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Tashan-e-Ishq 30 April 2016 Written Episode

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Twinkle to go on romantic date with Yuvraj Zee TV Tashan-E-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 30 April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Leela meets her bodyguards and says Yuvi ranaway from inn while you individuals couldnt see him, now i am giving all of you another chance, nobody ought to go into Sarna house without authorization and checking, they say alright.

Watchmen are checking everything that is going in Sarna house. Yuvi comes there and covers up huge drum. Protects check couple of things and let specialists to take things inside house. Cherry requests that they take things in store room, he helps them in lifting drum, he says its so substantial, they keep drum on side and leaves from that point. Yuvi opens drum top and glances around, he doesnt discover anybody around and leaves drum, he grins.

Yuvi comes in Kunj’s room and gazes her photo, he says cheerful marriage Twinkle my child, he gives her flying kiss and chuckles.

Twinkle is another room, she says dont know whether Kunj achieved home or not, i ought to call him. She calls Kunj yet Yuvi has Kunj’s telephone, he says in the event that i dont get call then she will have question and in the event that i get call then she will perceive my voice, he accepts her call yet doesnt say anything, he closes call and messages her that i have achieved home, we will meet in mandap. Twinkle gets message and says Kunj achieved home, now my pressure is discharged, he is fine.

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Kunj is tied to chair, he see goons sleeping and tries to open his ties.
Yuvi gets ready as groom and wears sehra to cover his face. Yuvi is brought to mandap, Cherry says he is getting married again, Usha says i never thought that i will see my son in sehra again, Babee says you are lucky to bless your son and daughter in law again. Usha asks Kunj to take off his sehra so that she can bless him, Yuvi stops her hand, Cherry says it seems like he is nervous, i suggest that when he is in room with sister in law after marriage then bless him.
Kunj frees himself and beat goons, he says to goon that you will stop me? he beats him and runs from there.
Twinkle gets ready as bride and says to Leela that its 7:30pm, what if something wrong.. Leela says dont worry, everything is fine.
Kunj is running from Yuvi’s den, goons comes in his way.
Twinkle is brought to wedding venue, she recalls time spent with Kunj, how they confessed their love, she thinks that today i am going to be tied in marriage relation with Kunj again and i accept this strong and unbreakable relation with all my heart. Twinkle is welcomed by showering rose petals on her, she smiles. Twinkle is brought in mandap, she stands infront of Yuvi, they take garlands, Yuvi puts garland on her, Twinkle makes him wear garland too and blushes.
Goons surround Kunj, he starts beating them all. Otherside, Yuvi and Twinkle sit in mandap and wedding rituals start. All are happy, Yuvi looks at Twinkle through sehra and smirks, Twinkle thinks that this day is special, today i am getting married to you with all my heart and consent, i will tell you everything tonight and then everything will be fine and we will have happiness in life. Kunj beat goons.
Pundit asks Leela to gadh bandhan, Usha says Leela and I will do it together to make their relation more strong, they do gadh bandhan.
One goon attacks Kunj from behind, he hits him with plank.
Twinkle starts taking pheras with Yuvi. Otherside Kunj is beaten by goons. Kunj overpowers them and beats them.
Twinkle is happily taking pheras with Yuvi, Yuvi moves his Sehra little and smirks. Kunj beats all goons and runs from there. Twinkle comes forward now in pheras. Pheras are done, Pundit asks groom to make bride wear Mangalsutra. Kunj is running to reach venue. Yuvi takes Mangalsutra from pundit and makes Twinkle wear it.
Kunj is running, he is injured and bleeding, he thinks that before Yuvi succeed in his cheap plans, i have to reach home and stop it, he starts running fast.
Pundit asks Yuvi to fill bride’s forehead with sindoor(vermilion), Yuvi fills her forehead with sindoor. Kunj is running to home, he strikes with car. Pundit announces that this marriage is done, they are now husband and wife, all are happy. Kunj comes there and calls out Twinkle’s name, all are shocked to see Kunj there, Kunj is distraught, Leela says Kunj? Usha says if Kunj is there then who is sitting in place of groom? Twinkle looks at groom, she gets up from mandap. Dhol band comes there with Anita, Anita dances to tunes, all look on in shock, Yuvi gets up from mandap, Leela says groom is.. she asks who is the groom? Yuvi takes off his sehra, all are terrified to see Yuvi as groom, Yuvi smirks at Twinkle who looks at him in shock and tears…………

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