i had harmed, it wouldnt matter to you, Twinkle says you are distraught? dont you think if won’t be influenced when you get hurt? you are my.. Yuvi says dont say that i am your closest companion, i know you are not prepared to listen what i am going to say

in any case, i am completely prepared, Twinkle asks what you mean? Yuvi says 5years back when we wedded each other, there was no bliss from our sides, i wedded you as my blame cognizant choice, as a correcting mix-up, and you wedded me as a penance to keep your family glad, in these 5years we have satisfied this connection with trustworthiness, you satisfied as my companion and i satisfied as affection, Twinkle says you.. he puts hand on her mouth and says i know this connection is a falsehood yet this is wonderful truth of my life, any minute, each minute that i lived with you, i expressed gratitude toward God for making me live it with you, he holds her hand and says there was not a solitary day when i didnt your adoration genuinely, i know you conveniently kept me in companion box however i cant my shroud my sentiments now, i have accumulated quality after much time and i need to impart my emotions to you, i acknowledge you as my significant other completely from heart, you are my significant other, i have given you put as my better half forever, and i need to get place in your heart not as a companion but rather as a spouse, Twinkle is passionate listening this, Twinkle says i am sad yet.. Yuvi says i dont need to pressurize you, i simply need to satisfy this connection with commitment, perhaps your God is giving you sign to interface as a couple, simply give me one chance, and i guarantee i wont make you extremely upset, Twinkle says i know you wont disappoint me however why you are talking like this distraught with me today? Yuvi says there is no affection in which there is no little frenzy, the snicker, he requests that her get prepared and dont cry, he abandons her room and says dont know she will comprehend my adoration.

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Yuvi sees accounts on his portable PC and says we profitted, Twinkle attempts to hard, i ought to blessing her something, i can blessing her auto, she generally continue requesting that I take her all over, he advances an auto and says this is awesome auto, he purchases auto for her. He says this best auto for Twinkle and Twinkle would be upbeat to see it and i will be glad to see her cheerful…..
Twinkle and Yuvi comes to Sarna house. Usha asks Twinkle if she is fine? she nods, Leela points Yuvi, they talk with eyes, Twinkle sees them hinting each other, she asks what happened maa? what you wanna see? Leela says i was thinking when he is going to police station, that goons need to get arrested, Twinkle says yes, it is, she asks how much goons destroyed? Babee says around 10-15lacs, Twinkle says dont worry, once Rocky’s marriage payment is doen then everything will be fine, his contract amount is huge, Yuvi says yes and for that we have to work hard, lets go for arrangements, Twinkle thinks that i will have to face him again, i cant put all work pressure on Yuvi, he is already stressed about last night.
Kunj and Pallavi are meeting guests in their pre-engagement dinner. Kunj starts to mix liquid in water dispenser, Pallavi says what are you doing? if anyone will drink this water then guests will getting ill, dont do this, Kunj doesnt listen to her and mixes medicine in water. Twinkle is checking food, Yuvi comes to her and asks if everything is fine? she says i have checked everything, she starts to leave but Yuvi stops her and asks how am i looking? handsome? Twinkle looks at him from top to toe and says you are looking fat, eat less, she leaves, Yuvi says till when you will keep avoiding me? i know baby doll one day you will say it.
Twinkle asks servants to serve water to guests, Kunj sees this and thinks that she has no idea, she is going to be in trouble now. Servants start serving water to guests. Yuvi takes one glass of water and drinks too. Guests starts coughing after drinking water, Kunj comes to one guest and asks what happened to you? everyone is puking and coughing after drinking water, Twinkle gets tensed and says what is happening? why everyone is vomiting? she calls hospital and asks to send ambulance. Kunj says to Twinkle what the is hell is this? what kind of food have you served? one man says its not in food but someone has mixed poison in water, Kunj says what? if anything happens to my guests then i will not spare you, i will make your company shut down, Twinkle says i dont know how this happened? Kunj says you have no idea? water is served by your company, not a single party went well, dont know why i am giving you money, Twinkle is tensed and thinks how did this happen? i have to talk to Yuvi but where he is? Twinkle goes and searches for Yuvi, she sees him sitting in corner and coughing heavily, Twinkle runs to Yuvi and asks what happened? Yuvi is choking, Twinkle says nothing will happen to you, we will got to hospital, calm down. Kunj and Pallavi sees him coughing, Pallavi says seems like Yuvi drank contaminated water too, Kunj says i am sad that he is still alive, Pallavi asks him to calm down, i know you are angry but this is not right time, control yourself. Twinkle says to Yuvi to relax, doctor and nurses come there. Yuvi is taken from there on stature.
Yuvi is brought to hospital, Twinkle is with him. Yuvi is lying on stature, he says its hurting, Twinkle says dont worry. Twinkle asks doctor to check my husband, doctor takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle prays Yuvi to get fine.
Yuvi is lying in his ward-room and sleeping. Twinkle is sitting by his bed-side, he wakes up, Twinkle gets up and asks if you are fine? should i call doctor? he says no, she asks what are seeing? Yuvi says if i knew i would get so many perks by getting ill then i would have gotten ill before,Twinkle says you are copying my line? he says you inspire me, Yuvi says when i saw you worrying and caring for me in party, i felt like i should die, if i would have died then maybe it would be worth it, what a scene it was, the way you were showing concern, it was amazing, Twinkle smiles and says you have started your drama then it means you are fine now, she holds his hand and says if anything had happen to you then it would have affected me because you are my best friend, i was so afraid that what if anything had happened to you? if you do this again then.. she makes him eat medicine and says i will make you eat this bitter medicine, Yuvi says its better to drink that water then this medicine, Twinkle says shut up, you can bear one bitter medicine. Rocky and Pallavi comes there and sees them like that from outside door, Twinkle asks Yuvi to eat food, he says no, she forces him to eat medicine, he says wont, Twinkle says dont act like kid, open your mouth, she makes him eat it, Kunj cant see this and leaves, Twinkle says to Yuvi that jokes apart, this water incident was dont by someone deliberately, there is someone who is trying to hamper our business and we have to find out, its serious, Yuvi thinks………

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