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Tashan-e-Ishq 30 June 2016 Written Episode

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Tashan-E-Ishq New Entry Charu Asopa enter new girl Kunj life
Tashan-e-Ishq 30 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Twinkle comes in chess room, she glances around and gets tensed, Kunj smiles at her, Twinkle says this is same room like.. she reviews past, gas begins filling in room, Twinkle begins hacking, Kunj hacks as well, Twinkle rushes to go out, Kunj goes behind her, they are lost in rooms, twinkle is attempting to discover way, she inquires as to whether he doesnt know way out? Kunj smiles and reviews how he had before spared her from that point, he feels that you can attempt Twinkle however i guarantee you, i wont give you a chance to overlook your past, you played diversion me so now its my swing to play amusement and you will lose amusement as i dont lose. Twinkle tries to open entryway however its bolted, Kunj believes that i advised supervisor to bolt it, Kunj acts like breaking it and says its jam, she says call director, he says i overlooked my telephone in office. Yuvi calls Twinkle,

kunj hits with her, her telephone tumbles off from her hands, Kunj kicks it away before she can lift it up, Twinkle is not ready to see anything because of gas, Yuvi calls once more, Twinkle tries to hunt down her telephone, she goes to God to help her. Kunj breaks entryway, Twinkle cries, Kunj leaves, Twinkle feels that he is so narrow minded, he doesnt watch over anybody, its pointless to expect anything from him.

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Kunj comes to director and says opens each entryway and window of inn and close gas spillage, my work is done, supervisor clears out. Twinkle comes there and applauds, she says i havent seen haughty individual like you, individuals are correct that cash cannot purchase conduct, i feel terrible for Pallavi that she is wedding you, i was screwed over thanks to you in room as well however you didnt help me and ranaway before seeing back on the off chance that i was okay or not, you have no valor, you are so awful individual, i feel sorry for Pallavi, she merits better, Kunj says please dont say anything, to the extent i know your significant other has criminal records and still, at the end of the day you wedded him, assuming great and taught young lady like you can wed criminal like Yuvi then why you feel awful for Pallavi? i am obviously better than Yuvi, additionally its time for good young lady meets terrible young men, nowadays young ladies dont like great mannered young men, they like self-important and awful young men so hush up about your address, Twinkle gets irate and leaves, Kunj conceives that i know you are influenced Twinkle however you wedded individual like Yuvi who is so shoddy, i will make you recall that this regular, you overlooked my affection for individual like him so i will give you torment back which you have given me, its quite recently begin…..
Twinkle comes in corridor and says dont know how Pallavi bears him. Pallavi comes there, Twinkle says you were hurt on leg? Pallavi says i am fine now and Rocky was calling me again and again so i thought to come here, Twinkle thinks that i should talk to her that Rocky have serious anger issues, Twinkle says i wanted to talk to you, Kunj comes there and says to Pallavi that sweetheart you came, i am so happy, we will have dinner here, we cant put stress on your feet, Pallavi says why you care for me so much? Kunj says i care for people who matter to me, i cant give attention to everyone, Pallavi says Twinkle how will you go to Amritsar at this time now? go tomorrow, stay here with us, Twinkle says i lost my phone upstairs, Twinkle says i will bring it, Pallavi says sure, Twinkle leaves. Palalvi asks Kunj if Twinkle was affected today? Kunj says yes, when gas started filling in room, she was shaken up, her confidence was broken, i felt peace seeing her in that situation, Pallavi says i know you were waiting for this day, atleast you felt some peace. Kunj sees Twinkle coming, he pulls Pallavi close to him and starts closely dancing with her, Twinkle sees them dancing and looks away, Pallavi is confused, Kunj puts hand on her face and looks at Twinkle, Pallavi sees Twinkle there and understands why he is dancing with her, Twinkle smiles at them, Kunj pulls Pallavi close and dances with her romantically, Twinkle thinks that where i am stuck, i have to bear them, have to give them fake smiles and bear this boxer boy’s attitude, Kunj asks Pallavi if she is hurt on foot? she says no, Kunj says you are Sayappa queen, Twinkle thinks that Kunj used to call me same Sayappa queen. Yuvi comes there, Twinkle says thank God you came, Kunj says why did this Yuvi come here? i wont be able to torture Twinkle when he is here, Pallavi says i gave him alot of work so what he is doing here? Yuvi asks Twinkle why she was not picking up his call? Twinkle says all because of this boxer, i will tell you later, Yuvi asks her to give bright smile, Twinkle smiles. Kunj comes and says Yuvi couldnt stay away from you Twinkle, he is so loving husband, i dont think anyone might have loved you like the way Yuvi does, Twinkle says i dont like to share my personal life. Song starts playing, Yuvi says its my favorite song, Twinkle can i have pleasure to dance with you? Twinkle says no i dont want to dance, Yuvi pulls her and says lets have dance. Twinkle and Yuvi starts dancing on baatein yeh kabhi na, Kunj comes and dances with Pallavi. Twinkle and Yuvi happily dances, Yuvi stares her lovingly, Kunj is angry seeing them, dance ends, Yuvi says to Twinkle that i will come in 5minutes, he leaves. Kunj whispers something in Pallavi’s ear and leaves. Kunj comes and says to Pallavi that i wont go there, Pallavi says to Twinkle that my friend is marrying again but Kunj is not going there, Twinkle asks why? Pallavi says my friend did arrange marriage, boy was really nice but she left him and now marrying her lover, Kunj says her lover is mad man, he made dirty MMS of her, did so much to torture her and your friend is leaving nice husband for that psycho lover? Pallavi says Twinkle you make Rocky understand, Twinkle says i dont interfere but i dont think you people should not judge anyone like this, anyone can decide whom they want to live with, i think you both should go and support your friend in her decision, Yuvi comes and takes Twinkle from there, Kunj says this Yuvi doesnt leave her for a single minute, he is always behind her, Pallavi says relax.
Yuvi brings Twinkle to candle light dinner, she says you did all this? Yuvi says this all for you, i know you are tired of working all day so you need care and TLS(tender, love, care) so just sit and enjoy, Twinkle says you are so sweet, how do you know that i wanted all this? Twinkle sits down and starts eating dinner, Yuvi says i have ordered all your favorite dishes, he plays song Tum hi ho and says i know you are hungry, eat, Twinkle starts eating, Yuvi smiles looking at her. Twinkle offers bite to Yuvi, Yuvi looks at her with love, she smiles and offers him, Yuvi eats it from her hands, tum hi ho song plays, Kunj fumes in anger seeing this, Twinkle keep making Yuvi eat with her fork and eats herself too, Yuvi keep looking at her………

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