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Tashan-e-Ishq 4 May 2016 Written Episode

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Tashan-E-Ishq Latest Yuvi leak Manohar’s secret pictures with Purvi
Tashan-e-Ishq 4 May 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Yuvi sees wedding band missing, Yuvi says the ring box was here, Twinkle says its there, she indicates him box on light fixture close rooftop and says its there, she reviews how when Anita fell on cake, Leela hided ring in wreckage and they set it on ceiling fixture, Yuvi says how could it have been able to it reach there? Twinkle says how might i know, cut it down, Yuvi says me? by what method would i be able to go there? Twinkle says you assert that you cherish me and you cannot notwithstanding bring a ring for me? dont you need to get connected with to me? cut it down, Yuvi gets tensed, Yuvi’s companions that lets show bhabhi that you have guts, we are with you, companions group and makes pyramid so that Yuvi can hop over them and cut down, Yuvi is tensed, Twinkle smiles, Babee believes that Yuvi cannot cut down ring, i will accomplish something, she comes to human pyramid and puts oil on floor close to their feet. Yuvi climbs human pyramid, he comes nearer to crystal fixture and is going to get ring, Babee says i simply ask that he tumbles down and break his leg and kick the bucket, all look on, individuals are slipping because of oil on floor, Anita says Yuvi you can do it, Yuvi extends his hand to get ring yet human pyramid tumbles down because of slipping, Yuvi falls on them, all snicker, Babee says thanks to God for this, Cherry, Anand all giggle, Twinkle makes pitiful to Yuvi, she indicates him thumbs up to attempt once more, she says go ahead what was the deal? you lost in such little thing? individuals do as such much for affection and you cannot isn’t that right? you were stating enormous things on marriage day, what happened now? is it accurate to say that you are harmed subsequent to tumbling down? on the off chance that it was my Kunj in your place then not in any case light fixture, he would have brought ring from sky for me. men make pyramid once more, Yuvi is going to climb them yet Kunj comes there, he runs and bounced on human pyramid, he holds light fixture before pyramid tumbles down, all are glad to see him, babee says long experience my lion, Kunj is hanged to crystal fixture, he takes a gander at Twinkle, Twinkle passes flying kiss to him, Yuvi and Anita cannot trust Kunj’s guts, Babee says he my dharmendar, Kunj climbs and takes ring and passes flyinf kiss to Twinkle, Sajna ve plays. Kunj hops from ceiling fixture and lands on ground securely, Cheery says long experience our lion, Anita has her mouth totally open seeing his trick, Kunj gets up, he comes to Twinkle and says you were correct, not only this rng from light fixture, i can do anything for you, can bring anything, he sits on his knees and says may I? Twinkle expands her hand, Kunj makes her wear ring and kisses her hand, Sajna ve plays, Yuvi exhaust in displeasure seeing this, Anita says what the heck? i will.. cake falls in her mouth, Cherry says you are spitting harm yet you are eating desserts, Twinkle says to Yuvi that did you see? my connection with Kunj is not fake or not in light of duping, nothing can break our connection, hear me out precisely, you may have made connection with me by duping yet i dont acknowledge this connection and i dont put stock in its presence, i was and i am Kunj’s significant other and life accomplice for births, hear me out, i was simply faking everything till now however now i will make your life hellfire, i will disappoint you so much that you will argue forever, this was just trailer, get prepared for full picture, Yuvi looks on tensed.

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Scene 2
Twinkle is at home alone, she calls Kunj and says yes i am fine, you come after mandir darshan, she ends call, lights go off, Twinkle looks around, Yuvi comes there and says i am your husband, he grabs her hand and twists it, he says i told you to not play games with me, what you thought that you will insult me and my mom and i will bear it silently? now i will hurt your Kunj, your whole family will pay for your deeds, Twinkle takes knife in her hand and says be away from me, Yuvi says you are trying to make me afraid with this knife? will you kill me? kill me then, Twinkle instead of hurting him cuts her hand and starts screaming, all come there, Twinkle says my husband has cut my hand, he and his mom does so much violence on me, they are so cruel, she cries, Yuvi gets tensed and says to family that she is lying, i didnt do anything, Twinkle says my husband has cut my hand, what can i do? she sheds crocodile tears and hints to Leela, Leela understands she is trapping Yuvi, Babee says husband tried to beat wife? he should be jailed, we should call police, Twinkle laughs and asks yuvi how was her acting? so my fake husband think if this video leaks, what will happen to your respect? twinkle says to Yuvi that if you try to misbehave with me or my family again then i will make this video viral on internet, you both wont be able to show face to anyone and will file strong domestic violence case on you and your mother, you both will remain in jail for life and i am Twinkle, i just dont warn, i do what i say, Anita is stunned.
Kunj says to Twinkle that you are great actor, you should try acting, Babee says you did right, they should know that we are not weak, Leela says but we know they are cheap and can do anything, we cant leave Twinkle alone, Usha says she is right, Yuvi can try to harm Twinkle when we are not around, this is dangerous game, Twinkle says you both are right, he will try to do something in mehndi function but what we have, he doesnt have, Kunj says its motherly love, infact we have love of two moms, your blessing will keep us safe and, its Yuvi who should shiver in fear, he hugs Usha and Leela, Twinkle hugs them too, they have group hug when Kunj tickles Twinkle’s back while hugging everyone, Twinkle feels tickling and moves here and there, they laugh on her.

Scene 3
Guests start coming in mehndi function. Anita says to Yuvi that its time to break Twinkle’s ego, she thinks she is hero? we will show her who is real hero now, her ego will break, Yuvi shows chemical bottle to Anita and says i have a plan, this bottle will help us and will make us win game, its wild card entry, just see how i silent Twinkle, Anita smirks……….

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