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Tashan-e-Ishq 29 June 2016 Written Episode

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Tashan-E-Ishq New Entry Charu Asopa enter new girl Kunj life
Tashan-e-Ishq 29 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Twinkle and Yuvi notices some smoke. They go to their room and sees bed ablaze, she says this flame? Yuvi says let me handle it, Twinkle and Yuvi begins throwing water on bed to rest off flame, Twinkle hacks, Kunj is there as well, Yuvi naps off flame, Twinkle says how could this flame began? Yuvi sees lighter there, he lifts it up , Kunj says this is my lighter, i didnt know how it slipped from my pocket, i am sad, your bed got demolished as a result of me, all relatives come there, Pallavi inquires as to whether Rocky would you say you are fine? Twinkle says by what means would you be able to be so rushed, couldnt you see fire here, you are so reckless, Babee says no issue, express gratitude toward God everybody is fine, Rocky you ought to have been

watch out, Yuvi says Rocky i demonstrated you approach to washroom otherway what you are doing here? Kunj says i didnt listen deliberately, i said i am sad, Yuvi says no issue, i am happy that you are fine, Pallavi sys i think we ought to go, thank you for supper. Twinkle tomorrow me and Rocky will go to see engagement venue, you will come? Twinkle gestures, Pallavi and Rocky leaves from that point.

Its morning, Twinkle is gathering her sack, Yuvi says you are disquieting me, Twinkle says why? Yuvi says why you are going alone, its so distant from here, why you need to go alone to check venues? you and Rocky dont get along as well, on the off chance that i will be there then i will quiet you down, Twinkle says dont take stress, nothing will happen, he begins battle however i know how to set up him, we have alot to do, you see cooking, i will check venues, Yuvi says strain is my employment, dealing with you is my occupation, you are my wifey and closest companion too so i need to deal with you, Twinkle says you.. Yuvi says i am not kidding, this kinship, these battles that we have is our connection and i need to satisfy my obligations, Twinkle says i ought to leave now else that Rocky will call and begin his chastening, Twinkle gives him directions while Yuvi continue gazing him affectionately, Tum howdy ho music plays, Twinkle begins leaving, Yuvi says in the event that you have any issue then call me, Twinkle says unwind, Yuvi says however please call me at whatever time, i will come there, Twinkle gestures and leaves, Yuvi says she is frantic young lady.

Kunj kass Pallavi in the event that she is prepared? she gestures. Twinkle goes to their home, Pallavi offers her breakfast, she no way, we might go, Pallavi demonstrates her dressed leg and says i slipped in washroom and now i need to rest, Twinkle says we will go later then, Pallavi says no this work ought to be done today, Rocky doesnt get time, you both can go if it’s not too much trouble Rocky smiles, Twinkle supposes and says OK, Pallavi expresses gratitude toward her, Twinkle says take rest, Rocky says should we clear out? Twinkle leaves with him.

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Yuvi comes to Leela and inquires as to whether she is occupied? she says no, Yuvi says i was supposing to book amritsar cooks for Rocky’s engagement, Leela inquires as to whether Twinkle is working as well or simply giving all of you work? Yuvi says no she is working alot, she has gone to conclude area, she is super capable and multi-tasking, you recollect that i used to call her Miss issue however now i am pleased with her, she is too great, Leela says too great? Yuvi says she is your girl thats why she is great, i am complimenting you, Leela says dont lie, you cherish her alot? Yuvi gets quiet.. no, adoration implies care, Twinkle is my significant other, my closest companion so i watch over her, Leela says dont affront your affection by calling is fellowship, i know you cherish her alot, Yuvi says you are stating this without considering, its not at all like that, Leela says i can see your affection in each progression, i recollect Twinkle wedded you 5years back for her youngster however she lost her infant, i know you both are satisfying this connection for your families yet i can see my girl’s face, she adores Kunj even today, regardless she calls herself as Twinkle Sarna, she hasnt given you position of her better half, you both live respectively yet generally as companions, Yuvi says dont advise this to anybody, Leela sys i wont, i used to feel that you are incorrect individual for my little girl yet you demonstrated me wrong, the Yuvi who needed to devastate my little girl’s life now cherishes her so much, you have changed alot, Yuvi says your girl have taught me, Twinkle have taught me that adoration is not about picking up but rather about giving up, on the off chance that you adore somebody then you can give your reality for them, Leela says you adore her to such an extent? Yuvi says i adore her such a great amount of, more than myself, from the time i have acknowledged what adoration is, i have cherished her lone, she was and she is and she will be my affection just, my story began from Twinkle and it will end with Twinkle just, Leela says so now you need to demonstrate your adoration, you need to make her understand about your affection, make her trust that you are her life accomplice in each sense, you need to bring her out of her past, she needs to offer spot to your in her heart, she needs to abandon her past, she needs to acknowledge you as her better half and i will be with you in this work, long live child, Yuvi expresses gratitude toward her and considers…..
Scene 2
Twinkle and Kunj are in car, Kunj is driving, she says if you have water? he says no, Twinkle says stop at some shop, i will get water bottle, Kunj says i dont wanna waste time, he takes turn, Twinkle says you have taken wrong turn GPS is showing different location, she is tensed, Kunj looks at her, he stops car and says i told you that i dont walk on wrong path, i know where i am going, life has taught me that people just show you wrong path to get to their destination but you need to trust yourself then nobody can cheat me thats why i dont listen to anyone, Twinkle looks in GPS and is confused.
Kunj and Twinkle comes to hotel. Hotel manager says to Kunj that it will mean alot if you take our hotel for your engagement ceremony, Kunj says this girl Twinkle will decide everything, Twinkle says i am wedding planner, Rocky came to us for his wedding preparation, Twinkle sees different locations, she sees one location and says this location is very pretty, manager says we dont give this location now, once a lover killed himself for girl, Kunj says these girls are useless, Twinkle says dont talk about love like this, Kunj says no one gets anything by loving, love is just game now, especially girls, love is just game for them, girls trap boys and use them for their benefit, love and emotions are game for them.. talking of game, i think we should arrange my engagement party with a theme of game, like chess room or something, Twinkle is confused listening this, manager says brilliant idea, manager says i have one locations exactly like you are saying, Twinkle says are you sure you wanna do engagement in chess room? Kunj says its my engagement so choice will be mine, dont waste time, he leaves with manager, Twinkle looks in her mobile and says this Rocky is mad, he makes me angry, i am fed up of him.
Manager brings Kunj and Twinkle to chess room and says we dont give this location for ceremonies anymore because incident happened here years back but you can check this location, i will come later, he shows thumbs up to Kunj and leaves. Twinkle looks around in chess room, she recalls how she got stcuk here earlier with Kunj, how gas started filling in there, she thinks that its same like……….

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