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Tashan-e-Ishq 27 June 2016 Written Episode

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Twinkle pregnancy kindle thoughts remarriage Tashan-E-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 27 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Kunj is playing with children in Leela’s home. Yuvi says children are inspired with you, Kunj says kids have clear heart, and individuals having clear heart likes me and the individuals who are con artists like to cheat me, he inquires as to whether they are free at this point? Twinkle says yes, he goes out, Twinkle gets roses from one child, she grins, party supervisor says to Yuvi that you can go to our NGO wearing that monkey outfit dress, Twinkle smiles, he says i will come there, Twinkle says to Yuvi that you go to NGO, i will go to Rocky’s home, Yuvi says you will battle him once more, Twinkle says Pllavi will be there, i wont do anything, Yuvi says guarantee me to not battle with him, Twinkle says fine and takes off. Party supervisor comes to Kunj and says i have made Yuvi occupied, twinkle is free, Kunj says thank you, i will send presents for your NGO, administrator clears out. Twinkle comes to Kunj in parking garage, she sits in auto and says greetings, he gazes. Twinkle says i will approach you some inquiries for wedding arranging, dream shading? Kunj says red, she asks most loved shading? he says red, she asks stage improvement? he says red, she says lady of the hour and man of the hour ought to wear shading composed dresses, what shading you need? he says red, Twinkle says you are kidding right? Kunj says i havent began kidding, on the off chance that i begin clowning then you will neglect to chuckle. Red is my most loved shading, genuine adoration is of red shading and blood that spills in affection is red, outrage has red shading and enthusiasm has red shading and i do everything with energy if its adoration or disdain, he leaves auto as they have achieved his home, Twinkle says i thought he is pompous yet he frantic as well, she leaves auto. Pallavi sees her from far and says to supervisor that you know your work. Twinkle is pricked by thistle of roses her in her grasp.

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Twinkle and Kunj goes to Kunj’s home. Twinkle inquires as to whether Pallavi is not here? supervisor says she had question and answer session, she has gone there. Twinkle says if Pallavi is not here then i will come later, Kunj says we are not free constantly, this would ought to be done as such lets do it, Twinkle says fine. Director says Pallavi called goldsmith to choose wedding band, you select it for her, Twinkle says OK. She chooses one ring and says its tasteful, Kunj says this is trash, i am selecting ring for my life partner not for worker, i didnt know you have such awful decision, Kunj chooses one ring and requests that Twinkle attempt it, she says in what capacity would i be able to attempt your life partner’s ring? diamond setter says simply attempt it, Twinkle says its little in size, goldsmith makes her wear ring, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and says ring is pretty however not staring you in the face. Twinkle takes her hand back, Kunj says Pallavi’s hands are sensitive, Kunj believes that now she will comprehend that the amount you detest it when you have something of individual whom you detest like you have my ring and you detest me, precisely same scorn i am feeling for a long time….
Twinkle tries to take off ring from her finger but its stuck in her hands, she says its not getting out, Kunj says to jeweler that i want this ring for my fiance, i dont want it in finger of some wedding planner, jeweler says its stuck, Kunj says its special ring and it suits on special person, i want this ring, Twinkle says why you are talking like this? if it was that specila then you shouldnt have asked me to try it, it isnt anyone’s fault, manager says i will call ring cutter, jeweler says her finger can get cut, Kunj says i dont care, i want ring back. Ringer cutter comes and cuts ring from Twinkle’s finger but Twinkle’s finger gets cut too and starts bleeding, Kunj gets worried for her, Sajna ve plays, Twinkle is in pain, Yuvi comes there and says i finally i cameback, he sees her hand bleeding and says how did this happen? dont worry, it will be fine, Yuvi sucks blood from her finger, Twinkle stares Kunj angrily. Yuvi says we will go to doctor, Twinkle says i am fine, no need to go to doctor, Yuvi says we should go, come with me. Pallavi sees Kunj and thinks that he is angry, he can do anything. Yuvi says Rocky this is highly unacceptable, you should have taken care of Twinkle, Kunj says now you have come, you are Twinkle’s knight in shining armour. Pallavi comes and says what hand is cut? i have bandaid, she gives bandaid, Yuvi applies it on Twinkle’s wound. Yuvi says to Kunj that we will decide guest list, who is in your family and relatives Rocky? Kunj looks sad, Pallavi says Rocky doesnt have family, Yuvi says i am so sorry, i will come in a minute, he leaves. Pallavi says to Twinkle that ring is pretty. Yuvi comes and says to Kunj that someone wants to talk to you on call, Kunj takes call, Usha is on call and says Rocky i am Usha, i am Yuvi’s mother, he talks about you alot, i wanted to invite you and Pallavi on dinner, please come, she ends call. Kunj is hurt, Yuvi says so you both are coming for dinner to our house and its mom’s order so dont deny it, we will discuss things there, he leaves with Twinkle. Kunj says to Pallavi that how will i go to my house? how will i face maa? what if i become weak and say truth? i cant go there, Pallavi says you need to control yourself, you had to face them someday, you want to take revenge right? you need to be strong for that and i with you too, Kunj looks on.

Scene 2
Twinkle is in kitchen and says Yuvi have called that boxer to our house, he had cut my finger too, he has so much attitude. Yuvi says to Usha that i felt bad when i listened that he doesnt have family, he will get little happy with our family, Usha says you did right. Yuvi taunts Twinkle saying that i thought my wife will think that i am sensitive and caring and i thought my high command(Twinkle) will praise me but she is miffed with me. Twinkle says i will tell him now, i am making pakoras for my sweet Yuvi. Twinkle mixes lots of chili powder in pakora and says you wanted to invite that Rocky for dinner so now you will eat this. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and says now when you have already invited Rocky so i thought to cook something for you, see i have made special pakoras for you, Yuvi gets happy and says for me? Twinkle says yes, you work so hard so i thought to cook for you, eat now, Yuvi eats it and feels it too spicy, he gasp and starts sneezing, he says what you did Twinkle, Twinkle says this is penalty for calling that boxer, Yuvi drinks water, Twinkle snatches water from him, Yuvi says now i will make you eat them too, he runs behind her, Twinkle runs away, Usha laughs.
Kunj says to Pallavi that its so weird to go back to my house, i never thought that i would need invitation to come to my house, i never thought i would hesitate to meet my family, Pallavi says you always say that you are not the one to loose right? you have to be strong, trust me you will win this fight. Kunj and Pallavi comes to Sarna house, Kunj recalls his moments in house with family. He rings bell. Usha opens door of house and sees Kunj and Pallavi standing there, she looks at Kunj and says Son you have come, she smiles at him, Kunj gets tensed listening this, Kunj thinks that i knew my mother will recognize me.

(P.S- Guys updates are little late these days as iftar timing totally clashes with TEI and it becomes really difficult to manage time, my sincere apologies for inconvenience, I hope you guys understand……

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