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Tashan-e-Ishq 24 May 2016 Written Episode

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Qubool Hai couple roped for Zee TV Tashan-e-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 24 May 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Lights are exchanged on, its Yuvi in dull, Kunj says i knew it would you say you was, whom you needed to murder, me or Twinkle? where is blade? Kunj says to Yuvi that dont test my understanding, i can do anything with you. Yuvi says you are supposing incorrectly, i have come here now just, i dont know anything, Yuvi says i saw somebody entering house and i tailed him in house, you can watch that i dont have any blade with me, Kunj says you continue telling lie after untruth, you never get drained, listen painstakingly, till i am alive, nobody can touch Twinkle, i wont give your shadow a chance to fall on her, Yuvi says trust me, why might i hurt Twinkle? i came here to spare her, Kunj says enough, simply leave, he leaves, yuvi is miffed. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and leaves from that point. The shadow was of Cherry, Cherry holes up behind divider and spares himself from Kunj. Cherry calls Anita and says i was in regards to do your work yet your bum child Yuvi came and spared Kunj, Anita says dont do anything now, in the event that you get got then there will be more issue.

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Its morning, Babee says to Twinkle and Kunj, why you both didnt let us know about what happened the previous evening, Leela says say thanks to God you both are fine, Kunj says till when we will continue living in trepidation? Kunj says i concur with Babee, i will take Twinkle to London for somedays, Manohar and Usha are there as well, Twinkle says who will deal with Babee and Leela then? Babee says i will deal with Leela and Leela will deal with me and on the off chance that i miss you both then i will take flight and come to London, Leela says i will go with her as well. Sandy comes there, he is Kunj’s companion, Sandy says you are going to London, what will happen to our venture then? Kunj says dont stress, gives up in room and afterward we will talk, Twinkle asks Sandy what he is stating? Kunj says let it, Sandy says Kunj pulled back from undertaking to go to London, he won’t get his MBA degree now, Twinkle gets irate with Kunj and leaves from that point….
Kunj comes to Twinkle in room, he asks her to look at him and listen, she looks at him, he says i am doing all this for you, to bring back smile on your face and dont be upset with me, you are most important to me, i will get degree next year, Twinkle says no this is your dream, you have worked so hard to get it, you cant destroy it for me, Kunj says this is my dream but you are my reality and i cant runaway from my reality, i can achieve anything when you are with me, Twinkle says i am always with you, we are together for life and wer should become strength for each other and if you dont get degree then i will feel that i have become liability for you, Kunj puts hand on her mouth and says i can give my life for you, this degree doesnt matter for you, Twinkle says we have lived this dream, you should get ths degree, Kunj says its dangerous to live her, Twinkle says we will fight Anita, we will make her life hell, promise me that you will complete this degree then we will go anywhere, He says you are stubborn, Twinkle says i am ptakha(bomb) with brains, Kunj says i doubt that you have brain, Kunj smiles, Sajna ve plays, they touch their head together.
Babee says to Leela that i will make parathas for Twinkle and Kunj when they will go to london, Kunj says you all concentrate on shopping, i will tell Principal that i will go after completing my degree, he leaves.
Twinkle takes glass in hand, glass falls down from her hands mistakenly, she thinks its bad omen that glass brokedown means something wrong is going to happen? nothing will happen, God is with us.
Kunj sits on his bike and starts driving, some goons start following him.
Leela, Babee and Twinkle come to market for shopping. Leela says Twinkle likes bangles alot from childhood, she used to wear mine when she was kid. Babee says to Twinkle that buy as much as bangles you want, you wont get them in London. Twinkle buys red bangles, Babee says they are pretty, i will make you wear these bangles, she makes Twinkle wear it, Babee says these red bangles symbolize married life for wife, i pray that these bangles are always in your hands and their noise always fill life, Twinkle thinks that i am wearing these bangles on Kunj’s name, i cant thank God enough for sending Kunj in my life, she smiles. One bangle breaks in Twinkle’s hand, she is shocked.
Kunj stops bike at signal. Goons stop behind him, one goon is coming near hims with knife.
Twinkle says how can my bangle break? these signify my married life, Leela says look carefully, its not broken, Twinkle looks at her bangles and says these are fine then why i felt that it brokedown? why i am feeling weird?
Babee buys some spices for Usha. Twinkle sees red chili and imagines blood on them, she says why there is blood on it? Leela says what are you saying? there is no blood here, its just red chili, Twinkle sees no blood and says i saw blood on them, Leela says you seem tired, we should go back home, Babee says you are right, Twinkle says why i am seeing all this? i should talk to Kunj, Babee says he must be on his way to college, he wont receive call, we should go home then we will call him.
Twinkle comes back home, she sees blood stains on floor and says if i am imagining blood again? Babee and Leela comes there and sees blood stains too, Babee says this is blood? Leela says how did it come here? Twinkle calls out Kunj’s name. She says nothing can happen to Kunj, she run to her room, Leela and Babee are tensed. Twinkle comes in room to see Kunj lying on bed with his hand injured, she is shocked. yuvi comes there, Twinkle slaps him hard, he is stunned, Twinkle says this all must be done by your mother, what happened to my Kunj? Yuvi says nothing happened to your Kunj, some goons were following Kunj on bike, they knife in their hands, i saw them. Flashback shows Goons about to attack Kunj with knife but Yuvi comes from behind and grabs goons before he can attack Kunj, Kunj doesnt see them and leaves from there. Yuvi beat goons, one goons attacks Yuvi on hand with knife, Yuvi’s hand bleeds but he beats goon, he fights with all of them, flashback ends. Yuvi says my hand bleed, nothing happened to Kunj, dont tell anything to Kunj, he wont believe me. Twinkle thanks him and says i am sorry. Kunj wakes up and calls out Twinkle’s name. Twinkle runs and hugs Kunj, she asks Kunj if he is fine? yuvi comes there. Twinkle says i got so afraid seeing blood that you might be, Kunj says nothing happened to me, this is not blood on my shirt but its paint, i was busy in project and paint fell on me and you thought that i am hurt? Twinkle says thank God nothing happened to you, she hugs him tightly, Yuvi smiles seeing them hugging……….

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