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Tashan-e-Ishq 23 June 2016 Written Episode

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Kunj Twinkle uniteYuvraj leave the house Zee TVs Tashan-E-Ishq
Tashan-e-Ishq 23 June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Visitors say moon has turned out, all ladies inspire prepared to break quick. Twinkle gets miserable and doesnt break her quick, worker is watching out for her. Babee asks Yuvi where ihe is going? Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand and says like each year i will see that moon with my moon in my room, its private, Babee grins, Twinkle and Yuvi leaves, hireling smiles seeing it.

Pallavi comes to Kunj and says i have planted a hireling in Sarna house and in Leela’s home, he will keep an eye on them for us, he has sent some photos, she indicates him Twinkle and Yuvi’s nearby pictures, she says its appears like they proceeded onward, Yuvi is a piece of family and Twinkle appears to be content with him as well, Kunj softens telephone up outrage, he says my family has dicthed me, they overlooked me so effortlessly and Twinkle, i can always remember their bamboozling.

Twinkle and Yuvi comes in room, Twinkle takes a gander at moon from net then she takes a gander at Yuvi who is holding Kunj’s photo, Twinkle touches Kunj’s photo and does Karvachauth’s custom, she touches water dish with his photo and afterward drinks it, Yuvi is holding picture for her, Yuvi says cheerful Karvachauth, Twinkle is enthusiastic, she takes Kunj’s photo, Yuvi says i know we are maried however you take Kunj as your significant other, your heart beat for him just, believe me i wont cross my points of confinement ever, individuals take us as glad couple yet truth is that we are closest companions and i can do anything for my closest companion, Twinkle says why you have turned out to be so great? in 5years of our marriage, you never constrained for anything, you gave me space, you permitted me to love Kunj, i feel regretful, till when we will continue lying, till when you will keep up this fake marriage? we wedded due to child however he is not there any longer, till when we will continue faking infront of individuals, why you are devastating your life for me? dirvorce me and discover great young lady for you who can love you, till when you will continue yielding for me? proceed onward in your life, Yuvi says i will proceed onward in my life just when i will get mental and odd one out you, i will go up against her ride on my bicycle and she won’t yell like you, Twinkle says i am not kidding, Yuvi says i am not kidding as well when i will discover young lady like that, i will spend my rest of existence with her, i swear, Twinkle embraces Kunj’s photo, Yuvi says i will love her more than myself, i guarantee, they take a gander at moon, Yuvi imagines that i know Twinkle that regardless you miss Kunj, you keep eyes on him thats why you cannot see my affection for you in my eyes, i cherish you alot, i wish one day you take a gander at me and acknowledge the amount i adore you, i wish one day you proceed onward from Kunj’s recollections and begin to gain new experiences with me, i simply wish, Twinkle is miserable and continues saying Kunj’s name, Yuvi is dismal, Tum howdy ho music plays….
Kunj is punching bag, Pallavi comes and says your manager has reached Sarna house as per plan, Kunj smirks. Pallavi says why this marriage plan only? we could have met Twinkle and Yuvi with some other plan too, Kunj says with wedding planning business, Twinkle will remain close to me and i can get revenge from her, i havent forgotten anything, i loved her so much, i cared for Twinkle so much but she forgot everything, she didnt even try to find me, she left in Goa to die and came here to marry my killer, she was cheater, she lied that she loved me but now she has to pay for everything she did to me, the pain she gave to me, i will destroy her life and her marriage with Yuvi, its payback time Twinkle, get ready my so called Sayappa queen.. so soon we will meet Twinkle.
Its morning, Yuvi sees in phone and says to Twinkle that Rocky is great boxer, i will watch match, Twinkle says Rocky Singh is important client, we have to make presentation, Yuvi says you act like principal, you take excitement out of everything, i cant miss match, i love boxing, Twinkle says i dont understand what people like wearing shorts and beating others, Yuvi says baby doll this is boxing, its man game, man cant feel pain, i am gonna watch this match, first we will watch match then we will do meeting otherwise i wont go to meeting, Twinkle says fine we will watch match, Yuvi says lets see if this Rocky is biger player than Yuvi, Twinkle frowns and says see you Rocky Singh.

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Scene 2
Twinkle and Yuvi comes in boxing ground. They see Rocky/Kunj in ring, Kunj looks at Twinkle holdinh Yuvi’s hand, kunj beats other fighter and wins match. Yuvi says to Twinkle that Rocky is great boxer, announcer says rocky has won this fight, now tell me if anyone is ready for open challenge, who has gut to fight with him? Yuvi says to Twinkle that i can fight with him, Twinkle says really? Yuvi says you have forgotten that i used to fighter, i used to beat people, you used to cheer for me, Twinkle says i remember everything but you were local boxer, you fought with local fighters but this Rocky is international fighter, Yuvi says Twinkle you.. he raises his hand accepting Rocky’s challenge to show Twinkle, Twinkle gets tensed, announcer says finally we have someone who is ready to challenge Rocky, Kunj sees that its Yuvi who has challenged him, Twinkle asks him to put his hand down, Yuvi says i have taken up challenge so just see now i will beat shit out him. Yuvi comes in ring, announcer sys he is Yuvraj Luhtra. Twinkle prays that Yuvi comes back in single piece. Kunj asks Yuvi if he is afraid? Yuvi says i didnt born on day of fear, Kunj says i like your confidence but i am not player who lose any match, Yuvi says i am not a player who runs away from any match, Twinkle cheers for Yuvi. Yuvi wears his boxing outfit, fight starts, Twinkle says c’mon Yuvi, Kunj sees this and gets angry, he beats Yuvi, Yuvi falls on ground, Twinkle gets worried for Yuvi and comes near ring, Yuvi gets up and beats Kunj, Twinkle says yes Yuvi, go beat him, Kunj takes over and beats Yuvi, Kunj beats Yuvi more, he punches him one after another, Twinkle is worried for Yuvi, she comes in ring and says move back from him, you arent ashamed of yourself? you are international player, Yuvi accepted your challange and came in and you did this with him? see what you have done to him, you are disgusting, she comes to Yuvi and makes him get up, she holds him and says to Kunj don come near him, she supports Yuvi and takes him from there who is injured, Kunj gets angry………….

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